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  1. FPS tank/memory leak in Railjack when Titania enters a derelict. At least one player reports seeing Titania switch to pixie mode and back, and Titania reports weapons switching every frame. I don't know whether Titania was using her 4th ability before or after Archwing mode, or at all. One player reported progressing in a quest while on the derelict, though that doesn't seem related. As host, my FPS went from 60 to ~15, then gradually down to 7. RAM usage was normal until close to the end of that time, then peaked above 3GB (I normally see ~2-2.1 in Railjack). Other players also reported very low FPS during this time, and the Titania player was for a while unable to exit the derelict. Edit: Log file submitted, ticket ID #2012686
  2. Apologies if this has been pointed out before, but in an effort to be helpful: The way I understand it, liches were always supposed to be tradeable in our new dojo room. I haven't tried trading a lich that hasn't been converted yet, but I understood that to be an intended feature, even if it's not implemented yet. It's long been the case that ranged weapons with multishot, and which don't kill with the first projectile, will not count as stealth kills unless the enemy is asleep. This is why I always play Ivara if I want guaranteed stealth kills with a ranged weapon. Are we sure this changed recently?
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