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  1. (XB1)VeryPoet8776145

    cant access dojo PLEASE FIX!!!!

    For the past month or two, I have been suffering from a bug that is preventing me from accessing my dojo even though I have my key crafted and my matchmaking is set to public. Whenever I try to access the dojo, I always get stuck in an endless loading screen. DE, if you see this post, please fix this!!!!!
  2. (XB1)VeryPoet8776145

    XB1 The Sacrifice: Update 23

    Thank you for fixing this!!!!!
  3. (XB1)VeryPoet8776145

    cant access dojo

    For some reason,I cant access the dojo. I have a key and all but whenever I try to access it, it results in an endless loading screen. this has been happening for about a weak an it is starting to make me mad. Has anyone else on Xbox had this kind of issue before? if so, is there a fix for it?
  4. (XB1)VeryPoet8776145

    cant access dojo

    whenever I try to enter my dojo i am always stuck in an endless loading screen. is anyone else on Xbox experiencing this kind of problem? this has been happening to me since update 22.20.6 was released on consoles. please let me know if there is a solution for this issue.
  5. (XB1)VeryPoet8776145

    what does return mean in the index?

    ok thanks
  6. (XB1)VeryPoet8776145

    New Warframe Concept

    Thanks for the feedback guys! I changed the passive because it was too OP.
  7. (XB1)VeryPoet8776145

    New Warframe Concept

    This is my idea for a Warframe. Name: Barrage theme: rockets, explosives, the Grineer Warframe. passive: slam attacks with melee weapons create explosions that are capable of shattering nearby enemies' armor depending on how close they are to the point of impact. ability 1:explosive dart- shoot a dart from a shoulder mounted turret that on impact fills the target with void energy and drains its health simultaneously. once the target dies, it creates an explosion based on what percentage of the target's health was consumed by the dart. cost:25. ability 2:concentration- your bullets form your primary and secondary weapons now lock onto enemies for a short amount of time. cost:50. ability 3:guided missile-fire a missile that you can control the direction of. cost:75. ability 4:exalted salvo- take flight and fire a salvo of rockets at your enemy. cost 25. Stats: health: 175(300 at max) shields: 150(275 at max) armor: 200 speed: 0.85 energy: 100(225 at max)
  8. (XB1)VeryPoet8776145

    New Gamemode Idea

    I have an idea for a game mode that might be good for Warframe. This game mode is basically the index but with pvp instead of pve. Most of the mechanics will be the same, but there will be greater risks for greater rewards. low risk: sacrifice 50k credits to earn 500k at 50 points. modifiers: none medium risk: sacrifice 75k to possibly win 750k at 75 points. modifiers: 1 financial stress and a sortie modifier* that changes each day high risk: give up 100k to win 1 million credits at 100 points. modifiers: 2 financial stress, 1 sortie modifier and a nightmare mode modifier that change each day there will be no time limit and the mach will end once a team has scored enough points *the sortie modifier will not affect the players' weapon choices
  9. (XB1)VeryPoet8776145

    Fastest way to farm endo?

    Hi everyone, I want to know how to farm a lot of endo fast because I have an extra primed pressure point that I want to fully upgrade and trade for a lot of platinum. I am at about 8k endo and I need 41k to fully upgrade it. Do you guys know any places that give a lot of endo?