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  1. I actually don't like the Dread or the Attica, I'd just save the Catalyst.
  2. I see what you're trying to do. No, I would describe it as paying to get an advantage that is unavailable to free users within a reasonable amount of time.
  3. Ok, y'want to know pay to win? Mabinogi pre-G4. Pay to get mounts that save you massive amounts of movement time(Not like Warframe where you can just wait and not have to worry, there were huge benefits to being able to move faster in Mabinogi). Pay to access the main story, which gave you powerful enchants, the ability to transform(which made you godlike for, like, 5 minutes back in the day). Pay to use ego weapons, powerful weapons that, when nurtured long enough, were stronger than any other weapon in the game. Also required to do the story(Well, one part of Generation 3).
  4. Not everyone has all the freetime in the world. My friend went ahead and bought Zephyr because the grind for her was ridiculous and he has college things. On top of that, I can understand not wanting to grind certain things(Zephyr was mind numbingly horrifying...couldn't imagine doing it again for Helios)
  5. My mistake, your sentence could've been inferred in two ways, and I obviously inferred it in the wrong way. Sorry.
  6. It's a mod you get from doing the prologue. Simply put, it's something to help new players get on their feet, but isn't meant to be a replacement for the standard Intensify..
  7. I get one every 2-5 runs. RNG is RNG. You...DO realize you can still see them, right? It's kind of hard to miss a golden, glowing orb...
  8. Quick, remove that video! Explosive fun sets people off on these forums and, before you know it, the Attica will be worse than the Machete!
  9. Y'know, I'd say the people parading these nerfs around and laughing at people who just liked the weapons are more childish. Those are the people who are sad, people who seem like the only way they could ever feel special was on Warframe. I'm not even really mad about the nerf, I'm just laughing at all the childish people who think the joke "SWEET SALTY TEARS" is mature and a good way to argue(Also the fact that they think they'll do better than me now.) A bit of advice: Don't mock people and act so silly, there's gonna come a time where that weapon you like gets unfairly overly-nerfed,
  10. I don't see any criticism here, just silly passive aggressiveness. Y'know, in my Junior High, we took a quiz once, trying to force us to be more passive aggressive. It was really silly, one of the questions, which is the only one that I remember, went as such: 1.You're going to work and someone cuts you off, what do you do? A.Drive behind them and end up late to work(As if that one car made all the difference) B.Quietly pass by them again and keep driving C.Cut them off while honking and end up getting into a car wreck. I was kinda stunned when I read that, I recall. It
  11. I'll be here, using my affinity booster, laughing at the people who expected something major from a 100 kill event, and laughing at all the forumgoers who think my penta getting nerfed will keep me from taking all their kills and being better than them. Y'know, just havin fun.
  12. So let me get this straight. Because someone you didn't like was using a weapon, you want the weapon to be nerfed, because that will TOTALLY keep them from staying perched up with a different weapon? Really? Seriously guys? This whole thing is stupid and childish.
  13. People getting overhyped for a mini event, not much to see here. Personally, I would've wanted a mod as well, like with some of the other events, or an Orokin ____, but a 3 day affinity booster is nice. Especially for an easy 100 kills.
  14. Ogris will be fine, I'm more concerned about the Penta and Angstrum. And, if I recall, people are concerned about the Castenas, as well. But as long as people don't do better in a co-op based game, right? EVERYONE IS SPECIAL! :D
  15. Ok, I'm just curious, hit me with this one: Why does Transmutation not count? This is like all the arguments of "______ game is still an exclusive for ____ system despite being on the PC"...
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