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  1. I need 30 more wisps for the amp and i have an unranked virtuous fury. Which is better to buy?
  2. as your mastery rank increases, the time for crafting should decrease. this will reward players with high mastery and could give new players something to work toward. by the time you reach mr10, you should be able to instantly craft things
  3. (XB1)VeryPoet8776145

    should I save for an eidolon lens or just use a normal lens?

    Thanks for the help guys!
  4. (XB1)VeryPoet8776145

    accidentaly upgraded the wrong mod

    hello, I accidentally upgraded my redirection when I wanted to upgrade my steel fiber. what do i do? is it possible to get this action reversed? please help.
  5. (XB1)VeryPoet8776145

    last minute farming for the unvaulting

    thanks for the link! helps a lot!
  6. (XB1)VeryPoet8776145

    last minute farming for the unvaulting

    I'm doing some last minute farming for the summer unvaulting. Are there any places that are good for farming relics? I'm trying to get meso n6 and axi s3. please help.
  7. Thank you for fixing this!!!!!