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  1. Just had this happen to me today. I organized a railjack group to farm Sevagoth, and when the mission started, I got kicked out of my group because I needed to scrap my wreckage. This is VERY FRUSTRATING since I had no means of contacting anyone in my group. Getting interrupted because I'm over my wreckage limit is annoying, but getting kicked out of my group is 10x worse.
  2. Not entirely true. If you trade with someone and they give you illegitimately purchased platinum, you'll be the one on the hook if the platinum gets removed.
  3. Right now void storm missions in Corpus space feel like regular relic missions with a few minutes of "filler" in the railjack gameplay, and there isn't much reason do do void storms over regular void relics.
  4. After people finish farming Sevagoth, there won't be a reason to do void storms over regular fissures for the simple reason that void fissures are faster. Void storms will need something else to keep people playing it regularly. I suggest having void trace pickups in the voidstorm that the railjack can pick up.
  5. I like Gauss mostly because of his 100% knockdown immunity
  6. New railjack missions that actually involve using the railjack.
  7. I assumed farming Ash would be easier because people don't need to deal with manic spawns now. But really? Rotation C defense? Come on....
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