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  1. sort by price low to high. take the cheapest sellers that have been online in the past few hrs, up to around a day or so and avg it out. even if there's no one online ATM you're checking you can still see people's offline bid and if you hover over where it say's "offline" on their bid it'll tell you when they were last active on the site. if there's more than a few that have been on in the last few hours up to around a day then go by their bids, and let them know you're interested in buying whatever they're selling. ofc i sometimes see a super cheap bid but choose to buy from someone that
  2. there's an idea was hoping there was a way like there is with look, config, and songs but this'll do i guess ty
  3. tired of manually ignoring clan recruiters that spam links. 😵
  4. when i sign into my pleb account ill have to run without relics sometimes since i have so few of a certain type. on my main i have 100's if not 1000's so may as well farm p junk at the same time but my newer account can't afford not to run radshare 4/4
  5. word... rec chat exists so in the end you're only torturing yourself if you run pugs then complain people aren't trying at whatever mission you're doing.
  6. try going to normal cetus and starting a sp bounty but just go in and out of the gate? i don't remember 100% but i think that's how i did it
  7. if they changed the movement system i'd jump off the roof of my house and try to land on my head. the thing that kills me are all the glitchy things they refuse to fix while piling on and watering down every thing else. i'd trade both new open world for a fleshed out poe in a heartbeat. as it is if feels like 3 open worlds that are only 10% complete and glitchy af to boot
  8. i'd have to agree w this although just so you know the game gets funner-er when you have loads of weapons, mods, and equipment. it's great having options for playing (keeps the game interesting). also increased daily limits are the bees knees imo :D i have way more fun now then when i was below mr 20 but hey that's just me
  9. just means they collect and master equipment efficiently. that's all. it is a huge bonus since it adds quite a bit to your maximum standing, traces, loadouts, etc. and it also makes your weapons start higher level so you can actually attach mods at r0. that last one is a huge perk. around mr23-ish i noticed i didn't get anxiety anymore when i forma or get a new weapon to rank up lul
  10. if you have someone you can trust just get them to gift your new account the stuff then give them the plat. my brother used to do it to my new account back when i actually used it. also i'd directly gift reactors and catalysts and nothing happened so who knows. roll the dice. i did n nothing happened. this was like two years ago though :/
  11. every time i let them group up on me i go to throw a canister but then realize there's nothing in my hand. surrounded by red guys the entire time so if it dropped then some should've turned blue, but none of them do. feels like it's just disappearing into thin air. if you take dmg does it destroy the canister or something? if tests aren't stupid difficult then they gotta be glitchy i guess idk EDIT: just saw it when i moved close to tv. sry bad eyesight thought the timer was for something else
  12. uuuuhhhhh. i didn't it was a recovered challenge
  13. if i don't plan on doing next weeks then yea i need. even if i didn't need, then i want. this answers nothing from op but thanks anyways that's the only way to get ten in a day huh? 😭 they need to change the number on that for next nw or at least make bounties or other missions (that are technically syndicate missions since they award standing) count
  14. i need one more but it won't reset til tomorrow so can someone else host and pick theirs for it to count? or do i need to wait for tomorrow? haven't tried a taxi since i usually do 4 or 5 each day over two days. or are there any missions that will count but aren't part of the main syndicates? if anyone knows TIA if you can tell me
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