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  1. I'm concerned that new players will be stuck with a bunch of kuva lich challenges that they can't complete
  2. Having the same problem Edit: It finally worked after automatically restarting the download over and over again for about 40 minutes
  3. I wouldn't mind trying out Warframe back when it was slower paced with a stamina bar just to see what it was like. Would I play it regularly? Hell no, but I'd like to try it.
  4. Alright, so by far the most frustrating part of playing Scarlet Spear is when you do a space mission, and you're stuck waiting for kill codes while enemies slowly whittle down your oplinks. It feels like a waste of time, and it just makes you upset for not choosing the right floatilla, upset at the ground teams for not working fast enough, etc. So, here's how I would fix it. Before the space team starts attacking the Murex, they need all nine kill codes. The space team doesn't start the Murex until they get all nine kill codes. If they don't have enough kill codes, they can provide support to the ground team to help them work faster. What type of support this is can vary, and this is where creative liberty comes into play. Maybe the space team can sabotage the Condrixes somehow, either from inside or ourtide the Murex. Maybe the effect could lower the health pool of the Condrix, or maybe prevent the Condrix from spawning sentients. The goal here is for the space team to help the ground team work faster. While the space team is supporting the ground team, 100% of the kill codes generated by the supported ground team will go to the supporting space team. The positive effects of this change are twofold: 1. The space team won't be stuck doing nothing while waiting for kill codes 2. This incentivizies people to help where teams are needed most. In floatillas with larger ground teams, people will join space teams because they can get kill codes quickly. In floatillas with larger space teams, people will join ground teams because they can work faster with space team support.
  5. In addition to what's been said, Warframe has FOMO aspects that punishes players from taking extensive breaks, with nightwave exclusive awards and events like Scarlet Spear, also with exclusive rewards.
  6. Passive: Dismantle The warframe can rearrange parts of its arms to lengthen them, granting extra melee range. 1st ability: Misfire The kinetic dampeners on the warframe have long ceased to function. Launches an explosive energy blast toward the enemy, launching you backward in the process. Useful as a weapon and a mobility tool. 2nd ability: Void leak Transference energy has a tendency to leak out of the warframe. Boosting the void energy going into the warframe causes an overload, doing void damage to enemies around the warframe. Requires operator energy. 3rd ability: Loose Wiring The warframe's loose wiring goes haywaire around it, zapping any enemy that wanders near. 4th ability: Overclock Lots of things don't work on this warframe, including its safety limiters. Significantly increase the Warframe's ability strength and speed, and overcharges its weapons at the expense of draining health/shields. May overload the warframe if used too long, causing an AOE explosion and reducing the warframe to 1% HP
  7. I'm fine with a content drought. I can just play another game when that happens. My frustration comes when a hyped up update comes and it's underwhelming, like liches, railjack, etc.
  8. It's by far the best way to get your hands on arcanes, but it's a boring grind just like everything else.
  9. It's 4th ability causes enemies to undergo a host migration
  10. TYPE: [In-Game] DESCRIPTION: Amesha's Warding Grace doesn't appear to work on the Gyrix enemy type VISUAL: [None] REPRODUCTION: use Amesha's Warding Grace near a Gyrix EXPECTED RESULT: The Gyrix slows down OBSERVED RESULT: The Gyrix moves at full speed REPRODUCTION RATE: Occurred every time I tested it
  11. Strife would be a good warframe name. What he does, I have no idea.
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