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  1. The overall frame is nice. So I don't have much to say. Ability synergy is good in general. Can do a lots of damage without being a overkill nuke. Which is more or less balance to my point of view. Survival is above casual, as you can abuse the switch between Shadow & Frame without including the Passive making sort of immortal. And with Rolling Guard working on all 3 forms, that make his almost impossible to die with a decent gameplay while using him. I got not much to say for what is positive as its just good at it is. Although there is 2 important negative side of it. Gloo
  2. You comparing Orphix to Eidolon but there is nothing to compare. A very simple gameplay. Take Hildryn press 4 then take nech press 4, bombard everything with Arquebex. Win And a complexes gameplay that include. Amp arcane proc, Madurai school & Unairu school. Lure keeper, Limb DPS, Shield DPS, Positioning knowledge, Spawn knowledge etc etc. Just nah, don't compare low level gameplay with higher level gameplay. 206h of what ? 6x3 ? 2x3 ? I hope you based on 3x3 cause not everyone do even 5x3. In the other case we would be at ~400h of Eidolon Hunting. Pretty close t
  3. Didn't realize on early time, when I did the post. But you right, and its sort of OP compare to before. I fixed my post
  4. You can oneshot Crewship without the mod anyway. Making it useless. You only need to let the AI crew gunner shoot a little bit on the Crewship to apply Damage & Status. Since you take 1 year to charge up the Dome, your crew will apply plenty of status already for you. To be honest the FA is so slow to charge up that it is only fair that it do an enormous amount of damage. It the mod stay useless at it is right now, I wouldn't care for real. What could be interesting to see though, is a Fire rate mod for FA
  5. There were only proud to show off how they nerfed Tether, making other Battle avionic shine off. They didn't mention about the huge amount of complain about Taxi Railjack & Warframe Energy problem. And if they plan to do something about it. DE should really take an example to Mihoyo, that make a survey after each major update, in order to grab an accurate point of view of the community. Im sure they will have a lot of surprise of how bad the general review is. Cause judging the community "point of view" by looking at the usage & popularity is just wrong. They only survey I
  6. The point is not to remove stuff, but add options. So that every one have they share of mission liking. Like they did when they added Orphix for Arcane drop. Its open to other player liking, I'm personally did hunting a lot about 3k cap so I don't care about this addition but if they removed Hunting for Orphix here I will be mad. It same for those Defense & Extermination , some people might like it. So let's not remove them. But I agree that we should get Skirmish for Corpus as addition not replacement.
  7. Thank I already knew the answer, its not the first time I try it. Now that I gave you my proof, I will ask again. Do you have any screenshot showing that you can proc status on Sentient ?
  8. "Reawaken" specific mod for Djin. We seriously should have it available for every sentinel. So if your lose your sentinel by mistake, you just have to wait for new one. But in contrast, if you sentinel start dying at some point, it will keep dying along the mission.
  9. Use Lavos, And you will get Ability cooldown with no cost for RJ
  10. Their adaptation is a damage reduction. Now if you can proc Status "Effect" on them. I would very much want to see a screenshot of it.
  11. Talking about if we do care how fast we leveled thank to Giant point. This took me the first day only. You can trust me, I'm not actively looking for loot cave. Cause I already have what I need. I'm honestly looking for Giant point gameplay that DOESN'T include ground mission.
  12. So because you agree to it, we can't have our ? Some people like Survival, other prefer Excavation / Disruption / Defense in the star chart. We have choice, so pretty much everyone have their share of pleasure. In Railjack EVERYONE must do at least 1 Ground mission. And we can't have our option mission without Ground mission like the old Giant point ? That a very selfish argument of you here. We don't ask to remove what you like about Railjack. We ask that we have our share of mission type. DE deliberately removed it from us . . .
  13. Give me 1, only 1 very example that of Space fight mission that doesn't FORCE anyone to a SINGLE ground mission. Name me only 1 mission, Corpus like Grineer.
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