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  1. Wazup guys n gal.
  2. Wait does this contest apply to all region?
  3. Naah not the collar,kubrow as in kubrow prime.Wait is there a kubrow prime???
  4. Oh i forgot,can de make a vacuum mod for kubrow.That would be awesome thkz...
  5. Well i just wish they make a kubrow primed,that would be awesome lol.I want a gold kubrow a huge omega or lotus.
  6. Can’t wait to see megan,i miz her sweet smile lol...
  7. Warframe is getting better n better ,hope it will stay that way till i die as a Tenno Ninja Gaiden...
  8. We will conquer warframe,Spartan charge lol...
  9. Long live Warframe years to come...
  10. How many percent with our booster altogether?