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  1. they should give you NW $'s instead of cosmetics, (maybe let's you pick between the two?) I don't really do fashion frame, so i didn't want them the first time around...
  2. hm might've been a three day booster i can't remember if i bought one recently and it has 2 days 18 hours left on in rn didn't think of checking boosters thx i think that was it
  3. nope not missing anything from my WL and my inbox just say's "a gift from blahblah" and his/her mssg "some special as well" oh well guess i just gotta wait for them to get online
  4. now i don't know what they sent and they're not on right now to ask them what it was? is there a place i can check? or do i need to wait for gifter to show up?
  5. MR 26 with all mk weapons done except profile is showing mk furis and kunai as unmastered. weird
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