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  1. Based on the few hours I played with her, I have to say she is very fun to use as keeping movement up while gunning down enemies with my brand new pair of Diplos is definitely enjoyable in most tile sets, however her kit needs work, stat-wise, because as it stands, the only abilities I am actively using while playin her are her 2 and her passive, I subsumed her 1 and didn't touch her 3 much.

    The damage reduction being tied to her 2 is understandable but considering SP content, 75% DR with her current stats is very precarious IMO. 

    Her 1 and 3 have not struck me as useful, at all because the returns are just too low to bother casting them, her 4 is a decent CC and useful to disturb enemies when under fire but completely falls flat as a damage dealing ability.

    I think that her kit is fine visually, but she needs to come with one of 3 things to be worth a pick her past star chart content:

    -an armor strip:

    Make her 4 reduce enemy armor based on strength, even if it required 300% str to strip it to 100%. That would giver her a new niche as a mobile armor stripper that everyone would welcome in a squad

    -a team buff

    Whether is involves sharing her passive with her teammates trough sea snares in the same fashion as Titania or holding down the cast to create a radial buff. It would be straightforward but ensure that you aren't coming "empty handed" to a defense or a survival.

    -a healing ability

    Make sea snares or aqua blades siphon health to Yareli and her allies so that she can sustain herself or make sea snares an overtime heal to cast on allies (it might actually make her viable to run eidolons for example, adding diversity to the meta)

    Without any of those, she will simply not bring anything to the table in a team composition, making her basically irrelevant at best and unwelcomed at worst.

    Finally, she should be able to cast subsumed abilities while on her 2, even it if involves swapping the original animation with one of hers.

    The buffs she received are a step in the right direction, but without a clear asset to bring to a team composition, I think she will struggle to find an audience past the star chart.

  2. il y a 3 minutes, (XBOX)Cash201293 a dit :

    Dammit. Now I gotta go to steel path to try & earn enough to actually get these mods.

    SP will 100% be dead within 3 months once everyone is done farming, most of SP will still be dead because none in their right mind wants to paly SP disruption and the like when you could just farm essence on endless.

    It also wont address the fact that objectively, SP is less desirable in 90% of cases compared to regular missions in terms of rewards.

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  3. I'm sorry but gun stats matter, half of them are worthless and unsalvageable, even with a riven, I think this will just make the best performing guns perform even higher while leaving into the dirt 70% them.

    Edit: Most of the low end weapons wont even be able to proc the mod effects in the fist place because they do not have enough power to kill enemies period at that level, so the only good weapons to get the effect started will be snipers and the top few guns who where already SP viable, the rest will be virtually unaffected because we can't even get them started.

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  4. While I understand your concern, a good half of all ranged weapons are straight up unsalvageable even with a godlroll riven at maximum disposition, so in my opinion, it has less to do with the melee rebalance and more with what stats are acceptable for a weapon ( a lot of older weapons are basically due for a stat bump).

    As long as blood rush, condition overload and the like will exist, even the worst melee weapon will still be leagues better than most ranged ones so I wouldn't worry too much.

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  5. Hello, 

    I jumped back into the game a month ago and while I'm having a blast in the open worlds and with most of the new content in general, in regular missions, I feel like empty nodes where I will not find any teammates are appearing way more often than I was used to, across all content but more so in certain cases detailed below.

    To give some context, my internet connection is not bad or limited and I tend to play public most of the time, so I would not expect this perception to be the fruit of a user error.

    I am beginning to suspect that between all available mission nodes, we are seeing a dilution of the player base  (the figure I managed to find on the Wiki is 466 nodes currently contributing to mastery https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Mastery_Rank#Mastery_Points) which are now:

    -The regular star chart

    -The three open worlds (with each bounties and free roam acting as a de facto group of mission nodes)

    -The railjack start chart

    -The steel path star chart

    -The leaches infested nodes

    I am thinking about the steel path in particular because I tend to find it consistently deserted past Earth and some of the same could be said for the leaches controlled nodes.

    I would like to hear the opinion of other players on the matter and what their experience is.




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  6. il y a 9 minutes, Perfectly_Framed_Waifu a dit :

    Didn't take long for that goalpost to move a mile. Theme ≠ Plot, mate.

    No, but there's that one, too. I forgot that Warframe has multiple pole dances. Also, sexy whipping. And giggling. And posing.

    Man, you're triggered. I love it.

    Theme and plot can be used interchangeably in that case because my point was that your where either bad or dishonest when describing it.

    You still have not given me a name for that elusive "pole dancer", so I'm going to assume you pulled that one from your rear end.

    Those animations are secondary details anyway, aka not their one defining trait, this is the problem with Yareli, her whole design is literally centered around being a moe anime idol , which is the core of the problem.

    Warframes should stick with  forces of nature or myth/ tropes as their base, basing a frame around moe dilutes the identity of the game, its not the apocalypse, its  not the end of the game, its a step in the wrong direction as we move yet again away from the space ninja/ dark space opera and more into space battle shounen online.

    That being said, "arguing" with you is sterile anyway as you apparently cannot discuss anything seriously because all you care about is irony, sarcasm and all the other irrelevant stuff that will never make for a cohesive story/lore.

  7. il y a 20 minutes, Perfectly_Framed_Waifu a dit :

    Candy cane-wielding pirates on skateboards rescuing butt-winged lizards to buy stuffed toy animals?

    Sure, and Start Wars VI is about a happy trip to the teddy bear planet, I too can try to make unfunny inaccurate summaries of the plot.

    il y a 20 minutes, Perfectly_Framed_Waifu a dit :

    Pole dancing, on the other hand, is normal Warframe content.

    Are you referring to mirage's gymnastics from her agile animation ?

    il y a 20 minutes, Perfectly_Framed_Waifu a dit :

    Oh, I love how easily my presence unnerves.

    Well yeah trying to aggressively display your lack of taste tends to have that effect

  8. Le 02/06/2021 à 14:29, Perfectly_Framed_Waifu a dit :

    ITT: People hating on a cute girl in a game with pixies and butterfly wings.

    I don't want to sound offensive but your name and avatar are precisely what I don't want this game to be, there are billions of anime games out there, in all forms and genres, and I'm part of the consumer base for those, but it simply DOES NOT matches Warframe's theme, Titania has a thematic reason to be graceful, but a water based magical girl with anime and idol poses ? its does not match the theme, its a direct reference to contemporary pop culture that IMO should not be part of the core game.

    I can understand event items and Easter eggs for fun but for that aesthetic to be pushed directly into what I consider core game/lore is not something I welcome.

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  9. Please DE, instead of nerfing Archwing, consider buffing Kdrives speed instead, GIVE US THE OLD CONTROLL BACK, the new onse are to not fun anymore.

    Also food for thought, but if we could actually do something USEFULL while on k-drive aka use abilites or at least shoot, we wouldn't use archwing all day

  10. Dunno, its not really complicated IMO, just use spore on anything above level 60 and pop the spores on the target with toxic lash, if you have a decent range, you will instantaneously spread the spores to like 10 ennemies, going on like that is pretty easy IMO, a good way to get the spores to extend is to throw some misama in the mix so that the ennemies die from miasma and and not spor and thus spreat the spores even more, and you can always recast it.

  11. il y a 15 minutes, Artek94 a dit :

    Well i described it right there, didn't i? Using the same 1-2 abilities from safety of a corner of the map.

    Apparently the new Saryn is overpowerd in Sanctuary Onslaught. She can cast cast spores and then LITERALLY go afk in a corner while spores murder everything.


    Yeah a mode that is literaly "lets cram a lot of ennemies  and 4 warframes into a shoebox and see what happens" isn't exactly the benchmark of all gameplay, not my fault of DE created this abomiantion of a gamemode that makes de facto every AOE ability broken.

  12. Le 20/04/2018 à 22:21, (PS4)wulvyrn a dit :

    Current rivens will be converted into endo.

    This broken system needs to be removed and other end game rewards need to be put in.


    Trade channel is toxic for the price.  5000 plat for a mod.  Is this hat the devs really want?  It will break the player base.  This game needs things to strengthen the community, not divide it like the Grand canyon.

    De put the riven mods in PRECISELY because it would create a ridicuous haves and have not situation, they literaly are like CS:GO skin, they are awarded randomly, how hard you work for it doesn't matter, only luck and of course whales are ready to dish out obscene amounts of plats for them, and plat isn't growing on trees....  what did you expect ?

  13. Le 20/05/2018 à 16:29, Artek94 a dit :

    The Saryn was reworked again because the synergy of her skills felt forced and her 2nd and 3rd skills were almost useless.
    There was literally only 2 ways to play her: spam spores everywhere to spread the viral or do the setup of Molt > Spores > Miasma to nuke the room you are in.

    The rework brought about general quality over her entire kit and made her less of one-trick-pony. I see that as a good thing.
    Unfortunately, as it is often the case. there happened to be some unforseen consequences to that. So now DE have to adress that because - and i said these words so many times im getting tired of repeating them - DE had showed CLEAR pattern of disliking passive gameplay styles that revolve around spaming same set of abilities from safety of a corner of the room and are slowly, one by one, they adress all the Warframes (or weapons) that can do that.

    That's why Ash has to look at the enemy in order to assassinate.
    That's why Ember got... whatever she got.
    That's why Banshee's augment was changed (although i would argue it made her even worse, so look up to nerf of that).
    That's why suicidal Trinity is most likely to be adressed in the near future.
    That's why Mesa now requires some general imput from the player to aim at the potential victims, instead of being an all-seeing turret.
    That's why LoS was added to melee, radial blind and many other things.

    The pattern of nerfing passive low-effort high damage output across a large area tools is clear and i would propose to people to take any tool that is capable of that with a grain of salt, because its a very likely event that its going to get nerfed at some point, one way or the other.

    I'm sorry, but that's just how this is, this is how DE see their game being played, and frankly - i agree with them.

    I'd like you and DE to define "passive" because the new Saryn is legit the only frame in years where I find myself using all 4 abilities of her kit, if warframes like ember exist, I don't see why her spore should not have a right to exist as well, saryn is a DPS frame after all, she is entitled to a good damage dealing ability,  frankly she is supposed to be "op" but if she gets nerfed I will just go back to my Mesa and enoy that sweet DPS combines with 95% DR of her 3, meanwhile Saryn gets regenerative molt as a defensive ability and thats it, I just don't see the logic here.


  14. ^title

    WTB unrolled/low roll baza riven for 200P

    WTT a decent baza riven for

    -Euphona prime fervacron +120% crit +40% reload speed

    -Opticor corniata +230% damage +90% fire rate -30% ammo max*

    -Tenora zeticron +188% crit chance -113% recoil (no recoil) -20% damage to greneer



  15. Good point, snipers are now outclassign DMRs by a long shot, when I look at the Grinlok and the Latron, I really feel like they could use some critical chance, I'm fine with their damage but 15% crit chance is just way way to low to make them viable.

  16. I came back to warframe after TWW release, Happy to enjoy the new content, the quest was nice, the new tileset looks good.

    Then I rolled my riven mod.

    Tonkor: -recoil +zoom

    Now I'm here, knowing I have a long way to go before being even on par with a lot of high level players without buying for thousangs of plats the mod I'd like from the lucky few who rolled something decent.

    What where you thinking DE ? I wasted 3 hours of my time just to get a middle finger from the game and a reminder of why I had stoped playing in the first place:


    R-N-FLIPPIN-JESUS, Now  I'm sitting on top of yet another mechanic I'll havge to sink hundreds of hours into to get a CHANCE of getting what I want, this is insane, I hunderstand the grind, its end game stuff after all, but for god's sake please give me a reward I can PREDICT, I want to KNOW what I get for the time I spend.

    The quest was enjoyable but this feels like a slap on the face, I planed to get back into Warframe but this is just to much, I can't sink that sort of time into a video game anymore, there is to little to gain, I'll just play my steam backlog and wait to see how things turn out.

  17. No, clearly and definitely.

    Since PC players can't get tennogen items in plat, I'm opposed to any expention of tennogen, its only my opinion, but tenngen skins a largely overprices, 6€ for a skin is just not something I can accept, I got Worfenstein the New Order for 5€ on sales, for that pricetag I just can get anything else,  that why I always wait for 75% discounts, 2€ for a skin is perfectly ok, and I'm more than happy to pay for it (I have spent like 400€ into this game overall) so if DE want me to spend more, they better release more cosmetics I can buy in plat, why even buy plat at that point if it doesn't cover all our expenses in game ?

  18. On lundi 30 mai 2016 at 6:29 AM, -Mr.Meeseeks- said:

    We have to nerf Trinity into the ground. We have to make it so those who enjoy playing support roles in team-based games need to compromise by playing Oberon or Equinox. They can't be allowed to play a frame that is specifically meant for support and absolutely have to play a hybrid of damage + support.

    Yeah, sure, lets force people who don't like generic warframes to play them, I'm sure its gonna turn really @(*()$ well..................................

    I want to play tank/healer and I want to continue to do so, if I'm forced to play either Oberon or Equinox, I'll just switch to Loki or Nyx, anything that has a clear role and a coherent kit,  no way I play those jack of all trades master of none frames who don't have any cohesion in their kits, you are just hating trinity players, you wan her to be as mediocre as those 2 underplayed warframes and eventually you'll get what you want: no one playing healer because they all suck.

    Trinity got DESTROYED in the recent update while making bless ignore self inflicted damages would have been enough, it consistently made her only useful for EV, making her the most boring warframe to play and waiting for another nerf, this is a big middle finger to all trinity payers and mains who have seen their warframe loose 75% of her usefulness.

    Keep going, make sure everyone is turned out of this game by the terrible "balance" choices of this game.

  19. Just now, XaelathRavenstorm said:

    No destruction happened, gameplay/mechanics change gives more co-op, communication and teamwork now. The days of 99% mindless global damage reduction are over.

    OK, I know it belong to the Trinity feedback thread, I know it sounds weird, but I'm not saying trinity was fine, I'm saying maybe, just MAYBE that there are numbers that exist between 99.9% and 40% top, there is a middle ground between the two, nerfing something to the point its useless is R-E-T-A-R-D-E-D, things should be adjusted sightly, put a cap on blessing (80 to 90%) and make bless ignore self inflicted damage while keeping the 50M range: done, you have an ability that allows her to provide some significant boost to her allies and to help them in raid/ sortie AND to be a warframe you can take in a solo mission but isn't game-breaking

    About teamwork and communication: BS, period, it wont make poeple communicate more, ever, teamwork in warframe is a joke, being teamed with randoms is like playing Russian roulette, that why I play trinity in pubs, even if I get a negative strength nova (yes it happened) in sortie, I can stand on my own.

  20. 20 hours ago, XaelathRavenstorm said:


    well deserved nerfs my friend, I own all those frames and they got really boring, these nerfs are what they need. More plays, management, different mod setup + more warframe diversity.

    If you don't wanna play no one's stopping you but I'm telling you, you're not getting the big picture here.

    Please, stop with the "diversity" bs, diversity is a buzzword, all you are doing is shaking the META, in ANY situation, the will ALWAYS be a meta, no matter how much "diversity" you try to include, now about the nerfs we "deserve" more like DE are to blame for irresponsibly releasing powerful stuff and then taking it back, what did you expect ? people took time to properly  forma and level their gear, they expect results, now you are taking those results away, of course people are gonna be pissed.

    Not to mention the way frames are being nerfed, Trinity took a tactical nuke in the face while other frames no less powerful remain untouched, whats up with that, ? instead of destroying her, MAYBE DE could have caped the bless to 90% or something like that and MAYBE EV could have been properly adjusted ? I feel like the balance in this game is done like a hearth operation with a chainsaw, no slight adjustments, its all about nuking something and making it useless.

  21. 1 minute ago, Cryostasisprotoss said:

    For that same reason I told you that people have clear taste and that is no reason to say that x warframe is bad if you don't even try it. There are a lot of people that like equinox, banshee or oberon its just that for the meta there are not welcome I had  a lot of problem when making a team because people just play meta frost nova ash and trinity and there are other ways to do the same. People that trash other warframe is because they haven't try it. As you said they have a clear taste for certain frame but you don't have to trash others.

    I have at least 2 formas on all frames, if I don't play a frame the is a reason for it, Oberon's kit doesn't interest nor impress me and Equinox's is all over the place and can hardly be fully exploited, I gave them a try, and I didn't liked them because they where side grades and to generic.

  22. 6 minutes ago, Cryostasisprotoss said:

    Do you know why there are few that play with equinox or oberon?  Because people are afraid to change, to see different gameplays styles. Do you know? Equinox healing is not strong as trinity or oberon however she has cc a ton of cc with her 2 and 3 with augment you can lock down enemies pretty easily with the 2 and with the 3 you get 80% slow that its costant unlike nova and also you defuff enemies up to 86% more or less in the inner circle and 65% in the outer circle. Also in the day form you have the strongest scaling damage in the game with maim and you get a bonus of power strength for your allies. Tell that is a bad frame now. I understand the frustration about trinity but this is the time to change. Look for other frames, with what DE did here was change the meta almost completely.

    The thing is, I have clear tastes about warframes: I'm not interested by damage dealing frames whatsoever, they don't scale and they are not needed as my weapons are doing damage just fine, thats why my main frames are Nyx, Nova and Trinity, they all add something else than damage, weather it is survivability, cc or invisibility at times with Loki, I'm not afraid of change, I have found a warframe I like, and I see no reasons to use a sub par version of that warframes that sacrifices what I like for something I dont like, its simple as that, So stop taking my words like I'm a child or an idiot and accept that poeples have CLEAR tastes.

  23. 1 hour ago, Ibro156 said:

     And Oberon and Equinox having a decent fighting chance against Trinity healing. What DE was well done. It has revived some of the weaker warframes and having being used a lot more.

    More like now trinity is on the level of garbage that where Oberon and Equinox for healing but without the cc and damage abilities....

    Are we even playing the same game, because in the dimension I live and in the version of warframe i play, NOONE plays Equinox and Oberon because they SUCK, they are "jack of all trades, master of none" frames that cant to anything decently compared to specialized warframes, now that Trinity, a warframe without any cc, damage or invisibility has lost her damage reduction capabilities, she will just serve as a walking battery, DE left EV untouched, leting poeple spam continuously spam their 4 and managed to make playing trinity a pain in the &#! as she lost a good chunk of her survivability, well done, I totally dont regret spending 145€ right now .....

  24. I'm actualy really pessimistic because I know this isn't the only nerf Trinity will get and she will be Mag tier verry soon, let me explain:

    There where 2 kinds of complains about Trinity:

    >the permanat 99% DR

    >the EV spam

    Right now, blessign got nerfed into the ground, yeah, its still a good healing ability, but lets face it, noone used Bless for healing, poeple looked for damage reduction, because it helped her standing on her own, right now, she has only her link, wich has a limited range and isn't enough for higher level mission, can help mitigate the damage, this is a problem, now trinity is reduced to a dumb healer who must hide behind her teammates and spam her EV, EV trin is now the only build that remains, making her the most boring thing to play in the history of video games, and leaving intact the problem of overabundant energy.

    To be honest, I'd rather have trin ignore self damage for her bless so she can't permabless anymore, making blessing a high risk, high reward ability AND nerf the amount of energy she gives to her allies, this would still allow her to stand on her own despite her lack of CC, damage or invisibility than what we have right now, because not only did DE let 1 aspect of the problem out but its obvious this aspect will also receive a nerf, making her even worse, whats the point ? what is the incentive to use her when a furis with wind of purity and zenuric or energy pizzas are doing the job just fine ? I may as well just go for loki, nyx or nova.

    tl:dr I think that damage reduction is the core feature of trinity and that nerfing bless like that is not a good idea minor changes like ignoring self damage would sufice, moreover, EV remains untouched while its clear it should give less energy to her teammates, overall, trinity has now lost a big chunk of her survivability, making her more dependent of her teamates, wich is not a good idea because it makes playing her a burden.


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