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  1. Some basic concepts DE needs to understand

    Enjoy? Or accept as necessary? I can dig accepting the need to use the operator for things because, well, that's what you have to do. I have a harder time understanding enjoying Operator play, but to each their own I suppose.
  2. Some basic concepts DE needs to understand

    Amen. A ton of opportunity cost there.
  3. Operator Observations and Feedback

    Ayup. When you play an operator, you are playing a different game. They have no place in the gameplay.
  4. It seems like a lot of it was "that sounds good, let's try it." They had a small internal test group, and nothing tested like that survives its encounter with the actual playerbase. They'll make changes, I'm sure. I'm actually more turned off by conceptual choices (fishing and mining, for instance) than the mechanical choices/issues I've heard about.
  5. Some basic concepts DE needs to understand

    Hundred percent agreement one both points. I'd pay them a monthly subscription to have the option to completely disable the Operator; and I have no interest in playing against hard enemies. Warframe is about omnibrutalizing hordes of cannon fodder and then busting out space magic to omnibrutalize slightly tougher fodder.
  6. I'm done with fishing and PoE

    It's going to drive away old players, too. Like me. The fact that fishing was something DE thought was a good idea at all has me dismayed. If I was fighting these fish in underwater battles and looting their corpses, that would be one thing. Throwing spears at them for the benefit of the great Grindwall, that's another matter entirely.
  7. Nope. I avoid the operator at all costs. I don't do Kuva siphons or floods, don't plan to do any Eidolon crap, and will probably not spend any focus once it's refunded. Basically the only time the operator happens is when I accidentally trigger transference (using a controller, with my layout, it happens sometimes if I accidentally bump a paddle and select that power). The only "operator" thing I'd do is occasionally use the Focus power, but even that is rare.
  8. The Crippling Depression of a Console Warframe Player

    I'm not in the "eagerly awaiting" group. After reading the feedback subforum in detail, and what you can do there, and both the positive and negative reviews, it doesn't capture my interest in any way. I commend the team for making an update of this significance, but I'd have gone a different way.
  9. Please Stop Pushing the Game Towards the Operators

    Which is weird, because The Division has many more similarities to Warframe than Destiny does. I think Warframers just needed a game to pick on and Division wasn't available at the time.
  10. Forced Operator Mode

    Unless the operator is as fast, agile, and maneuverable as a Warframe, as has a suite of abilities as unique and diverse as a warframe, and has as much possible gear as a Warframe can use, it can stay in its @(*()$ chair on the ship. I have like 30 warframes to enjoy; I don't want to play what is effectively a crappy half-Warframe just to experience PoE content.
  11. Operators... Focus 2.0... screw you, both

    That's what it means for me. Well, the first part -- I just won't do the Eidolon fights. PoE will be a place to go fishing, then I'll bail at nightfall (or whenever it's supposed to get dangerous and Operator-required).
  12. Please Stop Pushing the Game Towards the Operators

    Absolutely agreed - it would be nice if DE was willing to provide a "disable this feature" option, but if they don't, then I'll skip it on my own. I can accept missing out on content to avoid revisiting the Operator, and if it's where DE is taking Warframe, then I just see myself as one of those players that will gradually taper off as I find other games. No big deal.
  13. Name Your Operator!

    Shinji, as in, "Shinji, get back in the @(*()$ robot." Alternatively, "Freeloader."
  14. Please Stop Pushing the Game Towards the Operators

    I'd be satisfied if the options interface allowed me to completely un-map "Focus/Transference" from my controller. Everyone who loves the idea of operator gameplay can knock themselves right the heck out with it, but I'd personally pay folding money for the option never to have to use/see/know about my operator again Basically, this nails it - I have no interest in playing the operator whatsoever, and so I'm happy to miss out on whatever special features it grants. I understand they can be improved and do things my Warframe will not be able to do, but the bottom line is that I'd rather miss the benefits than play as an operator. I stand to gain nothing by engaging in a gameplay mode I actively dislike.
  15. What will you rename your melee?

    My Dex Dakras will be named Choppa 1 and Choppa 2. My Galatine Prime will be renamed Dual Dark Daggers. My Kesheg will be renamed Big Hooky Stick Thing.