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  1. I think we're missing the main issue entirely. The issue for new players is finding the weapon blueprints in the first place. When a new player installs the Market segment for the first time, they see all the new featured items that all cost platinum, and they assume that the Market is just full of microtransactions. Then, they completely ignore the Market until someone else informs them that the Market is where you get weapon blueprints. That's what I thought when I was new, and I've seen DE's sponsored content creators come to the same conclusion. Sending newbies a Burston blueprint through
  2. It was at least a few years ago, it was bow only with one hit kills. As a newbie who mained MK1 Paris at the time, I did pretty well in the event. Probably one of the only times I actually had fun in Conclave.
  3. dang, I was hoping the pvp event would come back
  4. A new sound pack is nice. I was hoping for some added functionality to Mandachord though
  5. They don't even bother balancing and adding new weapons and warframes to Conclave, it's pretty much abandoned.
  6. A nice QoL thing would be the ability for the pilot to send a notification to the crew if they need something built, so they don't need to bring up a chat window to tell the crew to build more flux or dome charges.
  7. When Command comes out, it would be neat if the Solaris that you rescue from Corpus ship missions could volunteer to join your crew. Maybe they could have a free/discounted price in Ticker's selection with a note saying "Volunteering after being rescued by the Tenno on the ____ node"
  8. I found that as Gauss, you can take the elevator, send the elevator back, and dash out of the elevator before the doors close on you. Best of both worlds.
  9. TYPE: In-Game DESCRIPTION: A random box on one of the new Operation tilesets has an interact prompt with placeholder text, but only when the player is inside a Necramech in a specific position VISUAL: https://imgur.com/a/PgUeMPG REPRODUCTION: Stand in this spot in the screenshot inside a Necramech near this specific box EXPECTED RESULT: Nothing OBSERVED RESULT: An interact prompt shows up next to the box REPRODUCTION RATE: Occurs every time I recreate the conditions in the screenshot
  10. As someone who doesn't like doing eidolons, I'm glad there are other ways to get arcanes.
  11. The whole Lich process is boring, and there's nothing engaging about stabbing thralls over and over hundreds of times. There needs to be something unique about lich grinding to make it entertaining. Railjack finales will help, but it needs more than that imo.
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