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  1. I'd hate to say this but their rarity also makes for a toxic environment. I don't wanna be that guy but being unable to get someone else's roll makes for a toxic trading environment with people calling whatever garbage or treasure they have a "god roll" and being rude about anyone saying other wise. It affects the community in that you have those elitists who just say "get a riven" for whatever weapon someone says is garbage. They're meant to "breathe new life" into weapons sure, but making it an inconsistent mess that might leave you with garbage after several hours of grinding just isn't good for the game.
  2. Gotta say, the riven system would be better to have less RNG. Sure, there's gonna probably be power creep with the ability to increase your chances to get a roll you want, but at the same time, how much does that matter? We already have frames like Chroma and Rhino for damage buffing, so having a bit less RNG with getting a good roll would make the entire system more appealing, and if they added set values instead of weird, slightly off numbers like +106.3%, maybe have just a flat 100% or 75%, all balanced around their disposition. If anything, it'd make videos over rivens more plausible because you can more easily get your hands on a riven with identical stats. It'd also give more variety to QoL stats like reload speed or magazine capacity because you could get more stats on at the cost of a single slot, which could just be a flex slot.
  3. Passive's inconsistency isn't very appealing, granted we shouldn't have to take advantage of it altogether, I'd have enjoyed something that's constantly reusable instead of 3 safeguards with random buffs that we might never activate.
  4. Can we also get cycling rewards in the shop? I'd rather be able to buy each mod with a ton of Vitus Essence if my luck is really down.
  5. I wasn't specific, my bad, I was talking about weapons being balanced towards MR. If you need some evidence, check the Dev Workshop from 2/5/18.
  6. DE specifically said during that gun rework last year that they were balancing it more towards MR.
  7. So, each weapon has two charge attack animations, but it's hard to get the second one because you have to let go then hold the button during the very quick swing. Wouldn't it be better to just keep charge attacking while the button is held? For example, the Tatsu has two animations, holding down the attack key charges up an attack and releases like normal, but as soon as the attack finishes, it starts charging another attack, all without letting go of the attack key.
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