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  1. Still not working on XB1 - "Unable to connect. Please ensure you have the latest Warframe update installed." There are no available updates.
  2. No Primed Chamber at the Tennocon Relay on Xbox, everything else seems to be there
  3. Are the Dog Days noggles and Roller palette missing too? Can't see them in the market this time
  4. I really miss that old defence map :(
  5. @[DE]Megan Did Focus Energy change when i wasn't looking? It used to give 40% combo efficiency (and the wiki still says it does), but the mod now says "+40% Heavy Attack efficiency". Did I miss something?
  6. Tested as client and host - Panzer Vulpaphyla randomly disappears during SO/ESO. Pet health & shields still show onscreen, but pet is missing for the rest of the mission once the bug occurs. Entering a new zone or dying & reviving do not bring the Vulpa back. Panzer Devolution is equipped so it;'s not just dying, and the bug triggers without the pet being downed. Does not seem to happen on other mission types.
  7. That Grineer armour would look awesome on Operators, completely agree! I like the idea of holographic armour too :)
  8. And as I discovered yesterday, if you drop a pizza and jump in a turret, the energy pulses can't actually reach you in the turret. Bring back flux DE.
  9. Losing flux energy was a mistake. It feels counterintuitive and clunky that my high-tech ship cannot generate the energy needed to use its own systems - the pilot should never have to leave the helm just to be able to power up the ship's systems! My engineer can't make new energy for me at the forge, I have to go do it myself, or drop pads, or Zenurik dash, instead of actually flying the ship. It's also made being the ship's engineer pretty lame. I used to ENJOY dashing around making sure everyone had ammo and flux. As a pilot, i massively appreciated having an effective engineer. Now it's all personal energy and ammo it just feels less involved and more watered down. I loved Railjack before the update, but the Corpus version feels horrible to me - if I'm doing a Railjack mission, I want to be doing Railjack stuff. I've got the starchart for starchart game modes. As it stands now, my RJ is a glorified taxi. Oh, and that corpus space defence tile is awful for defence missions. Okay for interception, baaaaad for defence. Poor lines of sight, bad for mobility with criss-crossing walkways above your head if you're on the lower level, enemies trickling in one or two at a time or getting stuck at the far ends of the corridors leading to the defence point... it needs a bit of an overhaul IMO.
  10. As Teliko said above, Gunnery 9 doesn't work on controllers. Context/reload button (x by default on xbox) is unbound on Railjack controls and no fucntion can be assigned to it.
  11. I'm staring at my adorable new Helminth Charger puppy and need to name her. She'll be joining the illustrious ranks of my other pets - Pongo, Matt Damon, Salma Hayek, Lisa Kubrow, Smelly Cat and Nibbler. Any suggestions, oh helpful Tenno? She'll end up being called Sausage unless anyone can come up with something better (which, let's face it, can't be hard).
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