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  1. uhh, maybe. But 30+min and Tier C Defence that sucks too for them
  2. Idk what the original assassination is actually
  3. It's not the new RJ sucks It's that moving a regular frame into a higher level game tier, with a 20+ or 30+ min time gate, that sucks (and since nearly nobody does a non-relic defence tier C through public matching)
  4. Well not only for a prime (yep I'm 48998 remain to Rank 31) but for a primary one for helminth as I have a system and chassis And the smoke epherma needs a system too (which is in Venus, a bit easier?) Since Oberon is moved to Grineer maps, the major problem is that you can easily run R-9 in 10 min but cant run a defence Tier C below 20 min
  5. As I'm farming an Ash head in Arva Vector, I have to take a nearly 25 min defence run for Tier C to get a chance of 10.26% to get that head. Entering the ship takes about 1 min (one shatter blast enough), but it will be much longer in Obol Crossing since there will be at least 1 sub-objective. And this defence may take at least 25 min (no less than 20 min I think) to take a Tier C Reward So does all the THREE PARTS Let;s make it nearly guarantees runs, 73±21 and 25 30 min per run (for the longest one in Pluto), it will take a CERTAIN OF 1300~2350 MIN (21~40hr) 1560~2820 MI
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