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  1. A bit late to the party but every piece of feedback count i guess. The boost being able to regen automatically when it's empty would have been nice to have. Other than that, nothing much to say. This i am ok with but halving the Health and Armour of Fighters was not necessary, the time to kill was not a problem to me. What really cause me trouble to kill Fighters is my lack of capacity " to hit them " with my railjack weapons on a controller. The most efficient way to kill Fighters for me is to throw one Void Hole at them then kill most of them with one missile (Tycho Seeker Mk3) once they are all in the middle of my Void Hole. Without using this tactic, killing groups of fighters in the Veil is a big suffering. Until we have a proper aim assist for Railjack weapons (because Gunnery 10 - Reflex Aim is terrible), aiming at Fighters with a controller is what bother me the most in Railjack gameplay. Nothing to say, these changes are welcomed. Just decreasing the frequency of RailJack Hazards happening was necessary, capping to one each Hazards doesn't make sense. The other changes are good. I would also like to improve how the Forge can be used : We got four stations. Going to each station to use them one by one especially alone is annoying because of the poor time management : you go to a station, activate it, craft something then go to the next one, repeat. Please add a command panel where we can use all four stations remotely . Click on the spoiler to know where you could put the command panel. I'll wait and see for the changes but what bother me the most is that the camera is way too close when meleeing Fighters. Glad to see this system into Railjack, i am pleased. I would have preferred having two Manufacturers rather than just one for each avionics : First Manufacturer => Sigma : The weakest ones, given when your Railjack is fully crafted. Sigma Avionics given are : Bulkhead, Hull Weave, Maxima, Hyperflux, Conic Nozzle and Polar Coil. Second Manufacturer => One between the three Houses (Lavan,Vidar,Zekti) but flawed : a straight upgrade from Sigma avionics. Found in Earth and Saturn Proxima. Second Manufacturer => Same as above but intact : these avionics give the best upgrades for a higher capacity cost in exchange. Found in Veil Proxima. Because we have limited capacity, we can't just put all the best avionics fully upgraded in our avionic slots otherwise some slots will have to stay empty, therefore if we want to use the totality of the slots available we have to make choices. Imo the best solution would be to swap between flawed and intact avionics for optimal results. With what you propose in this " not complete " patch notes we will have to not fully upgrade some of the avionics to be able to use all our avionics slots assuming we have enough avionics capacity to put what we want. The duration of Void Hole is now too short even if you increase the attraction strength in compensation, something around 16 seconds would be more reasonable. The other Avionics got good changes. Overall thoughts on what was shown here : I thank you for the efforts you make to improve the Railjack experience but please do not stop here, there are still improvements needed to be made and i hope to see more content for Railjack that connect it to the main game, please do not abandon this game mode.
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