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  1. Mooore fixes for god fixes!!! 😇 In any case - of course, thanks for fixing bugs and ... dedicated servers instead of the existing circus when?
  2. Survival with kuwa, in the process there is an awesome important (no) and very necessary (no) update, in 30 minutes we get the host migration - and throws everyone into orbiter with empty pockets. Many thanks to DE - for fixing something that works anyway, and ignoring something that doesn't work. Oh yes - is dedicated servers still too expensive? A lot of money goes to Tennocon probably?
  3. Dear DE. Your great work on this update certainly deserves respect, and the attempt to revive the long-dead acrobatic mechanics of the game is a joy for all players. But let's as an experiment - right on the forum - in the news section you will make a survey page: 1) Players - do you like the new mods from this update? This is exactly what you would like from new mod sets?; 2) Players - will you use them in your mod builds? Not one particular mod - all the mods from the set? 3) Players - do you think all these mods need to be entered exactly as mods - or can we just fix part of the jump / touch mechanic, and they will work (as they should) - as written in these mods? At this moment, most of these mods are garbage. Yes - they are interesting ... try once in a simulacrum and 2-3 times on missions. And return to normal builds. In the whole update, this is the only questionable part.
  4. The mission unimaginably lags, the chance of dropping things is terrible - in the event it was possible to remove all useless trash from the droplist. (for 20+ completions - got only 2 parts of a wolf's weapon, no mask of course😒). And yes - many players use skipping 90% of the mission (which can be defined as using a bug. Not sure - but the one, who created this mission did not expect it to pass every 2 minutes in hard mode). BUT everything is fine - everything will be fixed - only AFTER the end of the event. In a week ...or next time at the next event next season as always)) It could be interesting but - it's so sad.🙃
  5. Compared for example ION - Mask https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1503577961 with a set of Garasu Operator ... I was very surprised - what did DE choose. But then I looked at the author of the work and everything was in place. I forgot - that this is a lukinu_u round. Of course, the choice of DE was absolutely impartial and depended solely on the wishes of the community Ha-Ha ...
  6. I don't understand this "glitchy Balefire not working old meme?" The damn 40 other warframes exists for that reason. This specific function for it Exploiter Orbhas asking from DE a lot of people, and asking constantly though. 6+ days and still not ready? Seriously?
  7. Okay-I've read a lot of pages, I've looked at a lot of partners on twitch playing at this event, I know the "how" and I know the "where". I find the door (and Yes - I also pressed on the console) - it has a huge inscription "F***k you Tenno!" and it is closed. I've done this many times - the result is the same. Thank you-beautiful event. Upd. Oh - i see - in solo - its OK! Soooo... wonderful teamplay game))
  8. Only 5 days left? Is it serious? There is not even a separate launch of the event - the squad is going for 15-40 minutes, an incredible number of bugs (more and more every days). And you limit the event to 5 days? Probably 1 week and 5 days? 1 week to remove bugs and 5 days of the event?
  9. Dear DE-team Hildryn Changes and Fixes: Removed additional sound for Hildryn's Haven ability based on feedback. Thank you so much for this change! And, YES, Mesa have been in need of a good NERF. Disabling Arcane in regulators is a good start, but it's clearly not enough. Previously you stated-that the old Ember, Banshee and Sarina breaking gameplay at low levels. Now Mesa does the same at ANY level by pressing 1 button. Either you were wrong with the old Ash and Mesa, or now she's demanding a change again. Agree-now it is very strong, too strong!
  10. Well... DE- "We have new NewMegaSuperWarframe - try it faster!!" Me- "Yes! I want it!" DE- "You only need max rank duck muzzle and..." Me -"No.Just -No" The update at first caused a lot of positive emotions - and now only indignation and anger. Apparently it's time to rest a couple of months from the warframe.
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