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  1. Ash Prime Set 50 P Saryn Prime Set 40 P Trinity Prime Set 50 P Volt Prime Set 75 P Aksiletto Prime Set 80 P Aklex Prime Set 75 P Braton Prime Set 20 P Burston Prime Set 20 P Euphona Prime Set 75 P Fragor Prime Set 30 P Galatina Prime Set 60 P Orthos Prime Set 40 P Tigris Prime Set 75 P Carrier Prime Set 40 P Helios Prime Set 100 P Zenurik Lens 5 P Unairu Lens 5 P Mantis Avionics 15 P Mantis Fuselage 15 P Vulklok Riven - Critical Change 190.2 Infect
  2. I very need nova Prime chassis. What you say price. And i learn a rhino prime full set price . Thanks.
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