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  1. They added more to Empyrean? where? Fix the bugs is conceivable, but we’re in the end of March if you didn’t notice, and it was released in mid December, after two years of development and one year of content drought, I’ve still to see the things they showcased in the previous two Tennocons.
  2. I came back to play a bit in December when Railjack came out, when it was promised by DE it was not a content island, turns out in two years of development they released a demo with 3 missions spammed all over 3 planets, also totally disjointed from the core gameplay . So I expected them to push further in January, when I saw no update was coming I got the drill and got away, they expected players to play that ad nauseam for months. Cherry on top was the shameless “support Empyrean for 30 bucks” pack. glad to see the regular playerbase is waking up
  3. From one extreme to the other, a man who only sees the extremes and nothing in between, the extreme-man joins the thread
  4. I think it’s time to let it go
  5. 1. making it so that I have to make no effort into charging his 4 2. make his 1 into his passive too so that I don't actually have to press 1 and follow the skill rule Do you really want to play him or just turn it into Saryn 2.0?
  6. Honestly yeah, it should be the right time to fix the mandatory mods system, later will be too late. Good suggestion, as good as bad is the skepticism facing it, but it’s the warframe forums what would you expect?
  7. Guys I'm a bit confused here, if almost everything in the arsenal one shots armies then what is the point of gettin 11 more arcanes in the new event, or going after the kuva weapons, or getting and maxing out new primed mods, or tryna get a riven for a new weapon..etc?
  8. What's there to touch anyway? in two years of development they released a demo rather than an expansion. The game mode consists of three objectives, which are bad copies of old ones (kill the captain, sabotage this, exterminate that) and are so boring and unfun that even if you google "railjack objectives" nobody talks about them, they are registered more as timewasters than the actual point of the match, no wonder. I had hopes they'd push for more content in January, but nope, seeing the RNG and the material costs it was clear they expected users to play that diluted soup for months. Anyone with a sound head already got the drill and moved on
  9. We need a button to push to wipe everything off the map, also one that teleports you directly from mission start to extraction point for istant gratification, and roll that juicy 0,0001% rewards that I don’t know what to do with anyway because I ll spend most of my time on dressing the dolls as usual. My power fantasy
  10. Hey newbie question, how do I play tennogen?
  11. Let’s make fun of OP and put the funny haha while almost everyone and their mom have their stuff on warframe market until the guy who owns the site and gets paid 0 stops caring about updating his website
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