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  1. Soldier girl warframe , slim body yet covered in armor and pockets\gadgets. Tomboyish personality Volunteered for warframe project on her own accord. Builded around: -grenades (simple flashbang will be ok) -Projected frontal shields (like volt pick up variant but only for her and more stylish. -Elemental team ammo buffs , like wisp and upcoming promethea you spawn a node and this node provides a single full magazine for a weapon buffed by rotational elements (like hystrix) -Exalted heavy machine gun/
  2. Really dislike new sound it is highly unpleasant now to the point of me not wanting to max out %. Really shows marvels sound team do to weapons.
  3. i used precisely red crit orange crit weapons 😐 Every single weapon i used melts lvl 170 and yeah i precisely noted that i specificly moded red crit magistar into only weakness elements for lich , hooray somehow i know that i can switch and change mods and i even bought out formaed and moded a weapon specifically tailored to weaknesses lich had and it DEALT TEN DAMAGE PER HIT .
  4. Yep. Magistar ain't expensive why magistar ? well to top lich being immune to corrosive resistant to rad and puncture it was also rad\viral lich so immunity from status from Sancti Magistar was pleasurable and it also had his weakness damage type.
  5. So fully moded rivend 3 weapons with one being totally outfitted to weakness isn't good weapons ? Even umbral valkyr 4 dealt almost no damage Edit: Nor rivened ayanga with damage to grineer nor rivened larkspur
  6. Ewww, had steel charge. Neither fire nor shattering impact decreased her armor.
  7. Just had fun 1 v 1 with immune to corrosive kuva lich lasting for 19 min. Since it wasn't my first encounter with here since i got 3 words unveiled i came prepared. She was immune to corrosive weak to impact and explosive.So i went out bought Magistar riven fully leveled formaed Sancti Magistar , spent 50k kuva rolling riven, went full impact and a bit of explosive and added shattering impact. I've draped myself as Sauron , took trusty hammer in my hands and started mars sabotage i was dreadful i swinged to the left and to the right killing her thralls in single swings until she came the dreadful , unyielding Pabiri Gashori. Then the horror began i swinged my trusty hammer and she stopped it with her bare hands smiling into my Valkyr Prime face and then kicking me across half the tile, i kept shoting her with Kuva Hind but i dealt pitiful 10 - 20 damage to lvl 5 Lich i attempted to fight her with Sancti Magistar fully modded to her weaknesses but it dealt no more damage than Hind i attempted to melt her with Kuva nukor and i almost succeeded coz she almost choked from laughter, then she beat me hard , first she broke my spine , then she broke my legs , then hands , after all revives were gone i was hiding behind boxes sending spectres against her.Then when i understood that there is no road to me left ( coz she initiated doors lock down) i had to resort to my trusty wisp spectre teleporting into her take downs shielding me from them and spending energy pads to keep Valkyr 4 up and so after whole 19 minutes i've was victorious due to Valkyr talons being the only thing that dealt 40 damage instead of 20. TLDR. Shattering impact does not work on Liches. Due to insane armor values nothing deals reasonable damage to them. If you want to keep immune to Corrosive Liches a thing Make shattering impact work on them.
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