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  1. if you have Efficient Beams, get Convectrix and build for Viral + Slash, melts pretty much anything. Also, frames matter a lot more than weapons imo, I mostly used Nyx for SP, 100% armour strip is pretty useful, Nova is also very good. Generally, with a decent build most weapons can do SP, I've used Hek and Vaykor Hek for a big part of it :P
  2. Thanks. At least I don't have to worry about my Synapse for the time being. ^_^
  3. Okay, do people actually use Euphona prime this much or did DE just forget about it?
  4. I'd much rather wait for something decent than get another RJ release. :P
  5. Nice try, but I don't want their dispo to go down. :P
  6. I'd wait 24h since the stream and contact support then. Not much else you can do.
  7. Have you done the mission in the game after claiming it? Mine only arrived after that.
  8. Nyx, Ivara, Limbo, Khora, Nova. ^_^
  9. Used Nyx for missions, Nyx / Chroma for Bosses. Only Jupiter bird was annoying, the rest isn't much different from regular mode. For Lephantis Nova works pretty well too, especially if you replace portal with Roar.
  10. Same here, after as little as a single cast of a spear game loses all functionality except chat and Esc menu. Unstuck doesn't help, so only option is to abort.
  11. Just forget about that useless skill, I'd say, swap it for something useful like Khora's snare, Bansee's silence, etc.. Nyx is great, but mind control is pure trash.
  12. You do get shields from them, haven't been able to strip them, so dunno if that works as well. Honestly, just get a heavy attack scythe and oneshot them. :P
  13. Haven't seen much of that on PC tbh, you migh get an occasional dimwit, but they're few and far between.
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