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  1. Yeah, stealth could use some tweaking both with mechanics and maybe adding some sneakier paths you can take to avoid detection. I was thinking it would be nice to have some mode that actually encourages stealth. Right now all we got are certain riven challenges. And the Zanuka mission is interesting for a minute until you get your first weapon back, then it's just Warframe as normal.
  2. I liked the unique challenge of the Grendel missions, though I think they drag on a bit too long.
  3. Yeah, that was part of what gave me the idea. The level itself isn't really anything special though imo.
  4. Just had a wild idea, Warframe already has a lot of elements that could be adapted to a rouge-like gamemode. Here's the concept: you enter a level with nothing. No weapons, no warframe abilities. Your goal is to reach the end of the level. Scattered throughout the level are weapons that you can pick up with varying mod capacities, and containers containing mods at various upgrade levels. To progress, you need to collect enough gear to reach the end, modding your weapons as you go. At the beginning, you may need to sneak around in order to collect enough gear to survive a fight. However, some rooms would require combat in order to progress. For example, guarding a temporary defense objective, or surviving in a locked room with enemies coming in before the way forward opens after a certain amount of time. Enemy levels and types will get increasingly difficult throughout the level, but you'll find weapons with higher mod capacities and higher-ranked mods the further you go. Or, enemy level could increase with time. Maybe there could be minibosses that could easily kill you, but could drop good gear. Maybe have it all lead up to a final boss at the end. Perhaps have a Smash Ultimate style reward structure, where the player decides the difficulty, with higher difficulty leading to an increased payout if they win. And that's all I got. I'm not sure what to do about warframe powers or rewards or anything like that. It could potentially be a good way to bring about some challenging content, and would encourage players to git gud with a variety of weapon types. It also won't require too many new assets, with most of the content being remixed from what's already in the game. Edit: some setpiece ideas: - You're kidnapped by your Kuva Lich (or some other bad guy) and stripped of all weapons. You need to use whatever's around you to escape while the Lich hunts you down if you get spotted. - You're infiltrating some kind of facility, and your outside weapons don't work due to some kind of Void mumbo jumbo. - Some kind of Simaris simulation in the Sanctuary with ever-increasing difficulty. - (The Second Dream spoiler)
  5. Things will be rough until you can get your tactical rank up, which will let you teleport around the ship and will let you teleport back to your ship if you leave it. Tactical avionics can be triggered remotely, you might want to trade for some . I recommend the one that delays the death timer after your railjack takes too much damage.
  6. Ideas for archwing buffs: Elytron: fast-moving seeker missiles that lock on to targets, similar to Ash's Bladestorm Odonata: Grant shields to the Railjack Itzal: bigger loot vacuum
  7. imo, RNG is at its worst when there are multiple layers of it getting in the way of what you want. for liches, you need a good RNG roll to get the weapon you want. On top of that, you need a second good RNG roll to get a good elemental % stat. for railjack, you need a good RNG roll to get a reactor, a second RNG roll for a Vidar reactor, and a third RNG roll to get a high avionics stat. I'm fine with RNG, as long as there's only one layer of it.
  8. This is a cursed land. Turn back while you still can.
  9. When I first started playing, I only really played Conclave during the valentine's day bow event and the Quick Steel event, both of which had all players using the exact same loadout. Since I picked the bow as my starter weapon, I actually won games often during the bow event despite just starting the game. The Quick Steel event gave everyone a heavy melee weapon that one-shots people, but its unique stance means using it leaves you open to attack if you miss your target. It had some depth and risk to it. When I tried the main game, I saw people using a bunch of crazy different weapons and thought "I'll come back later when I have more stuff." "Later" turned out to be a couple years later when I decided I wanted the skins. Another thing of note is that with the new Railjack update, the Sentient ship provides a good way to farm Conclave mods. However, it's rather inaccessible to new players, so the mod problem still persists.
  10. Archwing is actually my preferred method of doing damage over railjack guns, granted it only works in veil level missions if you specifically use Amesha and Cyngas. It would be nice if the other archwings were made viable.
  11. I have, and I do it often. I was trying to make an archwing crewship killer build.
  12. Whenever I kill a grineer crewship using railjack weapons or arch-gun weapons, it doesn't die. Instead, it sits at zero health for about 15 seconds before healing back to half health. I don't know if this is some sort of bug preventing the crew ship from dying, or if it's a feature meant to dissuade players from using archwing.
  13. Since there are so many avionics and intrinsics that have to do with archwing, its seems like DE intends for archwing to be a viable way to play. Even though Amesha is currently the only viable archwing, using Amesha is actually engaging because every one of its abilities is useful in Railjack. Maybe Amesha will be scaled back a little bit, but it would be nice if the other archwings can be buffed as well. Elytron could get seeking missiles fast enough to hit targets, Odonata could get updated flares that could take enemy attention off of the railjack, Itzal could get an expanded loot vacuum, etc.
  14. My omni tool is gone. Starting a new game doesn't bring it back.
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