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  1. this is not a bug that is working as intended Vomvalyst have two phases one where you can do damage and one where you cant unless to get to a certain point in the game and by the fact that you don't know how to kill them i am assuming you have not gotten to the point where you can actually kill them
  2. welp it did not work at all and im assuming the DS.cfg is an old unneeded file the got fazed out but not deleted from the files
  3. "Grendel Floating Head when using her 4" Grendel is not female....
  4. i have noticed this in more places than just the operator almost everywhere in the game most if not all textures have become pixelated and unsightly I have the game at max settings at 1440p and you can see the problem more clearly if you compare a screenshot of the Saita prime operator suit before and after the Deimos Arcana update
  5. what files exactly did you delete since I am having the same problem as you
  6. i used to admire detail but now i can't because of these latest changes to the textures makes me feel like im playing on my old laptop and some thing have no depth at all now like the Saita prime suit it is now completely flat and one texture
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