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  1. fair to me, having way too many subforums can lead to confusion and a hard way to find what you looking for, edit: so unfair you pushed feedback to the bottom, is it that you got tired of people asking you for changes?
  2. can't wait for chroma prime, it's been 3 years !!! btw, i can't believe you guys are not considering a chroma rework, probably the most requested rework ever
  3. yeah sorry dude, is just i saw you answering questions from this page and i thought you skipped most of the request from the last few pages
  4. dude i asked for a song like a week ago, and you didn't check the comment, i'll ask again for it
  5. can you get this one? pretty repetitive and fits perfect with the mandachord https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mrRL8DozJ5Y pretty iconic theme mk3 character select
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