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  1. You know what? I don't care if missions would have to have less enemies. The current Grineer sub-missions are fine. Being able to seamlessly split the party between ground and space absolutely trumps the need for hordes of enemies in the ground portion. The better compromise would have been to actually work on enemy AI and stat scaling, so that you could spawn less of them but make each one more of a threat. I would rather fight boss-difficulty enemies one by one than continue the mindless instant room-clearing that my ignis wraith is capable of. The implementation of Corpus railjack has turne
  2. I was actually going to make a thread on this if someone hadn't beat me to it. Even though the plexus is a thing now, the host still determines the railjack's armaments. There are so many people playing railjack at the moment whose turrets are useless because they never crafted mk3 armaments. Most of the ones who do have mk3 armaments are still using the pre-update armaments, like the photor and apox. Don't get me wrong, those guns are effective, but some of the new ones are a lot of fun. I really have to praise DE on how the new railjack armaments feel. I used a rush repair drone on the first
  3. I wholeheartedly agree. Most people already use tether or void hole to kill every fighter on the map, even with flux restrictions. I fear that using warframe energy to fuel railjack abilities is simply going to become impossible to balance. Do we nerf abilities into the ground so that they're worthless and spam is actually required to be effective? Do we add artificial timers so that abilities can't be spammed, but at the cost of Railjack's unique resource management system? Do we balance ability costs against the highest energy generating meta, so that frames like Hyldrin or Protea are the on
  4. I like the idea of individual tactical and battle mods for each player, as it allows us to specialize for certain crew roles. However, I do not think that integrated mods that affect the ship itself should be individual. One thing I don't think I saw mentioned on the workshop is how the new system would affect the passive abilities of Railjack components. For example, the "boost shield recharge while boosting" passive for engines or the "+50 shield for un-used avionics capacity" passive for reactors. Currently, most people seem to disregard most of these passives for the raw stats of the compo
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