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  1. Henji

    So about the warframe Pre-order

    Aaaah, Mass Effect discussions...always reminds me of cupcakes.
  2. Estás publicando esto en la sección equivocada, consulta los foros internacionales.
  3. Henji

    Are we getting any content this month?

    I play Monster Hunter World on PC, I know the feeling. Still, it wouldn't really matter for me either way because I understand that I'll still be playing that content on the same pace as everyone that is playing with me in my platform and since, as far as I know, we don't interact at all aside from the forums and maybe the discord channel, I can hardly see why are you being so...upset about it ?
  4. Henji

    Are we getting any content this month?

    Does that really matter ?
  5. Henji

    Are we getting any content this month?

    The Spiral of Madness.
  6. Henji

    Leeches idling

    Alright, I'll admit I missread part of your post there. However you're not making a good job yourself, I did not went against what you said abut the reporting system at all, I simply stated the obvious, the game does have other means for you to flag or avoid a leecher, its just a matter of you actualy using them. Looking at your previous post more carfully now, regarding the report system, the issue will still persist though as you insist on adding more options that are basicly pointless since adding a report system would do the same thing as you would do a ticket to the support directly, other games had shown issues with similar system, overwatch was/is a noticeable example of it. Regardless you keep thinking that I could be a leecher, again, you don't have any real evidence or indication that could lead to such assumption, we both have different points of view on how to handle the issue but that does not in anyway gives you a hint that I or anyone else could be one, I don't appriciate that and I recommend you keep your assumptions to yourself specialy if it comes down to labeling people. I rest my case here anyways, I'm tired and its cleary caughting up to me.
  7. Henji

    Prime vs Umbra

    I've been putting him to good use:
  8. Henji

    Leeches idling

    Thats because you still don't understand the point. Again, if you want to make a change, the best way you can do it EFFECTIVILY is by reporting said player, yes, is more labroeus, yes it waste your time on searching for people or reporting the leecher BUT you also deny the leecher it's free run and also make sure that he will be punished in the future. I would also appriciate if you didn't call me a leecher specialy since you DON'T KNOW anything about me or anyone here, just because we don't have the same opinion doesn't make anyone here a leecher. Vote Kick is stupid, you pretty much asking for a worse system that doesn't work and WILL be abused by anyone thus adding another issue on top of the leecher problem.
  9. Henji

    blocking is useless

    From personal expirience, blocking is quite underwhelming but I did find it to be usefull in at least a few instances where I needed to build up energy as I run the traditional Vampire-Rage build for my Excalibur. I can't say for sure it will do you any real good in mobs above lvl 100 but overall it hasn't been bad. Blocking can also help when you can't evade a knockback AOE too but it's very situational and you way better off with Handspring too. Still, I'd prefer it gets some improvement/changes when 3.0 arrives too, right now its more of a after thought then anything actualy worth considering.
  10. Henji

    Leeches idling

    It's not like that. The game does offer options with who you want to play with and you have total freedom to either keep playing with the leech or leave and either solo, play with friends or find another group of people. Having these threads being repeateadly brought up won't really change things, bringing it to the support in a well structured manner so the leecher recives proper punishment is the best bet on actual changes.
  11. Henji

    Standing in Solidarity with space mom

    Oh I will use her Dex weapons.... to carve the lotus in her cold dead body as I take my vengence upon that traitor...
  12. Henji

    Future Warframe Idea

    I can't deny it sounds alot like Excalibur. 😂 Still to make a ''weapon master'' doesn't seem like a good idea, it could be self defeating because of the warframes that already have a foot in a more melee oriented gameplay, it would be proboly be best to just make a warframe with a specific weapon specialization....a Glaive master would fit well with those abilities I think. (Passive looks OP though).
  13. I think you're wasting your time with the forums, this isn't the first nor the last we are going to see from topics like this. I TOO don't like how they handle things with the chat bot, it won't solve their problem and it won't change how people will view things either, case in point. Regardless, the only thing we can advice you to do is to talk with Support, peraphs talk to rebbeca about it if you think you have a strong case for it ? Thats all I think you could try.
  14. ''Join warframe!'' they said... ''The community is nice!'' they said...