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  1. This should go for ALL Railjack mission.... after 5 minutes, a mission is completed if not a new one is started the player should by default Be forced to enter the Host: Dry Dock "Mission completed". # Earth # Saturn # Void Happens in all of the locations constantly.... no exceptions
  2. If a mission in RAILJACK is completed... Please for THE LOVE OF GOD... make it Force-Extraction-mode after 5 minutes! to prevent ppl from having to be FORCED to abort... i have lost around 300k titanium to stupid extractions now... I want to keep my loot and i wont ever get my ~19hours of time back for this... because we cannot extract. PLEASE @DE_Adam @De_Arashi @[DE]Megan @[DE]Rebecca@[DE]Adam@[DE]Connor
  3. Upon completing a mission in VOID :: Navigation becomes disabled for HOST. Unable to interact with frame or Tenno with Navigation to extract/finish mission. only option is to abort. MESA :: leaving Crewships while her nr2+3 is enabled, makes screen black. Ending up in "void" unable to press anything, no abilities, not even "Q" for teleport/OMNI Crewships ignore AMESHAS (ability 1 active) :: One-shot the Frame/player with the missile. Pic1 Pic2 Railjack needs an "Force interact with Navigation" option as HOST by press "ESC > Navigation" In-case that the navigation console aint working, the host must somehow be able to Extract "complete" the mission without be forced to abort. (Always happens if started from Dojo:Dry Docks) Enable in Railjack mission the option to somehow "Complete and go to dry dock" or forcefully open Navigation "option" even if the console on floor aint working. Options need to implemented to RELOAD-UI "fixing a Stuck-situation" such as Default teleport reset options while in mission to like the "start point of entering railjack ship" Unlimited /unstuck (( If it cannot first time fix it by moving the player 5meter forward/backwards, the unstuck option shall teleport the player to a position nearby (not in archwing) where he/she can move and be immune for 3 seconds) to respond to the unstuck command))
  4. Any response to this?? @Rebecca @Megan @DE_Adam
  5. Railjack - Sentinel Ship (Prevent from being done first). There need to be a fix on the VOID missions when the sentinel (hanhou-type) Ship coming up. Preventing players from actully doing the SHIP first, thus if they dont get their "items", they leave... This a huge problem for others since they can not always compelete the missions. Nor when new people join after sentinel ship is done, they leave if they know it is been cleared. People joining after sentient ship been cleared and "they looted one of the SHEDU parts" it should ALSO be granted to ALL in the squad, Even if some new players joined after that tileset was cleared but the mission isnt finished.!
  6. Game need unlimited "UNSTUCK" command, this should if used in railjack ALWAYS bring you to Cockpit "on the floor"... not inside floor, or below... or outside in space... - Way to many possible places to be stuck on Crewship blowing up, or you entered 0,2sec before it blow up and "poof now your in the void... black space. unable to do absolutely nothing"! ---------------------------------- Vote Kick "AFK-DEAD players that didnt want to res // Or used up all their resses. - This should be active after a 2-3min "AFK-DEAD", so we on Railjack can bring in fresh viable-alive ppl to complete a mission and not carry-DEAD-Bodies.. in every literly VOID mission!
  7. Railjack :: "Using archwing" --- Flying fast and shooting - frame blocking sight! * While flying fast with archwing its litterly impossible see where the enemy is, which direction they quickly swap toward.... SOLUTION: force the FRAME to absolut BOTTOM RIGHT/LEFT corner "based on which side you prefer the frame on. (in my opinion i must have the character/frame on my right or i cant control or walk properly.) ----------------------------- This is how it should look like ALWAYS when AIMING! NOTE: REDUCE "SPLATTER" AOE EFFECT! ---------------------------------- ---------------------------------- NOTE: This picture only add a full-zoom in "perfect view" when NOT MOVING.... "basicly gonna ask for dying". .... should be same view when flyhing and using "AIM"
  8. Wish the HANGAR had atleast 1000 or up to 20000 margin to actully build something cool and fancy of the place, barely can build anything with the limitation...
  9. Railjack :: Archwing - Quick teleport back to slingshot. * Using "Middle mouse" while in archwing... should teleport the player back to SLINGSHOT.!! NOTE: Upon using "Slingshot" from inside the ship, we are forced to use the default Pistol /secondary weapon. Archwing weapon wont be initiated.
  10. RAILJACK :: "Objective" Doors keep locked for other players. if only 1 of 4 was inside doing the consoles and stuff. Note: ran through every console in-ship/satelite... none interactive to open or unlock the door. This needs a FIX.
  11. VOID/STUCK - Major concern... cant write in chat "unstuck"... if HOST, you cant either finish quest but has to Abort mission. There is no OPTION to fix this.... we just did a grind over 13000+ resources per unit.. - Because i got to crash game and cant extract "Because i was in a crewship" when mission completed i got Blackscreen, ... Cant write, use chat for unstuck nor can i make someone else extract us.... MISSION COMPLETE :: STUCK IN ENEMY CREWSHIP ** Upon completing a mission, and a player inside a Crewship. they end up in the VOID /Blackscreen, Cant use chat or move... or type. Timer stopped, ship vanished... wasnt teleported, it kinda behaved as game FROZE. - Solution: Force teleport the player back to the Main Railjack ship (as reset) since we cannot reloadui / unstuck... as chat breaks. Edit: Still no extraction... mission been going on and on... but it said "mission complete" People said Warframe added an "Force-Extraction" timer after mision completed... BUT NOTHING! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- MISSION/COMPLETION PREVENTED MISSION FAILS TO COMPLETE :: OBJECTIVE DONE BEFORE REQUIRED KILLS ** If someone rush for objective, all crewships and fighters "flee" and leaving map, causing it to be unable to be finished. (no enemies to kill means = abort mission). - Solution: Prevent enemies from ESCAPING until both Objective or Figter/Crewship is done first. Thus: Doesnt matter in which order it is completed to ensure mission completion. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- MISSION :: NO OMNI! MISSION ISSUE :: OMNI VANISH FROM GEAR // UNABLE TO RESTORE! ** When this happens it litterly causes the "Mission to fail" as you cannot repair ship. every now and then (mostly when join OTHERS ships) The OMNI vanishes from GEAR-Wheel. Preventing the player(s) from using the Omni to repair haul-damages. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- RAILJACK :: Archwing (Energy Issue) ** When exit Railjack or Crewship the player should always get the 5energy/seconds for 20 seconds - to Archwing. This helps the fight against enemies aswell get defensives up on archwing or offensives. (most time deaths happens in space) = No energy = No offensive/defenses! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- RAILJACK :: Archwing Weapons not withdrawn in RJ missions... ** When playing with randoms its tooo frequent your melee + range "archwing weapons" get stuck-equiped when entering the RJ ship again, thus also prevents you from using either of them if you going out to space again! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- DOJO :: DRY DOCK (Ship Glitch-Bugs) # Skin: SUNGEM RAILJACK SKIN - Issue: Text "named ship" ends like 2meter BELOW ship, ... in the air? hello? (didnt know you could paint the air itself!) ------------------------------------- ---------------------------- RAILJACK :: Resource Crates "Cannot be marked" Note: No indication of "contains or are a resource crate/box" ------------------- ------------------- IVARA PRIME :: BUGS - Prowl (TO STRONG GLOW) needs to be reduced "space-ness" by 60% Note: I want to see the Jellies in the Prowl(Stealth)... it is sad Designers didnt impliment the most important future in the stealth! its to distracting in missions and to Gloowy in some dark spaces, Feels like a flashlight (shouldnt be so!) - Prowl Randomly makes the ENTIRE FRAME vanish... not a trace of it... "obliteration?" (can only see equiped Attachments... sadface!) Note: happened garanted 4 times on a 5-round mission with people in the mission... cant replicate - happens randomly and to frequently... need to leave prowl and re-enter to make it work again. SEDNA :: HYDRON (as i only farmed there so faar). ------------------- ------------------- ------------------- ------------------- full source of pictures https://imgur.com/a/SeF3uvJ
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