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  1. Mine was the same - worked on Tuesday, but today the progress bar said 100%, then said 0% of 30 minutes when I clicked on it. After the stream ended the claim button finally appeared, I got the "not claimed" error although it showed as claimed in my Twitch inventory. The inbox message finally appeared ingame a few minutes later when I went to a relay,
  2. It was the same for me, but the inbox message appeared a couple of minutes later when I went to a relay, so it may just be delayed for you. Hope it works!
  3. Mine seemed broken - at 30 minutes the progress bar said 100%, but clicking on it gave no button to claim the drop and the progrress showed as 0 of 30 minutes watched. Stayed like that for the rest of the stream. After it ended, though, the claim button appeared and I got the failed to claim error, but then the drop showed up in-game a few minutes later. Seems there are still a few teething troubles!
  4. When you understand that what it looks like is more important than what it does :)
  5. I'd have bought the weapon skins, but not the bundles. Bloated with stuff I don't want and overpriced IMO. And purchasable Rivens? Items with random stats for a random weapon? Ew.
  6. It usually pauses it for a few seconds - as stated in the Wiki : In Rescue and Spy missions, any timers will also be paused while the beacon is up" After posting my bug report and restarting my console, it started working properly again, so I've no idea what was happening!
  7. Is this a bug or a change to the Override air support charge? I've just been in Sortie 3 (Stephano spy) and a random teammate set off the alarm. I deployed the charge, got Ordis' "Who's in control now suckers?" message but the countdown timer didn't pause. I'm sure it always used to work in sorties, unless I've gone mad... Did the next attempt solo as usual, set the alarms off deliberately this time - still no pause to the timer. What's going on?
  8. Which ones are you missing? If it's Banshee or Mirage, they'll be next year (as will Nezha).
  9. Could you please consider removing the Nightwave rank cap? Once we hit it, it's basically a case of "No more alerts for you for several weeks!" It would be nice to have a reason to stay engaged weith the Nightwave system.
  10. .Maybe try Octavia for the MR30 test - your invisibility should keep you safe, and use of her 1,3 and 4 will draw the enmies into one place and make them kill themselves and keep your life support high (avoid using her 2 to keep the death zone static). Then you can just go nuts with your melee weapon of choice and focus on the bosses (I used a Kronen Prime modded for Condition Oveload/Blood Rush/Weeping Wounds/Corrossive/Crit damage). If something's not taking damage, there's probably an arbi drone in there somewhere - something like a Kuva Ogris with Nightwatch Npalm will take care of it if
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