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  1. Soon you'll be using multiple formas on your stuff, and realising that there is never enough forma 😄 When resources allow for it, it's worth making sure you've got one cooking every day so you can stockpile them - especially as quite a few things require it just to build them.Happy formaing!
  2. Mesa Prime won't be vaulted yet, but her Prime Access & Prime Accessories packs will no longer be available for purchase. The relics will still be out there for farming 🙂
  3. Same here - no fissures for the last few hours, no open squads, no bounties at Fortuna or Cetus, bugged vendors 😞
  4. Looks like the spawn rate is improving - hadn't seen him once throughout the event, then got him three times today. Two of those times were Axi survivals on Mot... each time on Mot it took ten minutes to kill him due to our weapon choices. Got a North Wind mod the first time (thanks RNG). Second time got the handle. So, maybe he's spawning more often, or RNG is trolling me and I'll never see him again!
  5. Well, he finally showed up for me. We killed him, eventually, and he dropped........ Eleventh Storm.
  6. The only thing I want for Nora is a mute button.
  7. Still haven't seen him once 😞
  8. Nightwave was the only radio station Wolf and the other inmates were allowed to listen to. He's finally snapped after years of listening to Three Dog's Nora's cringey, repetitive lines, and he's scouring the system looking for her. When he finds her, there will be one last broadcast - the sound of a mighty hammer blow, and then blessed silence.
  9. Is it safe to assume that all this guff about Wolfy appearing on Jupiter is just more fluff from the irritating Nora? Still haven't seen him once. Maybe Nora could use her powers of omniscience to point me in the right direction, given that she apparently knows when every single tenno catches a fish, kills something with cold damage, scratches their bum...
  10. I'm sick of her already. She's like Three Dog from Fallout, but with fewer lines. Shut up, Nora.
  11. The arsenal is bugged on XB1 - when switching between config slots, the capacity does not change. Eg Config A is fully modded, capacity zero.Switch to Config B, which has no mods, capacity still reads zero and no mods can be installed. Edit:asked a friend to check his arsenal, he has the same issue
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