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  1. WTT for any Lith or Meso relics possible in game for Requiem Relics I, II, II IV https://imgur.com/a/gxHw96v All existing relics in game right now: Lith K6 A4 B8 C7 C8 G4 I1 P5 T4 T6 Meso P5 T5 Z4 C6 D6 I1 N11 P4 R4
  2. I looking for 3-1 , ever if you had all stats I would pass.
  3. WTB Flux Rifle Riven 1000p or more Looking for: +Damage +Multishot +Critical Chance OR Status Chance Curse: -Ammo Maximum -Magazine Capacity -Projectile Speed -Reload Speed -Recoil -Zoom PM In-Game chat Discord chat Husarius#8351 also add me in game as friend with your message and/or note I'm usually online from 10am to 10pm CET
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