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  1. Just got back from an almost 3 months hiatus assuming it would be fixed by now, hahaha... haha... ha...
  2. I can't wait for them to dismiss it as "oh yeah, this is totally intended" as if allowing an already poor weapon with no access to Riven mods to not be complete trash was actually the bug all along.
  3. Good on you my dude, that's way more commitment to fixing Garuda than DE has ever shown.
  4. TFW you take a one-month break to play PSO2 and Garuda is still broken and DE still hasn't said a word about it. See y'all next month I guess.
  5. SP Derelict nodes don't give mastery. Just did the SP Derelict Exterminate for the first time and my mastery didn't change at all. It's also stated on the wiki :
  6. Alright, please calm down, keep it civil and focus on the actual issue. And let's all drink to another week without any Garuda fix !
  7. Not like it would break the weapon anyway, all it would do is put in on equal footing with other melee weapons.
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