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  1. Well the most perfect solution for this would be to code a way to erase the chance to encounter an assassin (synd/stalk/etc) once someone in the squad steps into the extraction zone for the first time, but I'd say to be carefull for what you wish for since this is a non-issue that can be solved with just a little bit of patience, making it an issue to yourself and tryin to fix something that somewhat already works can bring more drawbacks than improvements. Remember the people stressing for the solo extraction in survival being the same people who came back on the forums to lament the fact that now players leave after 5 mins in the mission
  2. Why are you so obsessed with farming it in the first place, sane people know when to stop when there s nothing else to do in a game
  3. Is there any way to support this to go for Deluxe Skin? I mean you pratically did the job for em, all they need to do is to render in 3D the amazing concept, and talking about the concept, I always preferred more the monk side of Baruuk than the egyptian vibes it has, but your design is so amazing it blows everything out the water. Great stuff
  4. Can also bet that who is being quick to mention guardian derision didnt even try it once to begin with, before suggesting it to someone else. Go in a random mission and set a wp to 15m from you to see how laughable it is in a real contest scenario, expecially now that you cant block at will
  5. You gave your time for it sillies. Remember yourselves that
  6. There's no platinum included in the accessory pack and let's be real for a moment, how many do really take in consideration boosters as an added value to the package? even if you want to take them into account both 3x 30day boosters on the market go for a total of 1200 plat, around 10 bucks of value in platinum, which leaves you with 40 bucks to pay for the cosmetics
  7. The guy here speaks a bit bluntly but in an honest way, to take his opinion as offensive against someone tho.. it goes beyond the snowflake possibilities of a human being. Also I agree with being against the ridiculous prices of the prime cosmetics, expecially when comparing them to tennogen items, you can clearly see the much more effort tennogen artists put on the design of their cosmetics and the minor details, and for 7x times less than the price of the prime ones
  8. I d prefer some pikachu lines where he costantly goes “pika-pika” and you d have to figure out what to do for yourself
  9. 1Gbs Down/ 200mbps Up master race reporting in, I can carry that OP guy and everyone of you with my strong arms for a comfortable travel of your data in a brute force hadron collider of 20-30ms responsiveness and no additional fee for my internet bill
  10. can you guys go on windows event viewer right after this happens and check in windows logs>system if "Display driver nvlddmkm stopped responding and has successfully recovered." appears in the list?
  11. I DO think they should be able to bypass the requirement, since they pay the money for it the same way you can pay to skip hyldrin and baruuk ones. I'd understand if it was just hyldrin that you buy, but including the gravimag in the pack and not including the archgun deployer is kind of controversial and confusing, this is not the first time i see someone buying the pack for the intention of deploying the archgun and got screwed. Also need to point out that not everyone with works and duties can go through the lvl 3 of vox solaris and atmo systems sick drop chance which no way in hell can be 10%. when I went after em and spent an entire afternoon in the end it was to see myself sitting on 35x repeller systems (rare drop btw!) and still 3 atmos(uncommon) to go. Thought it was just some ironical bad luck, then I saw people on the wikia and lads of the runs I did with sitting on a ton of repellers theirselves and lamenting the same situation. If you check the gravimag on the market you ll see a note pointing out the need of another gear required to effectively use it, while in Hildryn collection nothing points out that you need something else to deploy the archgun, which is very misleading. It's a little slip up on DE's part which can be as easily rectified, what's wrong with the general attitude on this forum? It's not like you get to suck DE Steve-o sausage if you keep acting like little fanboys whiteknighting on something that can be improved
  12. well if you think it's fun, may as well edit the thread and not post about it on the forums, they fixed it once and will likely fix it again. It's not fair on your part, but not on their either for forgetting about wukong almost 2 years so far
  13. that's another problem I think this game has right now, that kind of content you mention doesn't really exist because there is no point in it to be. We can argue forever about it like I've seen people do but at the end of the day doing a 30 min survival or a 20 waves defence it's the same as doing 3 hours or 200 waves because it gives you the same reward over the time you invest in it, if not less considering it's way easier to restart the mission rather than waiting for enemies to become bullet sponges and that's why the real high-end missions fall on sortie-arbitration levels, which is about 100-120 as you may know when survival kuvas were about to be out, people did ask for excalating reward because they did want to see a change about this matter, however the bald guy developer (forgot the name) who was workin on it was really stubborn about it to not let it be, because he probably fully known on how exploitable it can be with how the current DPS works. To do so requires a more bold move on DE's part, to rework enemies armor scaling/mechanics and AI as well as nerfing/rebalance warframe abilities, which would cause an huge wave of complaints, and DE team's fear to shoot theirselves in the feet and see lots of old players moving to much newer games while not having time to work on new, fresh content to attract potential new players But I think the more they wait about it, more they get to a point of no return, they probably did realize this already, and maybe they want to milk it till they can with skins-cosmetics and whatnot, the fashionframe endgame becoming real from just being an inside joke, and considering 6 years it's an impressive feat for a game to stay alive and don't even get the merit they deserve for it from the industry they work in, I do understand it's not easy at all for them
  14. I do disagree with that, used to play mainly with frost and healer/support frames oberon and trin because that's my kick in this kind of games. What i found out during the time is that I found myself more covering a lack of proper build on the part of other players rather than having an active support role. Hell, even EV trin in the Index is not needed anymore if the DPS guy did build his nuke right, because he can go with high efficiency and zenurik while retaining his high dps and tankiness at cost of no backlash. Support per se doesn't exist in this game and it's not required, CC is in the same spot if not even an hindrance sometimes, personally lost the count of the times I used Frost and limbo in defence and mobile def for people to complain it gets in their way, because it is true so, why defending if you can make mince meat of everything right away? So now I only see frost bubbles and limbo stasis as tiny as the objective itself, and that's only a just-to-be-sure thing to do
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