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  1. Shortly about the final boss: "Mom, mom - when I level up, I will become a real space ninja?" - "No sonny, you will become an Italian plumber in the Dark Souls world 😒" It is strange that the phrase does not appear at the end: "Thank you Tenno! But your Nora is in another castle"
  2. Dear DE, please pay attention to a small problem. In the inventory it is possible to sell the main blueprint of a Grendel, but it is impossible to sell or just throw out the coordinates of its parts? So if I am not interested in this warframe (yes - I bought this garbage from the arbiters by mistake) and I am not going to carry out these missions, I will now always have to look at these blinking 3 locations in Europe? I'm of course sorry, but this is at least illogical. Is it possible to fix it? Just add the option to sell it for 100 credits?
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