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  1. WTB Vermisplicer Riven 1000p or more Looking for: +Damage +Multishot +Critical Chance Curse: -Ammo Maximum -Magazine Capacity -Projectile Speed -Reload Speed -Recoil -Zoom PM In-Game chat Discord chat Husarius#8351 also add me in game as friend with your message and/or note I'm usually online from 10am to 10pm CET
  2. Adding new player to friends list and Profile check results - Failed to connect the server I have few person which arent online, after checking them Game Profile by right click on thier nick name show up info spat: Failed to connect the server. This is serve side bug form few years ago or they are banned? Sombody occur similar problem and have answer? I wanna trade with them but they arent online, 6 persons has this issue.
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