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  1. i think i pretty much clearly stated that i am talking about single emblem. In case you don't know emblems have counters on them how much ground or space you did , which is shown on emblem. In this case i had 55 space done did 4 more space but end result was 58 instead of 59.
  2. I had emblem with 55 i did 4 murex raids , got 4 emblem in email (2 got merged into 1 mail with emblem\emblem\20k payout) which resulted in next 55 + 4 = 58. I am actually fine with missing emblem what i fear is that you might somehow retroactively add them up and since i want to grab an emblem with certain number of value for me i absolutely dread that in a week or 2 i will have my number +1. Can there be any clarification on how you might deal with that ? Should i halt scarlet spear ?
  3. Really dislike new sound it is highly unpleasant now to the point of me not wanting to max out %. Really shows marvels sound team do to weapons.
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