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  1. Being mr30 I've yet to have this problem, although I only help people when they ask for help. Imo if people do their own thing, mistake or not, just leave them be (unless they hinder a mission progression in some way) if they decide they need help, they'll ask for it themselves. Also, you never know if they're really making a mistake or just trying things out. And if they ask for help and then agro on you anyway, they have a lot more problems than making mistakes in a video game.
  2. I very much doubt it. DE seem to be all in favour of obscuring the screen as much as possible.
  3. You know what's gonna happen istead, right? We'll get some new Forma type that'll get every weapon to lvl 40 if you use 5 of them. Capacity problem - solved. :P
  4. If you want to go the easy way: get Hek, get a syndicate augment for it (scattered justice from Steel Meridian iirc) and mod for damage, elements, multishot. It's good enough for most of the star chart. You can later switch to Vaykor Hek and it'll be good enough for most of the Steel Path. Otherwise, most guns will do just fine at lower levels with a half-decent mod setup. Modding usually depends on the weapon's base stats i.e. no point in using crit mods on a weapon with a base 10% and lower (there are exceptions later in the game). Also don't expect to fill all the mod slots, you don't
  5. Great, if only Cambion Drift fishing wasn't broken.
  6. Mine updated fine, the most used thing is counting the ammount of missions you took the gear into, I've checked this when Nyx P. was getting close to overtaking my starter excal.
  7. Well, we got grenade indicators after 5-6(?) years of WF, so maybe in 2025 we'll get something for demos too. :P
  8. I agree, we should also remove ammo and reloading, it only gets in the way. And while we're at it, might as well ditch the whole HP / Shields thing, just make frames not die.
  9. Better builds is the path directly given by the game, somehow it worked even before Rolling Guard and Shield gating just fine.
  10. There isn't a problem here to begin with. Reward scaling doesn't exist in WF, meaning staying in a mission past it's completion currently only makes sense for just a couple of resource farms, otherwise there is no benefit to it at all. This isn't a focus of the game, it's barely supported by the game and almost nobody does that at all. Now, if you want to do that for yourself, that's your choice, it has nothing to do with the balance and progression, as such it is only a problem for you and maybe a few other players, not for the game itself. Also, if you really want this to c
  11. Shield gating prevents that now. You can use Rolling Guard and Augur mods to reset shield gating. There you go, problem solved.
  12. Staying in missions for hours to see lvl 500+ enemies isn't endgame, overwhelming majority of players will never see that and as such the game should not be balanced around it.
  13. Mobile defence workes almost every time in my experience. Makes you stay in one place long enough with active alarm / spawning.
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