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  1. Why dose the last warframe look like Cremator from HL2?
  2. See! This is what i am talking about! Thx, now i can just get rid of my MOA.
  3. Why do you change everything people like and bugs what help people, but never can fix a big bug or an error what makes the game unplayable?
  4. This is why they have to remove the wait time and just add normal ammo it them as a little nerf
  5. You broke the fishing in the mission!!!
  6. DE before you go just give us this wish what the archguns have no cooldown, there is no point.
  7. Please just remove the cooldowns, why even have them in the first place! Just add ammo what we need to find in game like all the other weapons. The thing you added is way better then the 5m cooldown but what is the point? Just add normal ammo in game, make it into a real gun.
  8. One thing, why at 2 pm, i can't do that time! Why not sunday just not mon-friday. Can you at least tell what the twitch drop will be, if it is a big one!
  9. REMOVE Arch-Gun Deployer cooldown!!! WHY!!! I can be done in 5m, why should i wait so long for something what isn't even too good. You need a catalyst for it, those don't come easy, just remove it and you will be loved.
  10. not very funny, ahem the "BIG GIVEAWAY" what you did at the launch of fortune was just a "lucky" miss on most people. Ahaha very funny on all those 700,000 credits i got. PLUS i don't even know if you read this or not?!
  11. They should host this more then once for people in different countries and time zones.
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