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  1. Amalgam Lich Weapon With the new rounds of liches coming for another faction it could be the Amalgam liches from the corpus nobody can´t expect what kind of plans Alad V brings in his hands so I was thinking about this coming in the future or I'm totally wrong about this but I came up with a possible weapon for these liches.
  2. I was thinkig about the ephemera remove I didnt think DE will do it
  3. Tenebrous ephemera and all I know about it: If I have start with something is that know it drops in the red sentient cache or that's what I have to think because so far I have been doing this stuff of rushing sentient anomalies I can say "Why should I want a Captura in my red one?" is kinda crazy that you put all your effort looking for a "red bean" guarded by robots that don't even care to break their belongings and before getting to them theres people who want to blow up your ship and all you can do is leaving the railjack to them and get into the anomaly and start looking with the scaner and maybe with your most fast frame the "red winged bean" and all for: getting a yellow one, don't find it(in most cases), got crashed by the game because or got a bug and if you're that lucky one who has that 1% of finding the "red bean" and call up all the squad that were looking with you the red cache to the moment to break it and then in that moment that you put all confidence on it you see you reward by been like a week searching for it and you see the progress and then and then ..... the same captura that you got in the first red cache you found like a month ago or in the yellow cache that have replace all that red cache you could possibly got the first time you say it was kinda unlucky but in the 12th you're wishing that the sentient tileset wouldnt have arrived and for those who have not found one since the beginning of this they need too much luck so that their first does not contain a captura that's all I can say so.... I hope some kind of reward is given to pleope who have more of 200 runs and still raising that counter because they dont find a "red bean" or they found a captura on it. Wish luck and cheers (pls delete the cache and the ephemera is kinda toxic)
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