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  1. Seeing you guy working to give some change is nice. But honestly, that still not enough to make the frame interesting.
  2. So in other word if I do want to use everything and the kitchen sink, I must play Kuva & Ganum weapon for their 40 capacity. Which mean I limit my selection to only a few weapon if I really want to get the full advantage of my mods ? So DE try to balance Gun & Blade to improve the variety of selection, yet don't see the problem with 60 capacity on Gun, versus 70 capacity on Blade ( Yes thank to stance ), and 80 capacity on Kuva. Thank to explain me how lower grade mods to free some slot capacity. I was actually too stupid to not see that. Next time I will learn to play with only R0 mods so I'm sure all of them fit.
  3. Please explain me how I'm suppose to equip any of those new mods ? I'm full forma, each slot with the right polarity and I'm still at 0 / 60 I can not even equip amalgam to begin with. Understand as well that I cannot properly have different Elemental build because of Cold being the only Varazin polarity
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