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  1. Top is original, bottom is the recreation. I currently don't have the PoE captura scene unlocked yet, so I did what I could with the scenes I had. Executioner Garesh took the role of the Dax soldier because of his oddly shaped helmet, and I think it didn't turn out too badly. I wasted hours literally bullet jumping, aim gliding, enemy spawning, and ability spamming just to get the position on both Volt, his shield, and the target. It's insane how difficult it is to get volt to lean backwards mid air and shoot lighting forwards at the same time, without looking like he's trying to catch a basketball. I prioritized the positioning of Volt's head and hand, so his legs unfortunately contorted from getting ready to land. It took a lot of coffee and getting dizzy to finally get a decent enough result, but regardless, I had a bad time fun. ^^;
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