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  1. Even with the whole vampire eidolon thing going on it does not change the fact DE gave the finished frame the A OK and shipped it, so they clearly were comfortable with again their intellectual property being warframe Sentients having these abilities. Saying the creative process was horrible so the frame is horrible when the warframe itself is not only useful but good, last i recall Khoras development was a highspeed train barreling off a cliff into an ocean of lava and she has uses and is also good, I get it you have posted about this hundreds of times, you hate Revenant he doesnt meet your headcanon and your convinced his abilities are bad even with facts that are contrary to what you think, but thats okay your entitled to your opinion but there are people out there myself included who play Revenant or know Revenant is a good warframe who are going to defend him because saying he is a bad warframe is misinformative slander. I am very sorry you cant believe people are defending Revenant and i hope they one day DE bring out another sentient warframe that you can enjoy but hating on a warframe other players enjoy constantly pushing to ruin him is not very considerate to your fellow players.
  2. To be fair themes for frames have always been open for interpretation theme magnets answer mag, theme fire answers ember and nezha one being a chicken and the other being a chinese god, theme water hydroid, theme nature oberon all of these warframes took a theme from something in other media and added a warframe twist, Now lets touch Revenant the Sentient warframe based on the Sentients from the warframe universe this is one of those warframes where DE has 100% creative freedom and can do whatever they want with it if they say a Sentient can have these abilities nobody can stand up and say "No this isn't a sentient" because DE made it whereas something like fire, they did not and cant have a fire frame without fire. DE has complete creative freedom to do with the Sentient what they wish so if Revenant is the Sentient warframe then thats what he is, Another thing he has in common with Nidus.
  3. Another one of these threads, is it tuesday again already? Revenants 1, His worst ability has its uses can be fun to use in a pinch and can be some useful CC but not really required in anyway to play Revenant, His 2, an amazing ability giving Immunity from death aslong as he has charges which powerstrength gives more charges FYI to those who complain he aint got enough, making him ideal for using self damage weapons with reckless abandon and it can be pretty decent how enemies knock themselfs out hurting you, Revenants 3 useful utility in a pinch can be used in other ways but i only really use it for quick bursts of speed i dont care about regaining hp because his 2 exists and while it can be used to kill thralls quickly its not as efficiant as simply shooting the enemy or hitting them with a melee, his 4, I once killed 8 165 corrupted heavygunner eximus within 10 seconds while my revenant was level 27 and so his 4 wasent even max rank because it has the ability to reflect damage and also deals damage in a 360 seriously try it just press 4 with mesmer skin on in the simulacrum with 8 165 heavygunners and let them shoot you and tell me they didnt die, Thus saying this ability is decent damage but not brilliant is like saying saryn is decent for ESO but not required, TLDR Revenant is FINE and DOES NOT need a rework.
  4. I'm a Revenant main and avid Lenz enthusiast self damage is not really an issue for me, My problem with the Zhuge prime is it doesn't pack the oomph it should you shoot the targets they lose some hp and then the bolts explode for the remainder of the damage that was not dealt in the initial hit, you may of been able to melt those heavygunners with cat buffs but I'm used to weapons that don't need cat buffs to turn heavy gunners into paste you can say players suck if you really want too and if you like Zhuge prime power to you but to me its a member of the Ballistica club.
  5. I really want to agree with this but they released sicarus prime worse then the sicarus and it took them a couple of years to fix that one still atleast it did get fixed eventualy so hopefully Zhuge prime gets the treatment is deserves.
  6. My zhuge prime finished building today and after putting a catalyst in it i could put in enough mods so that only one modslot is left which means excluding a rivenmod which i do not have a majority of the zhuge primes potential has already been tapped... and i found it struggling to kill tusk enemies on the plains which is almost unheard of for decent almost fully modded primed primary weapons to do, So i cant help but see this as some kind of bug.
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