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  1. Good hotfix. Thanks DE. but still the rewards are garbage, alonside their actual drop chance... IMO everything should have 10% drop chance and that's it...
  2. HOLY DAMN! Nice update .Thank you DE! Very cool!
  3. Still no nerf on Catchmoon and Pax Seeker? are you gonna let us keep our present until christman and then hit us with the NERF hammer? (aka unfun hammer)
  4. This is pretty much the half-***ed "resolve" just like always. For "veterans"(as i'm closing in on the 500th day) i feel like the daily rewards are a slap to the face (except for the milestones). Also the milestones are not that great either. IMO it should all be packed into one reward. Every 50 days you can choose anything from all the reward pools. Also the endo, even if you "raised" it, it still it laughable and insignifiant compared to what anyone can get. And don't get me started on the sorties rewards... Are we asking for too much if we want boosters to work with those rewards? Like seriously, after some hard work and 30 minutes of my time i get 6k kuva, the same that i would get in 5 minutes in a flood with my cat and a booster. And the endo is again bs. Cuz is pretty much TWICE in the reward pool. Either drop the endo reward or make it double with a booster like the kuva should and that would help the problem until better ideas come. Also it would be nice if the daily rewards logins now would be retroactive if you implement this system, so that people that logged in more can get even more rewards (for example i would love a deconstructor prime that doesn't break my whole melee collection build just because of Primed Fury). Thank you for your attention and i apologize if anything came out too rude.
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