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  1. My freinds cant log in, I can log in fine but since this hotfix dropped ive been unable to take screenshots, They legit do not save into my screenshots folder
  2. I bought a drop chance booster and im using nekros.....it still isnt dropping from mechs.... and ive been doing t3 vaults for hours now as for them spawning in the vault areas themselfs....also not a single one Im truely starting to believe it does not exist, far as im concerned this is the single worst resource experiance ive ever had in warframe...and ive been playing a long time
  3. I am running nekros with a dropchance booster.....it hasent dropped from a single mech and ive been running vaults for hours and hours t3 runs and just nothing..... I have heard its dropping for some freinds now so im sure its numbers on the stats board has been going up But i highly doubt the amount is that high given its still scuffed to heck
  4. I still have not seen a single Scintillant and the mech drops are practicly non existant
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