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  1. getting real tired of constantly popping these space pimples

    I'm tired of it too -- my Oberon Prime is also got itself a Pustuulio throbbing on its neck. I perma-cure the infection every time; I don't care what it might allow me to get in the future, it's a matter of principle now.
  2. Please make Ruk status-able

    So why do they even play? To grind the boss to get the drop so they can grind the boss again (or grind something else) slightly faster? I mean, they could stop playing, and save tons of time instead. And as for giving everyone the manual "this is how you win" -- the interest and challenge and experimentation will still be there, and the outcome really depends on how easy actually doing all that is.
  3. All warframes are useless against corpus.

    I don't have any love for nullifiers, but seriosly, just walk into the bubble and hit them in the face with whatever pointy stick you've got. If you die in the process, someone will probably pick you up.
  4. I use sentinels -- okay, Carrier Prime -- almost exclusively, and that's because sentinels can have vacuum AND Animal instinct. Universal vacuum wouldn't make me change anything anything about how I play, but I guess it would give me slightly broader options.
  5. Attack Cap is No Fun

    I speculate that having more enemies shooting at me would not enhance my fun in any measurable way, therefore it's not a change I desire. I had no idea there was a cap, and I've never noticed it, so as far as I'm concerned this one goes in the "No fix needed" bucket.
  6. Unobtainable Mastery Points (How should we handle this?)

    Unless DE designed the game so that you can run out of possible mastery points before you run out of mastery ranks, then those items are just extra. No need to do anything about it. In other words, as long as you can reach every mastery rank without those items, then you just need to get used to the fact that founders and beta-beta players will always have a few thousand more mastery points than you. It don't mean nothing. Drive on.
  7. Farming Oberon Prime. How is it going?

    I landed the Blueprint from a relic, and then bought the remaining three pieces in trade (after burning several relics in the attempt to farm them). I think it was about 150 total for the three pieces. Maybe 140. Anyway, it seemed well worth it to me to bypass the farming process. As for the weapons: Sybaris Prime I farmed the barrel, stock, and receiver, and then bought the BP because I had no luck getting the appropriate relic, and never saw anyone get it in missions I ran. Silva and Aegis are a "don't care" for me, so I'll get 'em if I get 'em. I've only been around long enough to farm two primes (Banshee and Oberon), but this was way better than the "WTS Banshee Prime set 700 plat" that was bouncing around trade when she was released.
  8. Not enough reactant with AoE Frames

    Really, it's just "Don't use your AOE until after everyone has reactant." You can see how much reactant everyone has if you turn on the player list, so you can get yourselves squared away first, and then go hard with AOE's. I think the proper QoL solution is: a) Every enemy on the map is ALREADY corrupted, and b) Every corrupted enemy drops reactant. That's basically how exterminates work now (you can't run out of enemies OR reactant, mostly because reactant carpets the floor by the time you clear the first room). So just shortcut the problem points and make it "official." Edit: alternatively, just crack the relic when you finish the mission, and do away with the collecting of reactant entirely.
  9. Archwing: Why I Think People Don't Like It

    What would really be great -- and is probably a pipedream, based on the architecture of the game -- is that Archwing was just integrated into normal play at all times. If you leap off a cliff, you start to fly. If you fly, enemies (like hellions, ospreys, etc.) come after you. You can play missions in the air or on the ground, or a mix, with a seamless transition (including wider FOV, a different way to handle the viewpoint and such -- especially for Arch-melee). Keep archwing-only missions and ground-only as well, but in open-air maps, let us switch. It would be a major change, and is likely impossible in anything like the near future, but if I was wishing for something, that would be it.
  10. Relic opened, prime piece not rewarded

    I had, recently, another episode of this. This time around, it was because of some sort of weirdness with matchmaking: I selected a relic and everything, but then there was some sort of bobble during matchmaking (it formed the team, but didn't start the mission, then someone left, then the timer was started). Apparently, there was enough weirdness there that it "forgot" that I'd equipped a relic, and I ended up starting the mission without one equipped. I had no idea until I hit ten reactant and no Lotus voice over.
  11. Archwing: Why I Think People Don't Like It

    For me, it's mostly that Archwing feels like I've suddenly been switched over to Superman 64. It's slow, clumsy, and graceless compared to the rest of Warframe. Visually it's a mess. Mission wise, it's painfully limited AND the missions are both picky and unrewarding. Basically, it's a different game pasted onto the side of Warframe and it doesn't belong there. I'd rather they removed it and paid out the lost mastery that would entail than waste more dev cycles on it.
  12. Rush Mission, Kepler, Phonos. Almost literally impossible.

    Odonatrash is very edgy. It's like saying "Micro$oft Windoze."
  13. Can we return the tigris alt-fire?

    Right here. I hate having to hold down the trigger if I want to use one shot--especially as a console player. And "roll or reload or melee or something" is a nasty kludge.
  14. "Best Score" Scoring Hurting Solo Clans

    Clan events are not designed for solo clans. I run my own clan as well - just me - but I realized that I have to accept it's not really the way DE is envisioning things working.