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  1. It have been a year since the last plague star event
  2. The void blast in vazarin doesnt work when i press the button
  3. the opticor explosion doesnt work in the profit taker
  4. The Opticor Vandal magnetic explosion doesnt work in the profit taker
  5. Fix the enemies stuck in excavation bug the last sortie of today feel so imposible because of that
  6. Fix Magus repair doesnt working at least you're host and the description it should say 5,10,15,20%of health per second. and thanks for the hotfix people was waitingXD
  7. The Magus repair description doesn't go accord with the amount of health it cures. It should say 5% 10% 15% and 20% but ti isnt in the description hope that description got a fix please
  8. the chance of the mods in the orb bounties is pretty low is like yo need a week to get only one
  9. I think that that you should make arch gun more usable for example make some mods that gives ammo like carrier ammo storage works in them and ammo restores works too but have some care in the gattler and velocitus (cause gattler's explosive shells and velocitus punch through) the rest of them look pretty nice . This weapons could be a great addition to the arsenal
  10. After this hotfix I cant log in in my warframe accout
  11. there some bugs with the chat I can see nothing and is always charging
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