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  1. ***New booster introduced; Spawn Boosters! Select the enemy you want to spawn and then every enemy on the mission changes to that. 10 platinum each, one time use only. Eligible only on Assassinations, Capture, and Exterminate missions*. *Assassinations and Capture target doesn't turn, as expected by science. ***Either that or change the drop for Oxiums at about 50-60 increments or make Oxium Ospreys drop Oxiums the way Mine Osprey drop mines. Or you know, both 😄 If not well... RIP my free time, I guess? Oh how much I regret that, I should've farmed for Oxiums instead of Polymers for the past week.
  2. Due to the changes on Melee Channeling, are we expecting changes to the likes of Exodias? For example, Exodia Valor? Oh, and dual nikana 😄 Also there has been a bug that's triggered when the auto deflect triggers while wielding primary/secondary and made them can't be reloaded unless you change weapons, will this be fixed in future updates?
  3. Q1: Big Badass Spiders. Is this the Fortuna/Venus version of Eidolons? And if so, do we need to do the "reenter the plains" style like in PoE or it's everywhere and you can just hunt it indefinitely? Q2: The MOA pet, is this going to be considered companions, sentinels, or an entirely new category? Will it move around the ship or just static like hackable MOAs in corpus tilesets? Q3: Skates. Will this be like the archwing launcher thingy that's just one time use only? Can it be *stolen* like archwing? Q4: Railjack, considering the reveal video, solo mode is not an option I assume? Also, will this update be dropped in a single package with Fortuna (because the reveal looks continued from it) or separately? If separately, will this mission be "triggerable" like other missions or is it part of a bigger mission? Like... Solar Rails/Dark Sector exploration? Or if you guys ambitious, will this be actually a beginning to integrate all warframe? Like, when someone join your party our dropship flies to the host's "Orbiter" ship and then do missions like never before? :v *cough*Star Citizen*cough* Because the "Orbiter" can pick you up from the ground literally without a very long loading screen, this implies quite heavily this is going to be a big feature. I meant, there is no way a feature this big (those animators efforts lol) is just going to be for a single frickin' mission type right? Q5: Timeline or Roadmap for the release of Fortuna, Railjack, and New War? I assume all of this is going to be released before TennoCon 2019? XD
  4. Thank you for the update! By the way, Solution: Make a new chat server, Region: AO. And I also feel compelled to contribute to this discussion. It's fun to be SJW for once in a while lol. If you guys wanna read it, open the spoiler, if not, I'm not going to bother you guys with this- I don't know, ignorance? It's long. Just a warning.
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