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  1. Yeah, with those sentence forming skills I'd be stressed too and want to call other people kids.
  2. Sounds like someone needs a drink, yeah? I don't think they'll release anything at midnight.
  3. That does not say, "we're trying to push for this week".
  4. I'd rather it be broken and rushed so they meet their deadline and appear professional instead of appear as an indie developer studio, which they're not.
  5. As one of my earlier posts mention, they want to appear humble and patient, but don't realize they look like the other 500+ people who said it before them.
  6. Only problem with that is that'll mean DE will have to back out on their word, "this week". Not a good display for the public eye.
  7. I actually choked at this dude thinking anyone would believe him when he said "anonymous sources". It will probably release tomorrow, but they've dropped patches late before, I don't know if you all forgot about when Sacrifice was released, but I believe it was around 6 PM London, Ontario time.
  8. "+ fakely xD deal with Destiny 2 free marketing" I have no idea what this means, and I'm going to play devils advocate and say they've had a lot of time to work on "Fortuna", when it's released I doubt it'll even be polished that much. But this is just DE, and DE will always have these dudes who believe in exiling the people who think it should of been released last week, 2 days ago, 3 days ago, 1 year ago etc. I love Warframe, but I don't like waiting 4 years for a 15 minute quest line. (Not talking about Fortuna in particular, but rather war within, second dream etc), but Witcher 3 took 3 1/2 years to make. 240 people worked on Witcher 3 and got it out in 3 1/2 years, 200 people working on Warframe. Yes, we all understand they'll take their time with releasing Fortuna, but I'm pretty sure it's overhyped. I think people have this idea that saying, "let them take their time." makes them humble, just makes you look like the other 500+ people who said it before you. Don't take my harsh observations and criticism as hate towards DE, I love Warframe, and I love the dev team. I want them to succeed. I just don't agree with the logic of, "let them take their time".
  9. You guys really want this, huh. I leave for lunch and I come back to 61 pages. You are all insane.
  10. Be that as it may, he should be in the support area, not on this thread where that post is irrelevant.
  11. You should probably speak english in the english forums.
  12. In my experience it's usually 2pm canadian time. Give them time. I know you're anxious, you've been posting about it all day, just chill dude. Go watch twitch, youtube, a movie, get lost in a video game you like, just forget the update is coming and soon enough it'll be here before you know it.
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