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  1. We don't know many details about how Nemesis will work, but judging from the demo it's reasonable to assume that he'll pop up randomly in a variety of missions types. Isn't that basically what alerts are?
  2. I've been wanting to play Guns of Icarus again, and since that game is dead, I'm hoping this will be a good replacement
  3. Lost their worth? They were never tradable in the first place.
  4. Yeah, that’s how probability works. If you want better odds, do radshares.
  5. Is there any way to manually activate the Electromagnetic Shielding mod while still having a primary weapon equipped in your loadout?
  6. Just because it could be done, doesn't mean they should. Controlling the game on a phone sounds like a nightmare, the screen size would be way too small, and there probably won't be a large enough playerbase to reliably play multiplayer when there are objectively better platforms to play on. The existing mobile app is enough.
  7. The confusing part is that new players experience the second dream, after Alad V has been cured, well before ever encountering Mutalist Alad V Also, who's Reggy?
  8. I like Nightwave, but I agree we should still have some form of alerts. Maybe there could be infrequent alerts that reward nightwave creds, and maybe nitain alerts in between seasons.
  9. It's not that radical of an idea. Excavators scale on Orb Vallis after all, they just need to apply that scaling to normal missions.
  10. Are assassination missions canon to the story? Are some assassination missions canon while others aren't? If so, are you able to tell us which assassination missions are canon?
  11. How long ago was this? I've been playing for years and never heard of this.
  12. What happened in the other console? Is Alad V still infected? Or did he find some other way to get uninfected?
  13. In the upcoming Wukong rework, you can spawn a clone Wukong. You can also summon a specter Wukong. 4 players + 4 clones + 4 specters = 12 Wukongs. If 8 player raids come back, that makes 24 Wukongs. Is that enough Wukong?
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