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  1. I use Cryotra on Dethcube for Energy Generator pretty much all the time, also helps with some CC if you build it with blast; the rest is whatever, never bothered with trying to make them into some killing machines. Imo, most of the weapons should be reworked for utility, if people can't deal with enemies using their frames + guns, some sentinel pew-pew won't save them damage-wise anyways.
  2. I used Nyx for 100% armour strip + CC and Daikyu with viral + electric, it took 2-4 shots on average with 1-shots on red crits. I do have a very good riven for it, but it'd probably still be my 1st choice if I had no bow rivens.
  3. I got both in a single 11m run. On the other hand, it took me 4h to get Gauss, while a friend of mine got it also in a single run. That's how chance works.
  4. I think it would be a lot easier if we could map our own keys.
  5. Lineage 2 had great F2P model when it was still in Chronicles, not the current casual garbage it turned into, at least on Russian servers, dunno about others. Pretty much anything from the gameshop could be traded between players: boosters, cosmetics, etc. And you didn't really need any of that anyways, boosters you could get ingame from quests, cosmetics appeared in events and so on.
  6. I don't mind variety, but tbh, I much prefer the current skin. One of the reasons Lato Vandal is my go-to pistol.
  7. Well, that's the thing though, those mods are situational AND they use up a regular mod slot. On top of that they only really benefit weapons that don't need them to begin with, while weapons that struggle already won't really be affected by them much. What I'm talking about is a separate mod slot that would affect BASE stats of melee. People don't use channeling now because it add damage to weapons that don't need that at all, and that addaed damage isn't enough to help weak weapons, but with base stats modifiers it will make a lot more melee viable for high levels. Imagine a weapon with 5% CC, 10% Status, slow attack speed but very high base damage. Currently it'll be useless for most of the game, because it won't scale at all. Now replace your typical damage channeling with +15% base CC, now you have a high damage weapon with good base for Blood Rush + Berserker build.
  8. Right now channeling is just a damage / blocking boost and that's fine for weapons that are already good, but they don't really need that boost to begin with, while weapons that don't scale well into higher levels will not be saved by just some pure damage boost. What I suggest is introducing another melee mod that will Transform your regular channeling into something more specific. Instead of applying damage multiplier on every hit those mods should apply stat boosts: something like +15-20% base status chance, +10-15% base crit chance, +2-3m of base range, transform 50-70% of damage into a specific damage type (Slash, Electric, Toxin etc.) and so on. (numbers are just guesswork here, but stuff like CC and status chance do need to be base related, not just multiplier) This kind of channeling will be able to bring neglected weapons up to speed with the popular ones and people will be able to take them into a much higher level content.
  9. If you're going with pubs, treat every mission as solo and be ready to everything yourself. For interceptions I either run Khora or max range/efficiency Banshee to stunlock most of the map by myself. What annoys me is a stupid high ammount of energy leeches in Infested interceptions..
  10. Couple things about Zealots: Running Hieracon I've encountered Zealot spawns a few times. On 2 ocassions their spawn triggered drills to activate without me or Zealots themselves being anywhere near them. 1 drill was 270m away, other one was 400+. That happened in different missions, one was empty pub, other was solo. Running solo Orokin Derelict Survival for 50+ minutes encountered double Zealots spawns. Not sure if it's an intended mechanic or a bug, so here's the details: First event spawns 2 Zealots as usual, I kill them, get 50 rep, all good. However the 2nd event spawns again 2 Zealots, I kill them, get 50 rep, BUT 2 more Zealots spawn instantly after the rep gain message appears. I kill those 2 and get 50 more rep. I've played 2 50+ minute runs, this happened in both of them.
  11. Tbh, don't really care about freezing bullets, my problem with the rework is butchered stasis combo due to halved stasis duration. How it was before: You cast cata, you cast stasis and you're safe in the bubble. When timer's about to run out, you cast surge. Cata runs out, surging enemies around you with the remaining duration on stasis. You're still safe. After enemies are surged you recast cata, at that point stasis runs out and enemies get knocked down, giving you enough time to set stasis again and repeat the combo. At no point in this combo you were exposed to potential oneshots. Now, with halved stasis, you'll either need to recast the whole thing based on stasis' duration, effectively halving the duration of 3 skills instead of 1, or you'll have to risk getting oneshoted at higher levels every time you need to recast stasis. Alternatively you'll need to waste a slot on rolling guard and that's an Arbitrations' drop, new players won't have that anyways. That said, DE's not gonna change it back. WF drew a lot more new players, a lot of those players are the type that caused the whole thing in the first place, so they'll just keep yelling "Magic man bad!"
  12. Sure, but those abilities don't JUST strip armour, they replenish shields for you / teammates, get you overshields and the augment also stops enemies from moving. Anyways, it's more of a group build, for solo it's much easier to get augment for your 3 and just use guns to kill stuff imo.
  13. Get fracturing crush to 80%, cast her 4th twice, then cast her 3rd 1-2 times. Should do away with all their armour. That's how I do it anyways.
  14. Well, that's the thing, though, I CAN get oneshoted if they actually shoot at me, but they don't. Nyx has no armour, you're not supposed to be shot at to begin with if you want to live, hence you're using Chaos stun while I use Chaos and just stay away from occupied enemies. If it works for you, there's no real reason to change playstyle, maybe add Rolling Guard in case you'll need to get close to enemies to kill them, but otherwise Chaos is really all you need for that. You can also use your operator to help with that, Magus Lockdown to incap enemies while you kill them.
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