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  1. It's okay now, Bastion -- I promise I'll never leave you again.
  2. I would like to see momentum have an effect on enemies when we ram them. Slamming into a Crewship only to come to a complete standstill feels very strange, as two ships of similar mass should recoil away from each other given the scenario. That said, I am liking how the new damage changes make ramming somewhat feasible as a supplementary damage mechanic.
  3. For Tactical Avionics: - I use Battle Stations when preparing to fire the Tunguska Cannon, which given my setup can 2-3 shot most Crewships in the Veil. - I use Death Blossom for my Cryophons when engaging in large swarms, so as to bypass cooldown for nearly an entire wave. Tactical Avionics are admittedly the lowest tier of priority when it comes to slotting, but they do have situational benefits. But I do admit that there's a bit too much interface standing between the player and the desired result.
  4. I'm impressed with the Railjack changes so far. Obviously there's more bugs to squash and a couple of balance oversights, but I'm hopeful that DE will see these changes through to completion; it seems like a sincere effort to make the content enjoyable. Making it meaningful, however, depends on how well future development manages to move away from its Content Island approach.
  5. For all the reasons outlined thus far in this thread and then some, the band-aid that is the Riven disposition system has clearly outlived its usefulness. DE, please consider a rework on how you handle weapon balancing. The Riven system is not feasible as it stands and is clearly a distraction from either content development or better incentives for wielding less popular weaponry.
  6. Given how broken the armors are on Kubrows (or at least my Sunika) at the moment, I don't think clipping is a huge priority for DE at the moment. 😄
  7. Anyone else find that the Beacon nodes are already popping up on Anomaly ships?
  8. Too late - my Sunika Kubrow's body is now bigger than most of its armor skins. 😄 Despite this, the laundry list of fixes besides is a definite step in the right direction. I'm very glad DE has decided to take the time to revisit gameplay and balance concerns over continuing to chuck in new content at the start of this year. Between this and the Melee 3.0 changes, it feels like disparate parts of the gameplay are starting to come together. I particularly like how there's now a "soft ceiling" on enemy scaling that more properly defines the endgame zone of difficulty without having it continue to barrel forward like a mad bull. Now if they could just find a way to get around the "content island" problem we'd be golden.
  9. That makes since, and thank you for replying. Vigorous Swap is used to synergize with with the Kuva Chakkhurr which bolsters its insane attack power further, alongside an Akarius for wiping out weak clusters of enemies at a range or to take out those annoying flying targets such as the Arbitration Drones. Both weapons hardly need to be aimed to hit a target and are useful for picking off something across the room, minimizing TTK. They're both built for status as well, which is great for hitting a target my Kubrow has flagged. I also took the time to read up on your posts in the Valkyr rework thread to get a better understanding of our differing viewpoints and see that you are very intelligent and passionate about this topic. From what I learned, I am of the opinion you're probably very inclined toward the Warcry/Paralysis design philosophy, which is traditionally solid. My view is that while this does work, it doesn't work as well as it should in light of recent gameplay changes and has become dated. In my eyes, the primary thing that hasn't been entirely outdated with it is its unique leverage with armor values (hence my rather inane but effective Kubrow-and-weapon-perk-based design). That said, in my view, Valkyr's ability redundancies stem from the following: Rip Line lost much of its raw mobility benefit when Bullet Jumping came around, and its combat usefulness is eclipsed by any number of options given its animation lock and fairly long animation cycle. Rip Line should be an expedient distance-bridging tool, but right now it feels more like a supplement rather than a preferable alternative. Warcry would be much more useful as a toggle than a click, given the debuff it puts on enemies only works on the immediate cast. And while it is largely the most useful ability, it also has poor energy economy and does not last long by default, and so requires specific modding concepts to make useful in a general sense. Paralysis' baseline stagger functionality has long since become more easily replaced by the standard melee ground-slams, as their effects are not so easily shrugged off if the enemy is already suffering a different stun animation (and ground finishers are generally stronger or have more perks based on the weapon type such as a guaranteed slash proc). The augment also becomes redundant if you're packing a Exodia Hunt on an appropriate Zaw (which both frees up a Warframe mod slot and with the right weapon/stance can cluster enemies consistently and more quickly -- which also synergizes especially well with the Kubrow build I outlined). Base Paralysis is pretty much busted per the aforementioned animation bug and alternative finisher method, so I feel the skill deserves an overhaul. Hysteria's invulnerability and damage output can be made redundant with some smart mod design elsewhere. It can be designed as a situational weapon, but there's usually faster options available. I believe Hysteria would benefit from being split into two components -- a quick-attack component and a sustained component similar to what it has now. It is far too situational as it stands. I see these problems further exacerbated by Valkyr's long ability activation animations, which are about twice as long as they should be for a high-activity frame and put the player into animation lock while casting (which is why I have Natural Talent, as I prefer to use Warcry situationally for its slowing component and to mark hard-to-see targets among the piles of corpses laying around, as well as to avoid dealing with Eternal War's upkeep). I would also debate that the reason much of Valkyr's ability mechanics are these days so readily duplicated elsewhere in the game is because they are pretty bog-standard QoL combat behaviors and the frame itself got left behind as these perks were doled out. Having said my part, if you'd like we can probably carry this over to that rework thread since there are some very good ideas floating around that I hope DE will explore. --- Back to the Kubrow discussion - I'm still very much on board with the opinions here. Particularly since I view companions as an extension of my Warframe's functionality rather than a passive boon.
  10. Alright, please explain your version of Valkyr to me because I think we have very different views on the Warframe.
  11. Fixed my typo from earlier (must have had Paralysis on my mind when I was talking about Warcry). :) Anyway, pet mod sets are pretty fun for the Johnny players like myself who love creative solutions over FOTMs. Sadly not all experiments work out as successfully as pet sets do. That said, I agree with the majority the pet rework has been a long time coming. I'm just concerned about more "fixed" elements with performance boosts being introduced the breeding expansion that'll make existing pets obsolete.
  12. Plus, you know, Valkyr's abilities besides her #2 (Warcry) are pretty worthless, and even the #2 can be made situational. 😄 The whole reason I built the Kubrow the way I did was because her base stats (particularly her armor) synergize very well with the Mecha set.
  13. Yes. And? 😄 I kid. But bear in mind that balance is something that doesn't really exist inside Warframe, so I can't really agree with seeing a problem with my approach since the game is all about bending the rules into a pretzel. I appreciate the critique, but I have to point out that my pet can kill a level 135 Eximus Bombard in about 5 seconds by itself with its slash proc, so anything it attacks is going through an "omae wa mou shindeiru" moment if it isn't already dead on contact. In addition, if it attacks a target it has marked with Mecha set's perk, its pretty much guaranteed that when that target dies everything within 30m is going to die within 1 second afterwards as well due to the monstrous slash proc damage output. My raw power output on my own weapons is such that stripping armor would be a waste of time as well, and we're talking hour-and-a-half long Arbitration Survivals. :) I feel your pain. I concur that pets are indeed a mess to set up, functionally busted and otherwise inane to build. My Sunika's abilities needs love like my Valkyr's abilities need to not be rendered redundant by every other mechanic that's been introduced in the past few years.
  14. Much like how damage / multishot is essential on weapons too, though they are generally easier to get.
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