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I am just your average Warframe player.
I am 21 years old and I started playing in closed beta and I still intend to keep playing for years to come.

I mostly play Oberon or Revenant, but I still play every other frame from time to time, or I play what the situation demands.
My favorite primary weapons include; Zenith, Boar Prime, Exergis, Opticor Vandal and Ignis Wraith.
For secondaries, I use Lato Vandal most of the time. Love that little thing. c: 
When it comes to melee, I usually stick with Tatsu, Dual Keres or Secura Lecta.

I belong to small clan called Cymeria, which was made by my friends and me. We don't really have any desire to try and be on top of the leaderboards or anything like that, we just enjoy having a small dojo for ourselves to chill in and talk about random stuff.

If you read all of it, thank you and have a fine day! :D 



Riven market business don't mind this.


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