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  1. No to the buff. Yes to the weapons. Dark Sword would probably go to Red Veil though, since they have an augment for dark dagger.
  2. No it assumes that when you are looking to do a long run you ask for people with corrosive projection in the recruitment chat.
  3. If you are doing long runs then you are already using 4 Corrosive projection, if you are not you don't need the armor ignore.
  4. That's different, because he is a pain in the a to get.
  5. lol that Nikana ain't even dragon. Get yo scrub &#! outa here vanilla nikana arbiter.
  6. DISCLAIMER!: This review assumes that the mods aren't bugged and work as intended. Seeking Shuriken- This is fairly decent. I kinda wish it would hit more targets and corrosive projection stacking kinda makes it obsolete, but it is still pretty useful. Resonance- This is pretty bad since you need an enemy affected by sonar to be surrounded by enemies not affected by sonar for it to be useful. Replacing it with a power efficiency mod is a much better idea.(still better than savage silence though) Fire Fright - only useful against infested and even then it's meh. On a warframe that n
  7. Ahahahahahahahahaha... You need to get your eyes checked.
  8. If only 95% of them weren't so bad that they aren't worth the standing or the slot...
  9. It would probably still have worse DPS than other syndicate weapons and horrible usability. Would still be the worst Syndicate weapon.
  10. It will still suck with the changes you suggested and here is why: - it is bad in pubs -it doesn't work on defense, survival, interception and excavation -the missions that it does work on can be done much faster with the other syndicate weapons because you don't have to worry about stealth
  11. Why are you making Red Veil an infested syndicate? I thought they were assassins an pyromaniacs, but you've given them infested weapon mods infested specters and now infested hubs. Make an infested syndicate if you want to but don't dump the infested on Red Veil it doesn't fit their theme. PS: Buff Rakta Balistica
  12. Why hasn't it been buffed yet? When will it be buffed? Are you even aware that it is the only syndicate weapon worse than the normal version?
  13. Can I interest you in some cleansing fire? It does wonders for the skin.
  14. It takes 1 mission to finish the alert and you don't need a guide to do it.
  15. Dat Hush mod 2 stronk. Don't remove it or nobody will be able to kill enemies higher than lvl 10. How'd you figure that? In my experience most people want better balance. You already have to do that...
  16. I'm keeping my current nova because the prime is meh.
  17. it's probably somrthing useless like bonus armor...
  18. Nope, DE don't care for Red Veil. They treat the syndicate as a trash can for infested weapon mods which don't fit in any of the syndicates.
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