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  1. hm might've been a three day booster i can't remember if i bought one recently and it has 2 days 18 hours left on in rn didn't think of checking boosters thx i think that was it
  2. nope not missing anything from my WL and my inbox just say's "a gift from blahblah" and his/her mssg "some special as well" oh well guess i just gotta wait for them to get online
  3. now i don't know what they sent and they're not on right now to ask them what it was? is there a place i can check? or do i need to wait for gifter to show up?
  4. MR 26 with all mk weapons done except profile is showing mk furis and kunai as unmastered. weird
  5. seems easy enough for me with volt/frost and those frames aren't super op.... just stay alive and deal damage until the specter is dead. that's what i did. (most recently i used crit weapons coupled with volts shield) only took a few headshots to get the job done. (Go for headshots)
  6. if you think about it there's always a sale going on with PA
  7. the guy thought he knew everything about everything probably. Very common problem on wf. i constantly see people try to bark orders on how to play in pugs. it's like if it matters that much to you stop using public games and actually coordinate with a group of friends.
  8. is use warframe.market and nexus stats to get an avg. you can also just type into trade that you wtb the thing you wts, and that'll give you an ok idea of what it goes for "right now". If i don't get replies on TC i use the avg and then mark it up depending on rarity
  9. beam weapons like ignis (i use ignis and atomos a lot but i also use aoe weapons like pox) on any wf specter (i usually use trin for her 4 and 2) then i always have moa, roller, ancient healers, chargers, shield osprey, corrupted lancers, and clem clones. The useful ones for me are clem and wf specters since they don't move around the map like headless chickens, and stay where they're told usually. the other specters are mostly there to draw fire and occupy the enemy units, they die often but you can buy them for cheap with standing (some of them anyway) i use specters a lot because i have 100's of bp's and need something to spend poly/creds on. remember the enemy count is way lower for solo games, for t1-t3 intercepts they'll usually only attack one point at a time so it's pretty manageable. bigger maps require lots of efficiency/range/speed/etc. to get around quickly so just plan accordingly i think edit: they're also if you're in a game with plebs or people that just don't know how to play/intentionally play badly.
  10. most of the time they're easier to solo i notice. if they aren't just whip out a few specters and a WF to lock/slow down the map. since you're just running out the clock high kill count is irrelevant.
  11. i got 5 levels in one day because i was able to clear all of last weeks challenges and play catch up with 3 or 4 elite, and 5 or 6 weekly challenges. i like it but you still hit brick walls for certain ones, like kill profit taker for me. i'm not sure if you can get taxied to it before maxing the syndicate, but i like to do NW stuff solo so i doubt i'll get the urge. made it to the umbra forma using this weeks challanges, so i guess i'm done.
  12. if you want to piggy back on some people playing timed games, or def missions then nova with overextended (neg pwr str) will make anyone playing a def mission with you very happy. If you use (nova) with positive pwr str then she'll help you cheese pretty much any interception (or any "run-out-the-clock") mission on the star chart as long as it's not a huge map like the ones on pluto (i think)
  13. i originally thought stats would stay unchanged from when you originally rolled it. (I'm so done with rivens.) it's not enough to mess with the weapons themselves i guess.
  14. wtt wolf motor and bp, saryn chassis, nova chassis, nekros bp and sys, one vauban set, and spira set for lato vandal and braton vandal obo
  15. don't they usually post links in the news section? idk i haven't looked there yett
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