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  1. I did but I didn't hear anything saying there won't be anymore changes to the mechanic. Although, I did notice they said there won't be any relations to the previous game, Dark Sector, yet they brought in the Proto Excalibur, Glaive, Volt, and Nyx skins as well as add in Lephantis, who was previously fought in Dark Sector as well, and they even made the dude in that weird Duviri Paradox trailer look exactly like Hayden Tenno, the main player character of Dark Sector.
  2. Now that the normal warframes can get subsumed for one measly ability, how about subsuming prime warframes for one extra subsumation? We would still keep the single subsume ability rule but we could double the amount of fun we could have. Ash Prime- Teleport Atlas Prime- Balwark/Tectonics Banshee Prime- Sonic Boom/ Sonar Baruuk Prime- Evasion Chroma Prime- Breath Ember Prime- Fireball Equinox Prime- Rest and Rage Excalibur Umbra- Radial Javelin Frost Prime- Freeze Gara Prime- Splinter Storm (reduced) Garuda Prime- Gorge Gauss Prime- D
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