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  1. I turned the operator's voice off the second I was able to :)
  2. Same here. No Merulina dash, using the default binding (L1)
  3. I'd buy that in a heartbeat, looks fantastic :)
  4. With regard to the corrupted holokeys feedback, pretty much everyone seems to feel that the amount of keys dropping isn't the issue, it's how often they drop. Can you address this please?
  5. The addition of holokeys to Sisters isn't going to help those of us who have already maxed all the weapons from the Sisters and acquired all the ephemeras. Please don't forget about your early adopters, DE. You did good when you adjusted the railjack economy and gave us a load of resources for slogging through the early grind, hopefully you do the same here.
  6. Just did 15 void storms. Holokeys dropped three times. As pretty much everyone has said, THE NUMBER OF KEYS is not the problem, it's HOW OFTEN THEY DROP. It's particularly galling on Corpus RJ, as the time-vs-reward ratio is already insulting on those missions.
  7. Still not working on XB1 - "Unable to connect. Please ensure you have the latest Warframe update installed." There are no available updates.
  8. No Primed Chamber at the Tennocon Relay on Xbox, everything else seems to be there
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