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  1. A large legitimate issue many players are facing (including myself) are the odd numbers of leftover Wolf Credits we have earned and can't spend (ex. I think I have like 10 or something). I would like to propose something that would benefit your more "Devoted Players" and keep people logging in for rewards and progression. The other "downside" in this time that I can see is that since Alerts are gone, this downtime would mean a deficit of content and no longer an "Epic Win" for players if you will. My Proposal: I think an added reoccurring Tier to the ticket would be an outstanding solution. If a "31st" or "prestige" Tier would earnable after 30 one time for every 10,000 standing that granted players another stack of Wolf creds, idk 75? Too much? 50? (Idk I dont work here, just be enough to feel worth it). This way people can use up there credits or grab that helmet or Aura mod they never got as well as feel like they are not being punished for "playing too much". I pretty much just want to feel like I will still be able to earn Nitain semi regularly or maybe grab another potato or two if I no life it some more. I understand that I have my own playstyle and my opinions might not reflect the community as a whole. Just something I have been thinking about and have been wanting to share. Thank you for taking the time to read this!  Full thread here ---> -Nick
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