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  1. had 60 or 70 cap runs a few days ago with only 3 eggs to show for it so pretty sure it's just rng/luck... been trying to switch missions from excavation, cap, exterminate, sabotage, and spy today but still nothing to show for it so far. game wants me to buy 'em from the market i guess.
  2. do any WF abilities make them easier to get and do 2x and 2x drop chance boosters affect them?
  3. ppl from before have it right. go to market, select search bar, type in "power" and hit enter. should be the first thing on the list, click it and underneath the purchase option it has a blueprint option. click that. after you buy the bp you're also gonna need an additional 100k creds, 8hrs wait time (i think) an argon crystal, a couple control modules, and 4,500 nano spores.
  4. been failing the one to keep efficiency or whatever from hitting 0, by killing bad guys. problem is that solo there are so few enemies that i fail it 90% of the time (also they spawn far AF from each other) the other 10% they drop the hammer and i gotta stress and maybe die one or two times from the non-stop barrage they hit me with. i still don't like poe (never have), yet they keep watering the game down with all these stupid open world BS instead of fixing the original turd or making it enjoyable to everyone not just its niche fan base
  5. yup. i build every day and still run out all the time. past year i've spent like 1.5k minimum on forma packs because waiting is for plebs imo xD 😝
  6. that would sure be something. we'll ne able to tell usage once they add rivens and riven dispo's to wf's. other than that you'd have to work at d.e. i think, no?
  7. that makes no sense, especially on small maps :/ oh well... time to free up some slots
  8. if the enemy is on a different floor enemy sense craps out and won't show that they're there. on hydron i should be able to see pretty much every thing but i'm noticing that if i bullet jump the enemies on the ground floor disappear from my mini map (other nodes do this too.) so what's the point of having so many enemy sense buffs when they only detect things on a horizontal level (i have 123 meters w/just wf mods/companion mod, and guys 5m away horizontally disappear if i bullet just 20 or 25 meters in the air. seems pointless to have that much range especially since most maps have an insane
  9. they need to replace the audio cues for stuff like that with equally helpful visual ones already. i never play disruption or look for caches in bounties/sabotage missions (or help w them if i'm in a group) because of it. it's not as though i'm disabled i just would rather listen to ambient sounds around my home (for security) and also sometimes i like to listen to listen to music, or a tv show, or maybe the occasional ball game instead of the in-game sounds. to me it's noise pollution, when my bro has his speakers too load in the next room while playing it drives me up the friggin wall -_- ' l
  10. word. i stopped trying 100% at the umbral forma n i'm @ rank 26-28 or something like that. this one wasn't worth rushing through because of caps and the amount of time it's gonna be up
  11. i usually just upload to onedrive from my xbox then copy paste. i dunno if there's a more efficient way to do it but that's how i do
  12. does any one on xbone know how to ignore look links when you're adding filters. it's the only thing i want to filter out yet it's the only thing that doesn't seem to work. if anyone knows a workaround/way to fix it id appreciate the heads up
  13. ^^^ loool i can see how some people might get seizures/dislike that but i say bring it on when you can't hear you need all the visual cues you can get (at least i do)
  14. if a dojo gives me crap i just load into (and ask traders to load) the featured ghost dojo, stay at spawn with my hand up, and trade like at maroos. never failed to work for me since traders load in separately. that's assuming it's a glitched dojo (i run into them fairly often) if it's a issue with your network then no comment. it's also never failed to circumvent the partner lock glitch where it says they aren't high enough mr when they really are
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