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  1. Fun game mode, frantic, something for everyone to do. Endless is not fun for t3h hex grind, but the rewards are not bad. Feedback For those poor souls not yet breaching MR15 and a useful riven or three, the starting level for endless should be more in line with Jupiter's normal level, really. Compared to Excavations, which usually traverse three or four areas, the levels generated are quite small, with certain combinations making for some interesting demolyst "appearances" - almost out of thin air sometimes. Losing all 4 conduits in a round ends the mission as a failure, forfeiting all previous rewards and pickups - was A bit of a kick in the nuts to find out on wave 13. I'd elected to stop, and proceeded for to the exit grid. The other players didn't, and put the last 2 keys in. As I was stood on the exit grid waiting to leave ... "mission failed". A four round checkpoint for at least pickups would be nice. When keys are dropped, the white text change isn't really updating me that a key is "somewhere". I check that panel often, but still miss when keys are dropped - sometimes even off a mob in front of me. It only flashes them on the map when you are within 20m or so? Range extension or some other visual cue would be good. When spotted (not player WP), demolysts have almost identical markers to the red terminal. With the current WPs, their direction can mislead. Would text flag the demolyst (as per manually WP'ing an enemy) and would like to see a change to the red terminal colour to something else. Early exit for non-host takes waaay too long. Because of the mission setup, you're being hammered by large numbers of spawns whilst on the exit grid, so I died 3/6 times (+2 from arcane revives, in case you were wondering) just trying to leave after wave 12. The exit grid needs to be less open, or prevent things spawning less than 60m away. Would say reduce timer to 20s for non-host. If the mission is to be truly "endless", and although there are a few frame options, demolysts >100 damage mitigation presents a problem, even with all 4 guns on them. Would say it needs some other way of slowing them down, panels you can break to trigger coolant leaks, something like that. Beyond 12 rounds, toxic eximus units turn all nearby moas into 1HK platforms. Not sure if EMP aura will help much - new moa weapon spread is far too tight. Honestly, I'd like to see toxic eximus units taken back out of all Corpus and Grineer eximus sets, but my suggestion would be to reduce scaling for their aura buff
  2. Solo notes: - Event is interesting, and on a par with expected new style WF bosses. It doesn't come across so much as a blocker, more of something to get Wisp and progress the story. It's not as challenging as the Eidolons, but it is satisfying. All in all, its a step up from your oldskool bosses, which we like so pretty good. Once you work out the telegraphs, and stop trying to block with your face, its much more enjoyable event. Also: I switched to Zephyr for this event and have not regretted it 🙂 Feedback: As noted above, HPs of the synoid nodes might be a little low, but I do possess prior experience in breaking these things, knowing what weapons and damage type to use. It certainly picks itself up very quickly after damaging the synoid, which initially gave the impression I was doing something wrong. Using operator mode to get out of being grabbed should be a thing - the frame should teleport to your location regardless. Currently you can wait in operator mode (10-15 secs?) until the animation thing ends, then get your frame, but if you go back early, then you're still in the grasp of the boss. Only 1 really picky thing: After you slam the boss into a capacitor - and as you are just recovering from the fadeout from the cutscene of the platform(s) being destroyed - the boss is already firing lasers as it is picking itself off the floor, rather than giving you any breather. Once you know this, it's a case of just rolling straight out of the cutscene, but it should really wait until the boss is actually stood up before it starts pelting you with lasers again. Took me a while to work out that you had to drive the thing into the capacitor chamber - Rocket and chicken ceasar sAlad V's ambiguous dialogue wasn't much help in places, as it was often mis-timed - you were already waaaay ahead whilst he was "helping" with something two stages prior. We've yet to realise the full LOL potential of the name. I give the better meme's a couple of days.
  3. It's been an interesting change; I've only seen him twice (rank 30+4 NW), both since the increase, throughout the entire event. Reading on some of the chances of hammer drops, I'm not going to attempt to farm it. That said, I do prefer to spend my game time on the open worlds. I hear the player objections about the "bullet sponge" nature about this guy as that was my first experience with it. After a little reading, and a little kitgun investment, I now have a secondary that will drop him dead in under a couple of minutes. You could learn his vulnerability by scans, but since I've not got enough scans to learn those yet, I went the spoiler route. Yeah, I know, cheap move - I prefer to be able to drop him when he does show up in a reasonable timeframe. The mission was 30 minutes long the first time. 😁
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