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  1. i just reformed my entire dojo and was about to decorate it today... However its IMPOSSIBle. as soon i placed a single item (blue or yellow) it becomes entirely invisible.... Can @DE_Adam help sort it out quickly please?? Photo Album Source: https://imgur.com/a/Zsx0rii All items has been placed, Though they glow red is becuase i got my mouse over it to see it - They are under construction.
  2. @[DE]Megan How much KUVA are we talking about? 6000 ?
  3. NO update or fix on the Baruuks Elude? The visual blur/Flash still shows for other playes - this was fixed to other wouldnt see it... but now its back! please can this be fixed and can we get a new animation so that we can play the frame Those of use who got epilepsi would like to play the frame without getting attacks and start shaking on the floor... @[DE]Megan
  4. @[DE]Megan Can we get some replies please regarding A. Will we be able to change and/or Lock the profile "stance" of our Warframe and Operator? (unurai-madurai stance) - Warframe Agile stance. B. Will there be any updates to DOJO in regards to delete random rooms without force of the children-related room linking? (Not having to remove other rooms to remove main one?) C. Regarding the SORTIE rewards (3day booster, forma) can these be increased to be more of valued? 5x forma / 15 day Booster? - Appriciate to hear some feedback about it.
  5. "Getup"? you mean Setup? @[DE]Megan
  6. Now they just need to replace the "BLUR-Flash-Vibration-Lightning" effect to something better. more friendly for us who suffer from it. i really hope a fix for this is comming really soon.
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