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  1. For context, here's a few quotes from the Tennocon gameplay reveal: Loid- "Now you face an existential threat. If the heart stops beating, the wellspring of your power dies with it". Mother- "It pumps the arteries of 'the here' and the void. The Entrati family have maintained it for an age, but it's breaking down..." The void is something of a parallel dimension, and The Heart of Deimos is likely responsible for anchoring it to our own dimension. If the Void is like a river flowing past our dimension, the Heart is like a dam constricting its flow and establishing a reservoir for us to utilize. Whenever the Tenno use their void powers, it's like we're dipping a straw into that pool of void energy and siphoning a little bit. If the dam blows, the reservoir depletes, and we no longer have a pool to drink from. Not only would the Tenno be unable to use their powers, anything that uses void energy would cease functioning as well (warframe abilities, railjack jump drives, etc.). Anything stuck in the void, such as the ancient Orokin towers, would likely be "washed away" so to speak and become inaccessible. It's possible that we're already feeling the effects of the Heart's disrepair in the void fissures, which could be considered "leaks" in the dam forcing things back into our dimension as it collapses.
  2. Wanna hear an even more morbid thought? It could very well be US, as in our operator, who is suffering through the Helminth procedure. We don't know exactly when that transference link gets severed, and if Helminth is available before The Second Dream, the operator is definitely experiencing everything up until another frame is activated for them to transfer to. There's a reason Ordis hates Helminth and always warns us to stay away from it.
  3. The other day I maxed my paracesis to level 40 and was itching to try it out in the veil anomaly. Unfortunately, no one was hosting missions there and no one joined my public crew when I launched my own railjack, so I had to do it solo. I don't usually play solo railjack so I never noticed this particular problem: Grineer installations such as missile silos can launch ramselds while you are raiding them, but Cephalon Cy won't give you any indication that it's happening. Since it launches them two at a time, the result was me coming back to a half-dead ship absolutely filled with boarding soldiers causing fires and hull breaches. Normally you can leave behind a pilot to guard the ship, but solo railjack doesn't afford you that option. With that in mind, I came up with this solution: When the railjack is stationary and crewless, it should cloak in a similar fashion to the Void Cloak avionic. This would allow solo players to safely leave their ship unattended to do the tedious ground objectives without getting shafted by random boarding parties. It can reasonably be assumed that the railjack has built-in stealth capabilities, considering it's always tethered to our orbiter when we're not using it and that's cloaked too.
  4. I recently did the MR19 test, which is very similar to the MR9 test, and I'll admit that stealth is hard to get right without cheesy strategies. That said, knowing what equipment is right for certain tasks is a vital part of warframe, so mastery rank tests should be difficult if thought is not put into what equipment the player is bringing. While new players might not have the Redeemer, the skiajati (which turns you invisible on stealth kills) is a viable alternative and is given for FREE after completing The Sacrifice, which is available to everyone before the MR9 test. The story missions are some of the best content the game has to offer, so there's really no excuse for not doing them.
  5. I've always thought that invasions should have been more fleshed out. It's the only part of the game where we really play as bonafide mercenaries. The Ostrons, Solaris, Quills, and all the other syndicates can reasonably be considered the "good guys", so we aren't so much mercenaries as vigilantes when we help them out. I would very much enjoy the option to play for the Corpus or Grineer if it meant forging a stronger relationship than the occasional inbox message telling me I completed 3 arbitrary missions. Now that the Lotus isn't guiding us anymore, what's stopping us from picking a side and getting paid? Railjack could easily be used to make this happen. Perhaps the Corpus or Grineer can hire us as privateers and send us the coordinates to the enemy's shipping lanes to plunder, with crossfire missions along the way. In return, we could get faction-specific weapons (like the Grineer homing missiles and crewship cannons) to mount on our Railjack. Or better yet, faction skins so we can make our Railjack look like a mini galleon or obelisk. Every pirate has their price, especially if that price involves fashion.
  6. I really like this idea. The quellor is one of my favorite weapons but you pretty much have to mod it for either full auto or shotgun. There could also be utility in having different elements on either mode, so that you can switch between the two. S̶p̶o̶n̶s̶o̶r̶e̶d̶ ̶b̶y̶ ̶M̶a̶l̶i̶w̶a̶n̶ How would forma work though? Would you have to forma each mode individually or would they carry over?
  7. This quote from Ballas is relevant here: --We had created monsters we couldn't control. We drugged them, tortured them, eviscerated them... We brutalized their minds... but it did not work. Until they came. And it was not their force of will - not their Void devilry - not their alien darkness... It was something else. It was that somehow, from within the derelict-horror, they had learned a way to see inside an ugly, broken thing-- And take away its pain. It seems that all warframes were initially umbras, in that they were able to function autonomously. However, they were too difficult to control and therefore the Tenno were needed to ensure obedience and bring out their full potential. Note that the Tenno form a bond with the warframe, instead of one-sidedly dominating them. I like to believe that transference functions similarly to fusion in Steven Universe. When a Tenno pilots a warframe, they end up absorbing some of the frame's intrinsic traits and mannerisms, creating a unique personality. This would explain how each frame can have their own distinct style despite being husks, and how one Tenno can take on many different personas depending on the frame that they are currently piloting. Legends attributing great feats to specific frames instead of their Tenno pilots isn't inherently incorrect, as that same Tenno may not have accomplished the task in a different frame.
  8. Nowadays I just use railjack for leveling equipment. As long as you avoid boarding parties the gear you bring doesn't matter, and the affinity share range is infinite. A few runs of Gian Point and your equipment is lvl 30 AND you gain a fat stack of credits
  9. Plucked from the wiki: Hidden and entrenched in the mountainous peaks of Venus, the Corpus practice their industrious craft. The superstructures built here are a testament to the inventive Corpus engineers that have settled in regions where lingering Orokin technologies still moderates surface temperatures. -Venus fragment It's pretty clear that the ice on Venus is due to Orokin terraforming structures, which aren't limited to the Orb Vallis. On some of the open air portion of the corpus tilesets on Venus you can even see the Orokin towers in the distance. As for whether or not the Warframe solar system is our solar system, I'd say there's strong evidence that they're the same. People have already mentioned that the continents on Earth are the same, and some of the missions have telling names such as Eurasia, Pacific, Everest, etc. The mission "Mariana" is especially telling because it uses the Grineer underwater tileset despite not being on Uranus, which is an obvious reference to the Mariana Trench. The rest of planets also share striking similarities to their real life counterparts, albeit not as obvious as Earth. Honestly, the Warframe solar system being our solar system is one of my favorite things about the Warframe lore. It makes the game's sci-fi setting feel more grounded than if the universe was entirely made up. It's a future where the Orokin decided to play god and modified an otherwise sterile solar system (besides Earth) with genetically modified organisms and artificial atmospheres, creating alien yet familiar environments for us to explore. Given a few thousand more years, it's not far-fetched to think that humanity will start doing the same.
  10. The title pretty much says it all. I was playing a railjack mission when Nora did her whole "glass resonance in your area" spiel. The result was a single glass Raider Eviscerator appearing inside my ship. CY did not say anything about boarders, we succesfully shot down the only 2 ramsleds that spawned throughout the entire mission (Gian Point), and no voice line played telling us the boarding party was exterminated when the enemy was killed. This was inconvenient, because it was able to cause a fire and hull breach before I realized it was even there. It couldn't have been a leftover from an earlier boarding party, because my ship had never been boarded that mission and there was no ramsled embedded anywhere on the hull.
  11. One thing you should consider is one of the Lavan reactor's perks: +50 shield per unused avionics capacity. If you go light on the tactical/battle avionics, you can easily boost your shield capacity by 1000-2000. My personally build only uses tether + integrated avionics, so I have 38 avionics capacity unused, for 1900 additional shield capacity. Combo that with the high recharge stats of the zekti shield array and the increased recharge rate provided by the anode cell avionic, and you're looking at over 3000 shield at 20%/s. If you really wanna get crazy, use a zekti engine with the +50% shield regeneration rate while boost meter is charging perk and you can get that up to 30%/s. The result is a massive pool of shield that recharges to full every time you drift. Of course, building for shield tanking like this does limit the use of perks that activate when shields are down, such SHArK-FiN's build. However, it can make bread and butter integrated avionics like Bulk Head and Hull Weave unnecessary, freeing up space for other things. This is how I fit Section Density and Predator into my build, greatly increasing the dps of my turrets at all times. Since both maximum and minimum shield strategies utilize zekti shield arrays, those are your best bet.
  12. I think that one of the problems with difficulty in Warframe is that it mostly boils down to how long it takes to kill enemies. Even if Steel Path enemies get their stats buffed, or receive special abilities or requiring us to hit weak points, the difficulty spike will still revolve around how easy it is to kill them. The Warframe playerbase is already extremely adept at killing enemies, and if time to kill is the only factor increasing Steel Path's difficulty, it won't be that different from the regular star chart. For a veteran with a perfectly built meta kit, they likely won't even see the difference. That said, I think that Steel Path should capitalize on one of warframe's lesser utilized systems: stealth. A true warrior knows to pick their battles, and there should be situations where avoiding enemies is the right way to go. To this end, I'd like to introduce my take on making this feasible. Tenno hunters would come in the form of either a single enemy or a cohesive squad of enemies that is effectively invulnerable, immune to CC abilities and status effects, and otherwise buffed several magnitudes higher than all other enemies on the map. For all intents and purposes, a normal squad of players would have no business fighting them. Every mission on steel path (with a few exceptions like Defense) would spawn one of these hunters somewhere on the map when players enter the level. Hunters would start by patrolling a set route throughout the map, only deviating to investigate suspicious sounds or exposed bodies. If an alarm is sounded, they will immediately converge on its source. If a player is found, they will engage and give chase until they can no longer detect the player. When disengaging from a chase, the hunter will search the room it ended in. This would either initiate a hide-and-seek game with any players hiding there, or stall the hunter long enough for the player to make a full escape. On some of the larger/complex tiles, setting off alarms would lockdown all the doors until a hunter arrives and performs a search, forcing players to find hiding spots or use stealth abilities. Hunters would automatically reset alarms after a search is done, allowing regular enemies to sound them again. Players would also have certain tools to evade the hunters. Resetting an alarm would set off a fake alert somewhere else on the map, leading the hunter away from the player's location. Hacking terminals while there are no active alarms would temporarily mark the hunter on the map, allowing the player to keep track of them. Additionally, existing mechanics such as air support and converted kuva liches could be granted additional utility for stalling hunters. This mechanic would also be a great way to utilize some of the existing enemies that are supposed to be scary, but don't quite live up to their reputation on the current starchart. Different hunters could have different strengths and weakness, for example: The Grustrag Three: Each member patrols a different route. However, they periodically stop to murder fellow grineer and can be incited to do so. Lynx: Installs and repairs additional cameras along its route. However, it is too big to fit into and effectively search vents and narrow corridors. Zanuka hunter: Can use inaccessible vents to fast travel around the level. However, it can be stunned by kiting it into traps designed to counter warframes, such as nullifier bubbles or shock turrets. Kuva lich: Only becomes a hunter on an occupied node. Strengths and weaknesses are determined by their personal traits, such as the "afraid of kubrows" quirk. Adding tenno hunters would fundamentally change how missions are run, as players would have to juggle avoiding/distracting the hunters with completing the mission objective. Running and hiding from hunters would reward both map knowledge and parkour skills. Additionally, equipment that is silent or can disintegrate bodies would be relevant for keeping the hunters off the player's trail. To prevent a stealth frame meta, some hunters could be equipped with broad range nullifiers or the like. I personally would like to see a grineer unit that utilizes a luigi's mansion-esque kuva braid backpack that can detect the use of warframe abilities. Overall, I think this system would give the regular star chart and Steel path a similar feeling to moving from being a big fish in a small pond to being the small fish in a big pond. Feel free to tell me what you guys think, I'm fully aware that this system has the potential to be utterly annoying. But at the same time, it might spice up the current braindead rhythm of Warframe's current gameplay.
  13. I'm not sure if multiple railjacks in one mission are viable, but I do think it would cool if we could bring our own fleet of sorts into battle. This could be done by giving each command crew member their own ship that they can deploy. For example, Kuva liches could deploy an outrider, solaris workers could deploy a mining ship, etc. If you're running railjack solo, you can keep your crew onboard your railjack to run things. In multiplayer, you can have tenno crew the railjack while your AI crew man their own smaller vessels. Otherwise, I think more emphasis should be put on the cross-squad aspect of railjack that was shown off but never really implemented. Technically players don't need to be in the same server to send information between each other. A squad could be running a mission inside a ship while a railjack crew runs a mission outside the ship and as long as information about what objectives they're completing travels to and fro, they never have to meet. Personally I think that railjack should revamped so that almost every node on the starchart has the option to call in railjack support. For example, let's say you're doing a survival mission. Somewhere in the level is a terminal that, when hacked, jettisons a cargo crate out of the ship. That mission becomes some sort of mini-alert that any railjack crew can jump into. The railjack then has to eliminate some fighers and crewships and pick up the crate outside of the ship. Players inside the ship can make this easier by disabling exterior defense turret controls on certain tiles on the level. When the railjack successfully retrieves the crate, both squads receive extra rewards from the survival rotation. The railjack squad can now move to another mission while the survival squad continue their mission. This would help close the content island that is railjack and link it to the rest of the starchart while creating a symbiotic relationship between the two.
  14. Don't be afraid to experiment a little, most of the railjack equipment is up to personal preference. I would test a bunch of different setups before trashing anything. With that said, I'll share my personal build that has served me very well and easily solos veil proxima content. Keep in mind that railjack is in a bit of an unhealthy meta at the moment. Difficulty has been dumbed down to the point that the pilot can wipe entire squads of fighters with just the [tether] avionic, and its extremely hard for your railjack to die granted you have revolite handy. For armaments, I use a zekti photor on the pilot seat, and a zekti carcinoxx for the gunners. Having a hitscan for the pilot means less attention on leading your targets and more attention on flying. The hitscan is also convenient for detonating tethers. For ordinance, I use tycho seekers. There's really no reason to use anything else, as one torpedo is usually enough to instakill pesky outrunners and wipe crewship shields. My choice of components is a little unorthodox because they're built for shield tanking. Zekti shield array with +25% damage boost while shields are depleted perk Zekti engines with +50% shield regen while boost meter is recharging perk Lavan reactor with +50 shield capacity per unused avionic capacity perk Because the only battle avionic I use is tether, leaving the other battle/tactical avionic slots empty results in 50 extra avionics capacity. This brings my railjack's shield capacity up to almost 3800, which recharges almost instantaneously every time I exit boost due to the zekti shield array's base stats, the zekti engine perk, and the [anode cell] avionic I use for good measure. Fires and hull breaches can't happen while your shields are up, so this build almost entirely eliminates the need for repairs. Of course, minimizing shields and making use of the zekti shield array's damage boost is also viable, especially when coupled with avionics like [last stand]. In addition to stat distributions, each house has 2 perks their equipment can have and those perks are exclusive to that house's equipment. Keep that in mind before throwing away salvage.
  15. Count me in - I have completed an Arbitration Mission.
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