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  1. Oh lord, I came to check how things goes in this game and it’s so bad that even white knights are grasping at mirrors
  2. "We're going to Tau kids, buckle up!" by Steve https://twitter.com/sj_sinclair/status/1171961896779440128
  3. It's all fun and laugh until you realize what this guy is proposing they are actually already doing it. Bosses with invulnerability phases and the new immunity to abilities which basically renders meaningless whatever mods or frame you are using
  4. Conclave as it is now looks like a s*itfest, but a huge rework of it is just daydreaming. In my humble opinion the problem is with this game studio. They’re good at throwing new stuff in your face, and awful at maintaining the old stuff in general. Steve is their golden nugget with crazy ideas, but none of them seem capable to keep his old ideas relevant and connected with the new ones
  5. 3+1 missions for the grand prize of 1500 points. Rinse and repeat 166 times to end your nightwave, or
  6. Wait, are you saying you can logout of the game? and it’s not in the top 5???
  7. Man.. so badly I'd like a job at the DE, just because I shouldn't make any effort in inventing new ways to keep players entertained. Just let them think they have to do the job for me and all I have to do is put it in game, that's all, and they'd pay me for it
  8. Honestly this is so ingenious that I'm thinking DE topped themselves with this one. On a second thought, why not add a 24h timer to the forma of your warframe/weapons too? in this way the players are stimulated to play more to get other forma
  9. This makes me feel uneasy, Isn't it actually better and mentally healthy to face off the hard truth of being a fat, helpless neckbeard and start from there to do something that can really get someone out of their situation, instead of gettin even more deluded with... this?
  10. Hey I'm looking to buy this specific Smeeta imprints: Ball ears, peacock tail, cyan energy colour pm me in game or if I'm offline contact my friend ign Lenyatta
  11. Based and redpilled, no sarcasm. It’s the one big evidence right there that all people, who talk about how balanced their OP zim-zam nuke frame are, tend to ignore
  12. I think the Steve guy stated somewhere that the premises from the reveals generated more hype than the actual content being released, but I’m not sure they realized that it can’t be exploited forever. Or does it? this year’s Tennocon I didn’t hear that much cheering from the crowd tho, probably because who knows this game well figures to see much of the stuff showcased now, being presented again in the tennocon 2020, with some more trailer here and there, only to be served in 2021 like a plate of stale pasta with bugs stuffed meatballs in any case. The future of game industry looks promising
  13. Hey guys, remember this? you can even check the similarity in the excuses to defend that broken thing
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