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  1. I'm Commander Shepard, and this is my favourite thread on the forum.
  2. Looks like there is an issue witht XBL at the moment, the error I'm getting right now (0x8b050033) relates to xbox live server maintenance, according to the interwebs.
  3. Forget what I said. It was working half an hour ago, now I've come back from the shops and I'm getting this error: "Unable to connect, please ensure you have the latest Warframe update installed". There's no update to install.
  4. I just had this - it often happens when an update hits. A hard reset of the xbox fixed it for me (hold down the power button on the console until it has completely shut down). Edit: I see it's working for you now, good stuff 🙂
  5. Are yoiu testing it in the Simulacrum? It doesn't work properly there last time I checked (on xbox).
  6. I haven't found any workaround other than what you've suggested. It's a shame because I love the weapon but it's jammed on every single mission I've used it on 😞
  7. Same here - "login failed, check your info" 😞
  8. It's not tradeable, but the operation comes around pretty frequently so you'll get it soon enough 🙂
  9. Came for the post, stayed for the doggy 🙂 I am terrible at Shawzin.
  10. I have the same problem with my Vidar Mk II - it claims it's giving me 49 avionics and 50 flux capacity, but it's only giving 48 avionics and 49 flux. I can live without the flux but that missing avionics capacity means I'm missing out on ugrading one of my mods 😞
  11. Our Railjacks really ought to have this kind of radar as standard - why do we have a spacecraft that has no radar, no speed indicator, nothing to tell us that enemies are in range of our weapons? It bugs me more than it should. On the topic of loot, I'd like to see seeker drones that can go grab loot for us, and maybe mining drones that can go smash rocks and scoop up that delicious titanium 🙂
  12. I was hoping it would have arrived by now as well. We may have to wait unti next Halloween 😞
  13. This. I couldn't see my Pulse Ram or Tether until I clicked the middle Battle Avionics slot.
  14. Before I take the Rocinante out for a spin, a quick note - the various interactive stations (Arsenal, Navigation etc) tell me to press "B". I think you mean "X" 🙂
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