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  1. Not at all, you could have it so that channeling was active only WHILE you were pressing the button (just like you need to hold down the sprint or the aim button), now that option is gone for no reason at all and it's a mess.
  2. All the people I know that play Warframe use channeling for Life Strike, so don't tell me people don't use it. Currently it's broken. If they want to get rid of it then do it and replace it with something else, but leaving it in its current state (and not just focus, the overall melee aspect of the game) is ridiculous and a strong remark to prove how little they care about player experience apparently...
  3. As title says, melee is still a mess after the changes they made some time ago. The channeling in particular is infuriating to use now that there is no option to channel by pressing instead of a toggle, the problem is that in game it's basically impossible to understand if you are channeling or not while stuff blows up around you, plus it bugs really often in a perpetually toggled state. That would be the first and most important criticism, but also the easist to address. Just give the player the option to turn off channel toggle like we have on sprint and aim. Second, many weapons became basically unuseable because of how weird their combos are, stuff like Hirudo used to be situationally good and now it's just a spinning mess impossible to use.
  4. Trying to farm Bloodshed sigil from Profit-Taker orb. No idea how many runs I've made, just know I started from something like 22mil credits, now i'm at 30mil, you do the math... needles to say I never dropped it. I started the attempt because the 3% drop chance stated in the wiki seemed more reasonable compared to the old 1%, however I read from the drop tables that the drop rate is still 1%. http://n8k6e2y6.ssl.hwcdn.net/repos/hnfvc0o3jnfvc873njb03enrf56.html#enemyBlueprintTables What's the real drop rate? The one stated in the Wiki and that was supposedly changed to 3% with a patch or is it still 1%? Cuz so far I've dropped two mods that should have had even lower chance to drop but no sign of the sigil (inb4 "it's probability, it's not guaranteeed" yes I know, but it's getting a bit ridiculous since I'm already way above the average attempts expected for a 3% chance.)
  5. V0LDY

    Warframe Builder

    Can confirm the negative Riven stats bug is still there, I thought it was my build that has such ridiculous numbers that it caused problems but apparently it's not my fault hehe :P Great tool anyway, I just hope you can sort this issue out!
  6. Please remove the nullifying effect from the demolyst. 1) It's just terrible from a gameplay standpoint: it forces the player to adopt the same "high damage weap + buffing frame" forced meta that is basically becoming a staple in every new fight. Most of the frames are so bad in this mode because it's impossible to play with toggleable abilities like Valkyr, Exalibur, etc. I don't want to be forced to play chroma + riven modded weapon for everything just because the game doens't ALLOW me to do otherwise. 2) The nullifying field from demolyst causes bugs with melee channeling, I've experienced it every of the the last missions I've played in Disruption mode, channeling just gets "stuck" to be always ON draining all your energy making melee impossible until you die, which is the only thing that can unstuck the player from that state.
  7. Some feedbacks: - Reward are TRASH - Demolyst silence is an horrible mechanic that just like arbitrations punishes the use of frames with abilities for no reason at all forcing the usual boring buffed weapons meta. - Demolyst silence also causes energy weapon abilities (like Excalibur exalted blade) with channeling to bug out during recast making it impossible to play since the channeling gets stuck, only solution is to let the warframe die and respawn.
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