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  1. Here's a video showing the issues : I shoot to close enemies e.g 1 to 4 meters the projectile goes through the enemies without doing any damage. Anyone else having these problems ?
  2. I think adding another arcane or another method to generate energy is not the right way to fix the problem. There are already many ways to get energy back and adding another way to get energy would just make the game easier. When speaking of the Focus schools, i can tell you one thing : In the current state of the focus system you need to choose which focus schools suits you the best depending on the situation you will put yourself into e.g do i want energy regen all days (Zenurik) or do i want more damage (Madurai) or do i need to heal myself or friendly targets often during the next mission? You can't have it all. Now i know that Zenurik is the most used Focus school by far because Energizing Dash makes energy less of a problem to get but again e.g adding other ways to generate energy in other schools than Zenurik in the current state of the focus system is not the right idea. Not having enough energy can be annoying sometimes and i can understand that if you don't have a easy access to it then the game becomes another trivial shooter game for you. Maybe you are too dependent of Warframes powers and you can't play the game without them but i can be wrong. I think the most appropriate solution here to make all focus schools more interesting is to merge all focus school trees into a single big tree where each part of the tree represent a focus school and you can allocate a limited amount of points into the tree for abilities you want to activate. You start at the middle of the tree and unlock nodes with focus points of the respective school and convert some of the existing arcanes for the operator into nodes in areas of the tree that suits for them the most e.g Magus Cadence in the Naramon area Magus Repair in the Vazarin area Magus Firewall in the Unairu area etc so focus schools keep their identity and by the same occasion making all the schools easier to balance in addition of these new abilities in the tree. The only bad effect that would possibly create by making a single tree would be like opening the Path of Exile skill tree for the first time and players who can't handle the amount of information they have to deal with at this exact moment would just quit the game because compared to the PoE skill tree where you can open it after a few minutes of gameplay, the focus tree would be hidden after hours of playing Warframe. What do you all think about this ?
  3. I have been using the Winter Glyph XII for more than one year now but it still displays Mogamu's glyph on the forums. I've tried everything mentioned above but nothing work.
  4. I see Gat on the profile screen and at Rude Zuud wares list when the real name is Gaze (continuous beam kitgun). Edit : The bug is only on the French version of the game.
  5. Not a smart move because The New War is coming sentients will get us all.
  6. Trade tax is bugged can't see how much credits is taken away when you trade something but yeah if your credits turn red it means you don't have enough credits for the trade tax therefore you can't trade and this is normal.
  7. And i can't do anything to revive my pet. This bug seems to only happen in Kuva Fortress Tileset. Annoying for farming Kuva in the survival mission.
  8. 1 - Improvements to old content. More incentive to revisit unpopular planets e.g Tileset Remaster / New Enemies / Gameplay Twists 2 - Improvements to Game Balance. Basically what @D20 said on the first page of this topic. 3 - Improvements to Archwing in preparation for Railjack. I think that one of the most important things to not reproduce for Railjack are parts of levels too confined to navigate through combined with slow mobility, you just have to look at most underwater levels in Uranus that we have to go through as well as a few missions in other planets to know what i am referring to. 4 - Improvements to the Operator. The Operator needs a lot of love. The most important problems concerning the Operator are not getting addressed correctly if at all. The face customization needs to be improved, most of the faces are looking like potatoes. Operator Voicelines ( not from quests ) : It has been 3 whole years since no new voicelines have been added into the game, some of them have become too childish and doesn't fit the character anymore after all they have accomplished and endured during The War Within and The Sacrifice quest, others voicelines badly fit situations when they are triggered if at all, here are a few examples : Starting a Grineer mission like survival or defense : If we could avoid alerting them, this may be easier. When the fight ended while Shield and Health are close to full : That was a close one. After killing a few weak enemies : My warframe is strong. After getting past enemies without any interactions coming from me to them : I will consider what I have learned from this skirmish. This is one of the main reasons why most players mute the Operator so i really hope you are going to add more voicelines and disable most of the current ones soon. The Focus : One of ( if not ) the most important system related to the Operator. While only a handful of abilities coming from every school combined stands out from the pile of abilities by their utility they provide to the player, the rest of them are rarely used if at all because of their lack of utility or being too situational. I think that the Focus can be much more attractive as a whole if more efforts are being put to improve it. The solution would be just to buff abilities here and there or to completely rework the system depending on how good the final results are after the changes. Arcanes for the Operator : So much arcanes available yet but we can only equip two arcanes on our Operator. Is this a way to put a limit in their overall effectiveness ? Probably yes but i don't think that's the right way to do it, i mean for now that's acceptable; just a dozen of arcanes available but when we will get like more than twenty or even thirty of them, will this be still acceptable ?
  9. When entering the secured area, alarms are triggered instantly no matter where the stage is located in Orb Vallis. Here are three examples :
  10. I recently bought the Nova Prime Accessory Pack from the Prime Vault and i was wondering if we could have a similar way to buy only the accessories from all future Prime Access as a separate pack ?
  11. For Nyx : Passive : Something is wrong about this new passive, i like the idea but it doesn't seem to synergize well with Absorb. Maybe the new passive would work better this way if " Every time the enemies hit Nyx, their accuracy will decrease. " Mind Control : Would be great if mind controlled targets could ignore armor of the enemies. Psychic Bolts : Nothing to say, good change. Absorb : Personally i kill all the enemies in range before deactivating Absorb because Assimilate augment mod reduce the explosion range by half so that means all the damage absorbed from the ability is kinda wasted. For Titania : Tribute : Thorn aura should be changed completely as reflect damage in Warframe is not reliable in general. Change this aura in a way that damage taken can be stored and then can be released back against our enemies for the next few hits via our weapons. Lantern and Razorwing changes are welcomed even if Lantern energy cost is a bit high to me. The casting animation for her abilities needs to be quickier and her energy pool needs to be increased as well; Titania have to cast her abilities a lot and in a quick succession to keep all her buff active.
  12. Have you tried to scan things while going through the level ? It also triggers enemy spawns for me, maybe it can work for you as well.
  13. This happens sometimes to me too. One time i started the mission and Lotus told me to go to the extraction because i think because there was no enemies spawned and the game decided to set the main objective as completed; but i've noticed when Lotus says one of these three sentences, enemies are starting to spawn : "Keep going. Nobody knows you're here." "Keep moving. None of the scanners have detected you." "You're still in the clear. No detection from enemy sensors." I also noticed when starting missions on E Prime : don't rush through the level; going slowly to the extraction point helps triggering one of these sentences. I got the opportunity to make a video of this bug.
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