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  1. You're welcome 🙂 My first ever trading attempt failed for the same reason, I thought I was being helpful building the parts first - WF is not great at explaining things sometimes!
  2. Prime warframe parts can't be traded if you have built them - you can only trade the blueprints. Prebuilt parts (e.g. primed weapon / sentinel parts) can be traded as usual.
  3. Is the Larkspur equipped in the Heavy Weapon slot, or just the regular Archgun slot?
  4. There seem to be a lot of visual issues since the Gauss update - weird tints on metals, shiny textures that shouldn't be shiny, nasty plastic look to a lot of frames, orbiter too bright and washed out... my buddy's Rhino (regular, not Prime) no longer dislpays Iron Skin's knobbly armour bits regardless of the colours he chooses. Dopesn't matter if he's host or client, the issue persists solo as well.
  5. Same here. When attempting to forma a melee weapon there is no option to choose the type of forma I want to use, the game takes me straight to choosing a normal polarity (and Umbral polarity is not an option). Works fine for formaing a Warframe. It's happening on PS4 as well.
  6. Just tested this on xbox, same issue. I'll post it in the bug report section
  7. Unlinked, relinked, checked everything was ok. No drop. Only one tab open, not muted. Didn't get the ducat drop from Prime Time either.
  8. Try not to worry, OP - people may be leaving for any number of reasons. Zephyr or Wisp are unlikely to make anyone bail on the game. Limbo often makes peple leave, but that's more because of how he used to work, andf the very small number of people who can play him without annoying their team. I'd say just go public and roll with it, Im sure you'll be fine. Maybe ease yourself in with low-level missions that you're comfortable with. I don't know what it's like on PC, but here in xbox land people tend not to talk much anyway apart from texting "How long?" or "gg" etc. Definitely look for a clan if you're looking for a more social experience, there are plenty of newbie-friendly clans out there 🙂 Good luck!
  9. I watched on Twitch, accounts are linked, no drop for me. Xbox player.
  10. Mesa Prime won't be vaulted yet, but her Prime Access & Prime Accessories packs will no longer be available for purchase. The relics will still be out there for farming 🙂
  11. Is it safe to assume that all this guff about Wolfy appearing on Jupiter is just more fluff from the irritating Nora? Still haven't seen him once. Maybe Nora could use her powers of omniscience to point me in the right direction, given that she apparently knows when every single tenno catches a fish, kills something with cold damage, scratches their bum...
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