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  1. Completely? I can disable transference? I need this knowledge immediately.
  2. Not much to add here. Whole idea is cringeworthy. I do my best never to let Shinji out of the robot.
  3. She was! I went to the market, clicked "Purchase," and boom, Mesa acquired. Easiest farm ever.
  4. Well, our enemies clearly have superior optical sensor technology than even the Orokin did, so I'm on board with at least buying our visual sensors from the same vendor as the Grineer.
  5. I've decided to make myself learn how to use the new Limbo (because he's still best for when you can't think of anything to do but Lua spy). I only play solo with him, but lemme tell you, I'm not even sure what's going on when it's just me.
  6. No sense in voting for a frame you already have. Now, if you could vote, I'd say go for it.
  7. Or that. That's good.
  8. Gotcha, thanks. Been a while since I used Broberon.
  9. They could just invert the colors of everything in the rift. That should be pretty distinctive.
  10. I'm dying to try out this rework, but I am somewhat concerned seeing people are reporting that they're seeing like, 17 damage on orbs from Smite, when using a 200%+ power strength build. That seems...low. What's up with that? Bug? Glitch? Just a fact of the new scaling?
  11. The notes said that the Smite damage scales with the enemy, and is "spread across projectiles" - I wonder if they're (mistakenly or intentionally) dividing 20% of the initial target's base HP among all the projectiles, instead of using the new targets' base HP. E.g., you hit an enemy with 1,000 HP. 20% of that amount (200) is used as the orb damage, but is being divided among the 10 orbs - so each just does 20 damage.
  12. The only interesting riven I have is a Soma riven (sheer luck), but then the Soma is already good, so the riven is just kind of a nice perk. I have a decent Boar riven, but I don't have the gun, or the Mastery rank, to use it. I'd love to break 'em down into...something. Kuva, I guess. Transmuting them to become a new, veiled Riven would be my preference. I don't have a use for Kuva, really - because I don't want to do Kuva Siphon missions, I obviously never reroll Rivens. They are what they are.
  13. I voted for Equinox. I bought the other two, so she's the only one I don't have.
  14. I've had Axi A1's drop from the Lua spy mission -- well, I've had one Axi A1 drop there, but I think that's the only one possible and it's extremely rare. I've only done Kuva Spy once, so I can't speak to its drops.
  15. That video is dated just after the archwing control update, but there's no drift/momentum, and the horizontal plane never changes so I can't tell if it is using the new control scheme or not.