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  1. I don't want to spend extra time into the menus to find what i am looking for. Mouse overs like "About" in the market and pretty stuff that takes half of the screen and sometimes more is something that i hate with a passion, stop hiding essential informations in UIs when there is more than enough space to show them. I don't want to boot the game to play even more at MenuFrame. The UI in the menus that looks pretty is the last thing i care about. The UIs should always be focused more on practicality over appearance in my opinion. Don't make something based too much on your own preferences. Not everyone like the way you design the UIs or how the informations should be displayed on the screen, you are making a UI essentially for your global player base so it's important to make a UI as reliable as possible. It doesn't matter if you hide the infos to satisfy the players who don't like to be overwhelmed by them, in any case these players will have to search for the information they need the most to learn more about the game so ultimately the more they play the more they learn, therefore in the end the faster they find what they want the better they will be satisfied. Don't add that to the final version of the UI. This will mostly lead to toxicity. Works very well for very specific actions like resupplying munitions in the Railjack, don't spread them all over the game.
  2. I would be interested to know how you decide between adding new content versus improving existing content because there are a lot of things in the game currently that can be improved for the game to be in a better state, more new content is always good but it's not always the solution. Don't get me wrong, Empyrean, The New War and Duviri Paradox will be great additions for Warframe and that's what the game really need. The problem with these updates is that they are so big that the updates we get in between are so little in comparison, a player who makes a break for a few years would enjoy the game better when he comes back because he will have a lot of content to do. Please consider making more medium sized updates released in a consistent time frame in the future for players who are playing the game regularly.
  3. Alerts starting Friday, November 22nd @ 2 PM ET until Monday, November 25th @ 2 PM ET
  4. These alerts are still not live yet. Do we know when they will be coming ?
  5. The tennogens i was waiting for didn't make it in this update : Aures Crown by lukinu_u and HariPear Aures Ear Accessory by HariPear and Lukinu_u Loki Jotunheim Skin by Mz-3 Jotunheim‘s Cloak by Mz-3 i guess i'll have to wait longer to get these tennogens. I've been testing the melee phase 2 in simulacrum yesterday and i liked the changes overall even though we are missing the recent buffs from the melee crit mods but it's not a big deal for me i can wait until next update. I like the changes of Vauban's abilities but Flechette Orb is underwhelming as i have said it in the dev workshop. I haven't tested Ember that much but i think she is much better than before. I found a bug with the Fireball ability where it doesn't leave a napalm like flame on impact, no matter if the ability was charged or not. Concerning Titania, it would be nice if Razorflies could scale with the level of the enemies in endless missions to make them less squishy. Also please a fix for the unskipable intro for late join clients.
  6. What's the status of the new cinematic intro ? Will Vor's prize be replaced by a completely new quest ? When can we expect to get the difficulty changes that was written into the whiteboard early this year on a devstream ? The reskin of Corpus ships tweeted by Steve over a week ago is also coming with the Update 26 ?
  7. Ember : - Immolation : The UI indicator should be shown upside down starting from the yellow part going up to the red part as the bar fill up. Also to better know how much the bar is filled, a percentage number should be shown from the right position of the UI Indicator starting from 0%. As the percentage goes up, the number goes upward as well as the color change from yellow to red as the bar approach the 100% Rather than removing all energy as the meter reach 100%, the ability should enter in a cooldown status as the ability should be unable to be reactivated for a short amount of time. - Fire Blast : The knock back is counterproductive if you want to follow up with Inferno as the enemy could get out of range/sight of Inferno. A knock down followed by a panic moment when they get up should suffice. As for the passive it could be : All enemies within 20 meters that are on fire will grant 5 Power Strength per enemy up to a maximum of 50 Power Strength. What is the plan for the current syndicate mods of Ember for all the new ability she gets ? Will they get changed as well ? Vauban : The Nail Grenade is a worse version of the alt fire of the Azima. I would personally like this Grenade to work similarly as the orb thrown by the Sapping Osprey and enemies that enter the damaging field would also get their action time reduced, like a cold proc.
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