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  1. What i feel what needs to be changed about Nightwave for the next series, please consider what i am proposing to you DE. Changes about the challenges known as Acts : - Rename them as " Bravery Acts ". - These Acts do not give you standing anymore in order to rank up the series; instead they give you Cred : similar to the Daily/Weekly/EliteW current system, the harder the Act is, the more it gives you Cred. - Remove Acts that are too much related to the player progression/ressources wasted within the game and create ones that are possible to do at any moment within the game progression e.g : remove Kill the Ropapolyst, Kill 3 Silver Grove Specters, Polarize with Forma 3 times and add Complete a Interception Mission while the enemy have 95% control or more, Complete a Spy Mission without triggering data vault's alarms, Complete a rescue mission without letting the hostage taking damage, use the Foundry to craft items 10 times. How to gain ranks within the series if Bravery Acts are not used for this task : - Create a set of 30 unique Acts who will be known as " Renown Acts " : They will be related to Nora Night story for the players to accomplish in order to go up in ranks within the series. - One Renown Act completed equals to one rank gained within the series. A total of six Renown Acts are added each time Nora Night is telling us a new part of the story. They are one time only Acts, doable at any moment once they become available. The objective here is have more interactivity between the story and the player without putting the latter too much in the foreground. - No more prestige system : no more rank up after the rank 30; Bravery Acts are the only way to gain Cred during the whole series. Thoughts ?
  2. When will we be able to hold that R1 button to increase the amount of syndicate medallions that we want to trade instead of pressing R1 hundred of times if you trade the ones that gives 500 points ? It would be nice if you apply this QoL for other syndicates like the Quills and Solaris United as well.
  3. I appreciate your efforts to improve this game mode but these ideas are flawed and makes Arbitrations overall worse : Permadeath is great because you have to be careful all the time and increase this feeling to be " truly alive " compared to standard missions where your playstyle can be much more reckless. I think the common problem with Arbitrations is that you have to change your mindset from " playing casually " to " playing carefully ", i have seen so much players putting themselves in danger for not paying attention on what they are doing, taking bad decisions or taking too much risks for a low reward e.g shooting from a open areas instead of shooting from cover, being greedy trying to kill a dangerous enemy in close quarter thinking they can kill them before they get killed, staying alone somewhere in the level and get outnumbered by enemies or even taking self damaging weapons for Arbitration missions. You can't afford yourself to play like the other game mode, Arbitrations is all about teamplay, communication and self awareness. Don't ruin the unique design of Arbitrations by adding a resurrect system, players have to adapt to this game mode and not the opposite. This revive system will also add more problems in Arbitrations without resolving existing ones : - Another way for players to leech or to be carried by others. - Opportunities to troll other players in public squad, bringing more toxicity into the community. - Carrying Resurgence points when you don't want to. - Further incentivise to bring Waframes for Arbitrations like Rhino in situations where you need to carry Resurgence points to revive another player. - Not solo player friendly because this adds extra difficulty for them in the long run for nothing in exchange. And here is what really needs to be improved in Arbitrations : - A " Extract now " prompt at the extraction point when the first rotation is complete in order to get out without delays for Survival, Excavation and Defection missions in order to avoid " i died because the timer didn't reach 0 " moments. - When you die in Arbitrations, the HUD should still show basic informations from the missions like the number of wave done and the health of the operative NPC, ABCD towers with the progression bar between Tenno and Opponent, the number of Kavor squads evacuated and those who died rather than just the health of the remaining players that are still alive. - Defense missions are the worst in term of amount of time played per reward. Either reduce the amount of enemies per wave or reduce the number of waves to get a reward to every 5 waves.
  4. Will Wisp get a full custom animation set or only run/sprint animations will be different from other Warframes ? K-Drives are nice and all but do you have plans for them to be more useful in the future ? As Hildryn use shields as her main defensive tool to protect herself, when can we expect improvements to shields so i can replace that awkward vitality mod by redirection on Warframes that have more base shields than health ( make shields more viable ) ?
  5. Not a smart move because The New War is coming sentients will get us all.
  6. I recently bought the Nova Prime Accessory Pack from the Prime Vault and i was wondering if we could have a similar way to buy only the accessories from all future Prime Access as a separate pack ?
  7. For Nyx : Passive : Something is wrong about this new passive, i like the idea but it doesn't seem to synergize well with Absorb. Maybe the new passive would work better this way if " Every time the enemies hit Nyx, their accuracy will decrease. " Mind Control : Would be great if mind controlled targets could ignore armor of the enemies. Psychic Bolts : Nothing to say, good change. Absorb : Personally i kill all the enemies in range before deactivating Absorb because Assimilate augment mod reduce the explosion range by half so that means all the damage absorbed from the ability is kinda wasted. For Titania : Tribute : Thorn aura should be changed completely as reflect damage in Warframe is not reliable in general. Change this aura in a way that damage taken can be stored and then can be released back against our enemies for the next few hits via our weapons. Lantern and Razorwing changes are welcomed even if Lantern energy cost is a bit high to me. The casting animation for her abilities needs to be quickier and her energy pool needs to be increased as well; Titania have to cast her abilities a lot and in a quick succession to keep all her buff active.
  8. Somehow i expected a riven disposition change but i didn't know when it was going to happen. A lot of my rivens got changed positively or negatively, but i will use them all as much even after the changes anyways so let say it doesn't affect me too much but unfortunately that's not the case for everyone. One thing you can do is to change riven disposition more often, say like every 3 months and give us a warning before it happens so you don't surprise players who are fairly new to the riven world when it happens. I would just make two other suggestions for the riven system by the same occasion : Owned rivens should keep their stats after riven disposition changes so players who spend currency on them in older times keep their investments but if a player decide to reroll a riven with " legacy stats " then its old disposition will change for the current one. Being able to block certain stats from rolling or being able to add/remove one stat from rivens via items that you can get from enemies/mission rewards or either purchase them from a npc. These " crafted mods " should be less powerful than the disposition of a said weapon if you decide to do so. For example say like you rolled a Paracyst riven with 207.9% Damage and 106.1% Multishot, you want to craft Critical Strike Chance on it because you don't feel lucky enough to get these three stats of the same strength by rolling your riven more times or because you want to keep your remaining kuva for other rivens or either you don't want to buy another riven with equivalent stats; then the best solution for you is to craft it but by doing so this particular stat will be less powerful than the two initial stats as a trade off. Edit : Sentinel weapons should have been buffed instead of removing their riven if you think they were lackluster.
  9. Which Warframe will be the next to be reworked ? Which Warframe will be the next to get a deluxe skin in the game ? Will the Operators be able to use K-Drive in Orb Vallis or anywhere else ( a Dojo room to create various jumps/rails ? ) Can you improve the emote interface and add some Operator voicelines to better communicate with other players in a mission like the communication wheel from Overwatch ? Can we have Grineer caves open in the plains at all times ?
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