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  1. Based on the few hours I played with her, I have to say she is very fun to use as keeping movement up while gunning down enemies with my brand new pair of Diplos is definitely enjoyable in most tile sets, however her kit needs work, stat-wise, because as it stands, the only abilities I am actively using while playin her are her 2 and her passive, I subsumed her 1 and didn't touch her 3 much. The damage reduction being tied to her 2 is understandable but considering SP content, 75% DR with her current stats is very precarious IMO. Her 1 and 3 have not struck me as useful, at all because the returns are just too low to bother casting them, her 4 is a decent CC and useful to disturb enemies when under fire but completely falls flat as a damage dealing ability. I think that her kit is fine visually, but she needs to come with one of 3 things to be worth a pick her past star chart content: -an armor strip: Make her 4 reduce enemy armor based on strength, even if it required 300% str to strip it to 100%. That would giver her a new niche as a mobile armor stripper that everyone would welcome in a squad -a team buff Whether is involves sharing her passive with her teammates trough sea snares in the same fashion as Titania or holding down the cast to create a radial buff. It would be straightforward but ensure that you aren't coming "empty handed" to a defense or a survival. -a healing ability Make sea snares or aqua blades siphon health to Yareli and her allies so that she can sustain herself or make sea snares an overtime heal to cast on allies (it might actually make her viable to run eidolons for example, adding diversity to the meta) Without any of those, she will simply not bring anything to the table in a team composition, making her basically irrelevant at best and unwelcomed at worst. Finally, she should be able to cast subsumed abilities while on her 2, even it if involves swapping the original animation with one of hers. The buffs she received are a step in the right direction, but without a clear asset to bring to a team composition, I think she will struggle to find an audience past the star chart.
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