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  1. i use one rank3 arcane energize, zenurik school with my tenno, and energy generator mod on the dethcube sentinel. you get the mod from cephalon simaris at the relays. with those i almost never occupy my aura slot with energy siphon any more. sometimes i change out the arcane/sentinel/school and i still don't run out of energy so i guess you really only need two of the three, i just like to over-do it sometimes
  2. no need to bee line to the extraction... after they roll an update out just stay and finish the mission like normal(it actually tells you to remain in your mission until the update is ready). after the mission you'll get a message pop up to restart warframe to apply the update and that it'll exit automatically in ten minutes if you do not do so.
  3. don't forget that if you don't have the right mods then it won't matter which wf you use. if you do have the right mods..... then it won't matter which wf you use just the same i've helped a lot of people get frames they were recommended and then watch them flop around like a magikarp because their mods basically suck 😞
  4. if i wasn't thousands of hrs into an xbox account i'd play on pc. the load times by themselves means i can play an extra game every few load screens. i play on og xbone and the loading is terrible. my laptop from 5 years ago runs the heck outta wf load times are between 3 and 6 seconds usually, compared to 15-30 on console. (i seriously hate the load screens) i also think it looks a million times better on pc. even with everything on low settings it looks leagues ahead of xbone and ps4
  5. try finding choke points and using zephyr. xeph gets a lot of air time and if you get a lot of enemies going through those TMNT tunnels on draco (i forget the planet i think ceres) you can headshot multiple guys w punchthrough or just rapid fire at headshot level if no PT on your weapon. that's usually how i do it since it's how i've done it since the very first riv w this chall. probably not the meta but if it ain't broke don't fix it rite?
  6. finally went away just now after restarting my console over and over, wonder why it happened though... edit: finally went away just now after restarting my console over and over, wonder why it happened though... nvm, couldn't create pugs so i logged in and out and now it's back to this game needs an update error. this is why i hate updates of any kind on any app also my brother's xbox is letting him into the launcher but says he needs an update after the update. wtf but ok... time is the best medicine i guess
  7. i've tried waiting and doing nothing, and a cache-clearing reboot. idk what to do now
  8. when i didn't have as many resources to buy slots i'd sell vanilla frames for the slot. you can always re-build them (or even buy from the market) later and equip them the way you had it originally. also all the stats for it are saved in your profile so deleting a wf for the slot just puts it's progress on pause. i like using vanilla frames for low tier missions so after i became able to buy slots on a whim, i started re-building them since i plan to obtain and max one of each wf/weapon. It's just something to do for the time being til they release content that's (imo) good.
  9. So when i lose internet, disconnect, get signed out because i accidentally sign into my other console, does it count as a failure, loss, nothing? If anyone knows off the top of their head i'd appreciate if they let me know.
  10. i use pc secondary for when my xbox controller breaks (wf claims 5 or 6 controllers per year by ruining the LT,LB, RTS and LTS/L3 guess i push'em too hard) i also wrote down login info for bolth platforms including recovery e-mails n whatnot to keep things straight. (play on two xbox and one pc account rn.)
  11. you gotta shoot the exhaust vents in the back at just the right angle depending on your gun. They're only two metres wide but don't worry, I used to bull's-eye womp rats with my velocitus back home, and they're not much bigger than two metres.
  12. everything in the game is timed content especially TC. that's how they make money. one minute someone spends a lot on a certain mod on another minute there's lot's of sellers so the price goes down. if you don't want to wait then rush by typing in your credit card, buying plat, then just over pay. the third party web sites are enough for me since i KNOW the devs will never make an auction house since it would impact plat sales by A LOT
  13. get em all til you can afford the MR req for prime weps. they're better than the vanilla ones
  14. watched. didn't get it. oh well who cares, game's going downhill anyways
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