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  1. In another thread someone talked about an "order of operations" to use Rift/banish/surge/stasis with a good synergy, and it was neat, but would take about 10 button presses on a controller under the normal scheme (as opposed to many fewer key presses with a mouse and keyboard setup). Does anyone use a controller on PC? How fiddly is it now, compared to earlier?
  2. I guess we'll see how it plays out over the next month or so as they pull in feedback. Who knows, I could be totally wrong. It's happened before Only once, but it did happen.
  3. Actually, it occurs to me that the riftwalk-slide isn't really a "passive": it's a triggered ability that is fundamental to his power set. Does that make Limbo our first 5-power frame? i won't argue that the old animation was too slow, by the way. That would have been an easy fix: no casting time, just "pop" back and forth. But you and I are unlikely to see eye to eye on this; we apparently are working from very different premises.
  4. Lemme put it this way: previously, if I push the "B" button, Limbo would do a forward roll, gaining a little speed and covering X distance. Just like every other frame, it's part of the parkour system stuff. Now, when the update arrives on console, I'll push the B button and he wont do the forward roll. Instead, according to what I read, he slides forward X distance. That might not be a big deal, but he also enters the Rift, which is kind of a big deal. So please understand why I don't agree with your assertion that it "works the same."
  5. Well, I can read the explanations and feedback people are posting And what I'm hoping (against hope; DE dont seem the "change their mind" sort for things like this) is that the feedback I'm seeing means that what consoles get is substantially better than what PC users appear to be working with now.
  6. I'd rather lose that than the existing...or soon to be lost...Rift walk. Limbo isn't about dealing damage I mean, I'd sacrifice cataclysm as an alternative to stasis too.
  7. So I'm going to take that as a "no." If not, they've altered a standard maneuver element. Plus overloaded it with an additional function.
  8. I'm on console, so "yes." Here's the question: Can Limbo roll? Actually, here's another: can he rift walk without moving? And another: can you hit the...well, what used to be the roll command...without changing rift state?
  9. Man. That technique is like 10 button clicks per cycle on the typical controller. Synergy needs to be streamlined in a big way or Limbos gonna be even harder to use.
  10. I'm not okay with any of the changes I'm hearing about, although I admit the concept behind stasis is cool. I'd have replaced Rift Surge with Stasis and called it a day, leaving everything else alone.
  11. Just remove the damn rift dash and put it back to a power. Limbo had precision control over rift state of himself and enemies prior to this, without bunging up an existing control. I still boggle at how the design process ended up with "let's give the frame a less precise version of a power it already has, and remove a standard maneuver element while we're at it."
  12. Oh, it's fine to require Kuva. I've finished TWW, and have access to all of that stuff. I just don't participate, because the Operator gameplay is the very definition of Not Fun to me. Basically, if I wanted either Nidus or Octavia, the Kuva requirement would be a clear sign that says "buy with plat." However, it does seem a little disjoint with respect to when you can access the Octavia quest.
  13. Ugh, Kuva? Okay, if I get Octavia, I'm doing it through the Market.
  14. The irony is that it sounds like he was closer to that before the rework.
  15. From what I read here Limbo will become mostly useless to me overall. The intricacy of power interaction is neat, but impractical on console controls, and the roll-to-roftwalk thing kills it. His utility for me was in spy missions, and even the chance that I can inadvertently leave or enter the rift (through a bad button press, or using roll like it's typically used, etc) is enough to stop him cold. I use roll to dodge, for speed, for maneuvering, and I'm not gonna relearn that for one frame.