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  1. Please fix an issue on PS4 with Disruption on Lua where the timers stop for random players and then they don't get any rewards. Sometimes it works sometimes it doesn't. Very frustrating trying to do 8 rounds and your friends screen or timer stop working on round 2 and they no longer get any rewards. The same thing happening in ESO for some time. Please address this issue. Other than that I have NO complaints with the game mode at all.
  2. I still don't see the issue with giving people the information in game instead of having to go to the internet to get the info. Whats the big deal having the info there for ALL players???? Again, I brought up an example. I'm not having issues, I know how trd works and I know how to wait to sell stuff. I'm simply asking for an Info thing in trd chat to make it better. More info would not hurt so whats the problem it? Instead of attacking my comments and posting on "Free Market" and trying to tell me how to trade and such which has nothing to do with what I proposed.
  3. Agree to disagree. This is a game NOT REAL WORLD marketing. Your saying that older veteran players should no longer play the game? That's so wrong I won't even entertain it. Also why do you keep going back to this marketing thing? I am simply saying to give players the information so they can determine what to sell for what prices. No one is trying to force players out of the game "save for you". You sir are wrong in many ways. I would understand if we were talking about unreasonable prices. Like trying to charge 1500p for Ember Prime like how it was back in the day. I'm simply saying give ALL players the information (both sides) and let them choose. It may not change it but at least they will have information from DE that they can trust. You keep making this about me as if i'm asking for something specifically for me. I'm asking for something for the community that the majority want, especially riven prices. I have no problem with competition but are you telling me that a NEW Atlas Prime set should sell in the market for 45p? Your agreeing with that cuz of some competition free market bs is just stupid when the parts themselves cost more individually that the whole. Anyways at this point I feel like you are trying to troll and get a rise out of me so i'll end this here by saying "you are part of the problem and not the solution". I don't even think your a PS4 player so you would have NO idea of our stuggle. It did not use to be this way 3yrs ago and on PC/XBOX it is not as bad.
  4. agreed I use those from time to time. newer players are not aware of them. having that info in game for them is exactly what I mean.
  5. who said I have trouble? this is on console only PS4 issue so if not on there you don't know what the problems are. As far as I can tell XBOX and PC are not having this issue. I'm not talking about a few one off's. I'm talking about an explosion of new players selling vaulted sets for 45p and such. I it making it darn near impossible on ALL sellers. It has ruined trade chat. If you polled the PS4 community I would be shocked if 80% or more players didn't agree with me. I constantly see users posting comments in trade chat about it. Also there are so many players trading that are clueless about the process. A trade tutorial for new players would also be welcomed. Like before you can trade your 1st item you go through a walk through on how the process works. Also that non-prime parts and built parts are not tradeable. Things like that and having a little popup during the the trade process that not only lists the items but an avg selling price on them would help new players from getting messed over and the unaware (do to being off for sometime) of current prices in game.
  6. I want things to be like they were. the newer players have NO clue how things work or should work. new players think older players are scamming them when we say stuff like that costs more since it's been vaulted for 2 yrs. etc. I'm saying I'd like something in there to help teach newer players that benefits both the buyer and seller. I also don't like to here or see new players being taken advantage of. where they sell a very rare piece cheap not knowing it's value. I feel like something that let's both buyer and seller know what the avg going price is would help.
  7. ESO and Lua Disruption mission on PS4 is quite often breaking where timers stop for players and after completion the player does not receive any rewards. Other have complained about this as well, can someone at DE plz look into this and fix. It is quite unfair to spend 30min or so doing a mission to get items and then realize it was a total waste. This has been going on for 6 or more months and its not acceptable that it hasn't been fixed yet.
  8. Over the years this has been a free market and things have gone rather smoothly. In the past 2yrs or so trd chat has gone to crap. Ever since Plains of Eidolon. The massive in flow of new players not knowing how to value stuff has ruined trd chat. We can't hardly buy/sell for fair prices anymore. Its gotten so people are expecting to buy and sell full frame sets for 30p. This is ridiculous. Could a feature be added to show "Suggested Price based on Avg" or something. So NEW players can see if they are about to get messed over and try to keep things fairly priced. Something surely can be done to fix this. Plz help us make trade chat fair and good again.
  9. is anyone at DE even looking at the forums? the same thing happens in ESO all the time too and no fix has been made there in like a year. WTH, this is important. I watch dev stream and they are working on NEW content and better graphics. Here's an idea, how about fixing broken crap first. geesh how long is it going to be before you at least accknowledge the issue so we know you are at least listening to our concerns.
  10. same radomly happens for me and friends when playing but never while solo. also NEW disruption mission on lua does the same darn thing. DE LISTEN to us and fix this plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
  11. Same thing constantly happening to me and my friends. We joined Lua Disruption and I was only one to get Lua Lens the other 2 stopped getting all rewards after round 3. We stayed for 10 full rounds and they got screwed. Also ESO doing the same thing where I will continue to get rewards but there clock will stop and say round 1 even though we are on round 7 or so. This is unacceptable and needs to be fixed. The same thing happens to me when I join public groups where after 2 rounds or so of ESO I stop getting rewards completely and now disruption is doing the same thing. Only way that it works is if I go solo. Please fix this ASAP.
  12. Can we have a poll to the community so we can actually down vote ideas like this. and offer suggestions that you can work with. when we say we want "better rewards" I don't think you understand what we mean. Isn't this game mode supposed to be harder for veteran or end game players? if so stop catering to NEW players for this game mode. 1) get rid of the revives (end game/vets don't need or want) 2) add rewards that cater to end game players and vets (endo, ayatan, useless mods etc) are not the rewards we are looking for. 3) add something to it that makes us "WANT" to come back and play this over and over again. Doesn't sound too hard, that's what the majority of the community wants.
  13. Obviously you ARE NOT listening to the community. You endo was fine in here but remove that along with ayatan from the sortie so we might get better rewards over there. As for the rest of the rewards, they are useless after you get once so what it worth repeatedly playing this game mode? Then you increase the vitus essence but also increase the cost when spending so again pointless. The community wants rewards we can use over and over again. Suggest: 12hr boosters in the drop table. Kuva (but waaaaay more), (50% off Tennogen bundles), Arcane helmets, Arcanes in general stuff like that. Quit scrimping on the dang kuva already, why?. If I wanna spend 15hrs playing a dull mission repeatedly then i want a GOOD reward for it. Boosters and such I mentioned are things we would come back for if we needed so a way to keep us invested in doing it from time to time. But crap that we would only need once or never use (stupid mods you suggest) is pointless. You are loosing your community left n right please start thinking of us more. We love this game but if you want us to grind for stuff it needs to be worth putting in the effort. Please run some stats already. How many players are around MR25-27. We don't need the same thing that NEW players need and this harder content is SUPPOSED to be for us end gamers who have already gotten and maxed all the items to keep us interested in playing while you work on NEW content.
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