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  1. Simple fix, Remove the time gate OR make more enemies drop parts, 30 minutes is nothing, doing the other objectives can take longer then that, People just want this weapon.... Ive run it so much got one barrel then the game bugged so hard the mission failed while everyone but the host couldent move...
  2. My pings pretty good when joining others, too many people playing does make sense though....They should maybe add a way for you to join a matchmaking before you enter the skirmish and get swarmed within the first 30 seconds of playing though, I fully understand and respect their direction for wanting this to be a coop experience but it doesnt work if your forced to do the mission alone, Really looking forward to NPC crew mates now so i can atleast use my own railjack rather then join one.
  3. I have it set to open, I know matchmaking is a thing because ive joined other crews but everytime i launch my own ship nobody ever joins me and i end up getting swarmed by ships, I know the issue isnt nobody is playing railjack right now so what am i doing wrong?
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