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  1. Wouldn't take it to the orbs; you can hunt with it if you have nothing better to do; liches are immune to statuses, so I wouldn't use them on lvl 5s, otherwise it works fine; haven't tried RJ yet.
  2. Railjack enemy AI ignores captured crew ships until you take the pilot seat: In solo Railjack mission if you park your RJ out of agro range then board and clear out crew ship, all enemy fighters and crew ships lose target and just sit still / patrol around the area. This means that you can hop on a side turret and just blast them with no danger to yourself. Tried it in a couple of missions, AI blanks every time, however, if you first capture the crew ship properly (take the pilot position) and then hop on a side turret, enemies attack you normally.
  3. Get better luck, I got scope in under 10 runs.
  4. You can have it on Seer due to innate corrosive on it's explosions, but you'd need to build viral on the gun and imo it's just a waste.
  5. Currently enemy grenades are near invisible in WF and usually are enough to bring down most frames in one go. The bipping that grenades make is easily drowned by all the other stuff that's going on, can't be heard from far enough away to avoid the grenade in time and does absolutely nothing for people who can't rely on sound (music playing, no dynamics / headphones, impared hearing). So, we either need a HUD indicator or some other graphic way to actually learn that grenade is around.
  6. I don't hold melee button, at all, game still decides to dump my combo all the time. Not related to melee speed either, as I though before, it does that even with regular Galatine P speed (no buffs). Can we have this an optional thing? We already have a heavy attack button, and if people want to hold melee, give them the OPTION to do so, don't force everybody into this brand new heavy attack spam a.k.a. spin2win 2.0.
  7. Hold melee to heavy attack has beed randomly dumping combo since the day it was implemented, are you not going to fix that at all?
  8. Nyx is my #1 frame to play, many times I've posted feedback about improving her kit, fixing the problems with it, so did other people, pointing out exactly the same problems. "Rework" came - nothing changed. It's the same "rework" that broke Titania's lantern. So, yeah, Nyx is fine as is, I really don't want DE to mess her up with another "rework".
  9. Blood Rush and Weeping Wounds rely on that counter.
  10. Don't hold your breath, bud. We've been saying this since it's been added with the new melee. It's been, like, 2 months? DE listens, alright.
  11. In the grim darkness of the far future, there is only war.
  12. I mean, if you've built your RJ you know that Cy isn't the most reliable cephalon. :P
  13. Hold melee to heavy attack still randomly dumps all your combo when the game feels like it. We still need an option to turn it off.
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