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  1. Try not playing on Onslaught and see how well she's there you can't base her on a single game mode ignoring 95% of the game. For the record in a normal game i out dpsed and out killed a Saryn with Mag.
  2. MRmailman69

    [PC] Beasts of the Sanctuary: General Feedback Megathread

    I agree with everything but this while i'm not against the blueprint idea being able to only get 150k focus a day when you can do the same in an hour with Eidelons is a bit to little if it can be either upped to 100k per or the time to build can be put down to say 4-6 hours it would feel a little more reasonable.
  3. MRmailman69

    [PC] Beasts of the Sanctuary: General Feedback Megathread

    Great argument "*I* got lucky in 10 runs thus no problem".
  4. MRmailman69

    Elite Sanctuary MR lock

    Reading all these comments made me realize that it shouldn't be MR locked but IQ locked.
  5. MRmailman69

    [PC] Beasts of the Sanctuary: General Feedback Megathread

    Nice drop chance on Khora it's almost like you don't want us to get her through farming..... hmm.
  6. MRmailman69

    Kuva Fortress Survival...You Know This is WRONG, DE

    Nice to see people here support burning others out on the grind(and even making it worse) eventually putting them off the game. That'll definitely help things.
  7. MRmailman69

    [PC] Beasts of the Sanctuary: Bug Report Megathread

    Still crashes and framerate tanks when the waypoint appears. Not going to waste time on this mode and keep loosing my progress until it's fixed.
  8. MRmailman69

    Glyph Prism (NVM disregard)

    Just showed back up disregard.
  9. MRmailman69

    Glyph Prism (NVM disregard)

    Anyone else missing their Glyph Prism item?
  10. MRmailman69

    Shrine of the Eidolon: Hotfix 22.13.4

    And there is the little caveat i was expecting to the "rework".
  11. MRmailman69

    after hacked the drone does not move

    Just had the same problem.
  12. MRmailman69

    T3 Bounty might be completely glitched

    Tried it 3 times it glitched all 3 times then returning to Cetus and getting nothing but a skybox. Edit: for a bit more info first time the drone didn't move the last 2 times mission didn't update when i got to clear camp location. Warframe was Zephyr weapons were Akstilleto Prime, Opticore and Orthos Prime. Sentinal was Helios Prime. Aura Rejuvination. Dunno if it's of any relevance.
  13. MRmailman69

    Unvaulting relic rant

    Sorry to hear that.
  14. MRmailman69

    Unvaulting relic rant

  15. MRmailman69

    Unvaulting relic rant

    Ah yes 2-3 packs a day is totally good enough.