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  1. Vaulted Relics in PoE Bounties and Syndicate Packs.

    So wait. The few voices in support are also telling us we can’t handle things that aren’t spoon fed to us, but turn around and proclaim how the game is basically spoon feeding them all these desirable relics? Priceless.
  2. Vaulted Relics in PoE Bounties and Syndicate Packs.

    This made me think of another way to present the argument: because Plains of Eidolon does not integrate with the rest of the game in basically any way, you can finish the Plains of Eidolon. In other words, it’s something that can be completed—it’s basically a long event. So in summarizing the opposition as “we don’t like bounties” and brushing off burnout comments, the devs might want to consider that these sentiments may also come from a feeling of having beaten the PoE, and not wanting or needing to go back.
  3. Vaulted Relics in PoE Bounties and Syndicate Packs.

    I very much appreciate your continued presence in this thread. However, if you hear “burnout on the Plains” and think “QoL stuff is on the way,” then it doesn’t feel like you’re really hearing this feedback. Speaking for myself, the core issue here is that the stated benefit to players from this approach rings hollow — all the good elements lie on DEs side of the table (eg logistical simplification, continued relentless push for us to be in PoE, keeping your prime hunter distribution “cleanly organized”). Players get MR restricted, diminishing chances at acquisition of a couple relics - if they are in the rotation at all during the 2-hour window. The fact that many people are totally burned on doing any plains activity is just icing on the cake.
  4. Dev Workshop: Weapons, Mastery Ranks, and Stats!

    So here’s my question to the DE devs: by confining lower-MR players to lower-performing weapons, are you planning to institute a corresponding MR-based matchmaking? I realize half the hope here is probably to make new players “want that thing so bad” and dream of the day they’re MR8 or 16 or whatever, but new players already spend a lot of time playing Space Ninja Janitor cleaning up behind veterans. Making really solid weapons like the Lex Prime (as an example) gated behind 160,000 mastery points seems like it would be more discouraging than anything, since you’d contribute even less to the mission.
  5. Dev Workshop: Weapons, Mastery Ranks, and Stats!

    Yeah, they’re grandfathering players who already own items whose mastery req changes.
  6. Dev Workshop: Weapons, Mastery Ranks, and Stats!

    I really like seeing so many good changes to weapons. But that’s speaking as an MR18 player I am not — not — sanguine about the sweeping MR changes firewalling bread and butter weapons that can help new players in harder starchart content. Or that simply make newer players feel like they got something awesome and fun. I know some market purchases can bypass MR requirements; I hope that doesn’t become a universal thing because the optics...not so good.
  7. The stealth exterminate riven challenge is slow and boring.

    Note that only you need to be undetected. If you have the riven and stay at spawn, your teammates can just blitz the mission. I did this a couple weeks ago with some friends.
  8. Index Permadeath

    Index is very glitchy after update. Host migrations; repeated death loops; matches that simply won’t end...
  9. Periodic freeze during missions since today's patch...

    Had the “host migration strands me alone” version right after the final bell in an Index match. As a bonus, the mission refused to end. I had to abort and lose rewards. Lots of instability after the update and hotfix.
  10. Periodic freeze during missions since today's patch...

    Have had repeated host migrations during missions today; the last one was two separate migrations in a mission, which split the squad over three different, new mission instances
  11. Missing Alerts in Navigation!? [Fixed]

    Same here - I have 5 indicated, but four are listed (2 of which are Mario and Clem)
  12. This whole "virtual lotus" thing has kinda broken my immersion.

    Hell, we don’t need any of them. Let us gather info/materials/etc and plan our next mission blueprint style. We hit where we want, wrecking what we want, when we want. We renounce being controlled — we’re the apostates Put us out there on our own for real, making even our allies nervous because the gate’s wide open and the dog’s off the chain.
  13. The latest update ended up my game

    I assume new stuff will come along eventually, but it sounds like you have actually completed the game. That’s pretty impressive. You have beaten Warframe.
  14. Extracting alone on survival missions

    Double post.