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  1. One thing I wish de does this time is actually visit the dojo's, rather then judging videos/pics. At least of their top five in each group
  2. I dont think they did. Wasnt this the reason they got so much flack for picking the winners last time
  3. Clan name: Sic Semper Ad Victoriam Clan tier: Shadow Clan Clan platform: xbox 1 Your Clan role: Warlord/architect feature image Hi, DE I wanted to share my dojo with you. Firstly. I wanted to say this took a lot of farming and donations from our clan and when they became tapped out on, materials from the Devils Advocates alliance where extremely helpful. Without their donations this would dojo not exist. Ok about the dojo and how it was created. The dojo is a max room capacity highly decorated dojo. The only rooms not decorated are the reactors. When designing the layout of the dojo I wanted to make sure that no door lead to nowhere or undecorated rooms because I think every room should have a purpose. If you go to a doorway in the dojo it should go someone and not be a dead end. I made sure to conceal all doorways that said max room count reached. So what’s special about our dojo. I wanted to make the dojo a place do things not just trade and get materials. We have 8 unique dueling rooms, and 6 unique custom obstacle courses, three fast paced parkour courses, one hard parkour course, one weapons course and one shooting range. We also have an obstacle course made out of hallways. The hallway obstacle course was made before the custom obstacle course was a thing and you can race tenno simultaneously. On to the decorations. Our spawn point features quick access to trading and dojo rooms. I wanted to keep our pre dojo remaster décor but I added some waterfalls and hidden passages Chem lab- I turned it into an orokin themed lab. You cant tell it’s the chem lab when you walk in Bio lab- I want to make this lab seem like an experiment I hid all of the infected enemies except the center and it is has a vein extracting infested DNA Tenno lab – I made this lab into a frozen cave, it was excellent for using the snow because of the tight quarters Energy lab-I blocked off most of this lab and you see the main robot, it looks like he is the main merchant. The lightning bolt also give off the idea that he is forging energy weapons Orokin lab- I built a dojo robot inside area the immediate to the left. It looks like he has is harnessing energy. This lab also has a large room underneath it that takes advantage of the skybox. It took hours just to find a large enough area to take advantage of this space. Description of Clan halls The first clan hall has a dual purpose. It is a Noggle shrine and music Room. I was able to make a piano out of orokin parts The second clan hall was intended as a sewer with a river in the center The Third clan hall houses our vehicles. It contains a mech, a car , 2 bikes , a plane , a helicopter a hovercraft, a tank, and a giant spider with a Gatling gun. The fourth hall is the main hall And the fifth clan hall houses 6 dojo guardians mostly from pre dojo remaster era. I consolidated all the old dojo decor into this room and added a few new things. 7 wonders of the dojo The temple- Mayan based temple with 4 rooms, a shack, and underwater entrance, many secret paths, you will have to see. The carnival- This is basically a carnival based room. It features a train, a ferris wheel, a merry go round and fluff ball throw, an hammer shot, and a upstairs. The designs in this room came from ps4 and pc dojos. I wanted to make them my own and put my spin on it. The mall- This room is designed to look like a mall. It has things you’d find in a regular mall, a movie theater, an arcade/game room with (darts, ping pong, dance dance revolution game, 3 video games, air hockey and a pool table) a gym, a pet store, a food court, a place to buy Cetus and Fortuna stuff. And an ice bar that leads to our night club/ gentlemen’ club The mansion- this is a giant house, that features a living room, a kitchen, a bathroom, a greenhouse on the outside, a patio and a path to a spa Zodiac base- built in observatory this offers a dojo defender robot, a docked spaceship and control station a space garden Dragons path- This series of rooms features a knights throne and a path to a dojo dragon. A dragons nest and a forest in flames Mining operations- this is a room that features a drill and a mining operation. It was built in the mosaic garden because I couldn’t delete it. You wouldn’t know it was the mosaic garden as it has been taken over by nature and the mining operation. Finally all hallways and elevators are extensively decorated plus about 6 more rooms I didn’t meantion here Additionally, if my clan is featured I plan on giving 50p to the people who get first on my 6 obstacle course Credit to these non xbox clans as I took some of their original designs and adapted them into my dojo 1. Sushi 2. Kindom of Earth 3. Associates Death. 4 What the Hek, 5. Void Rebels clans Here are pics and a short video https://imgur.com/a/mEdD8xK https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HEtVsvM2JGE&feature=youtu.be
  4. its not for players, its so you can rush decorations
  5. Rules: Video tours must not exceed 3 minutes I guess they didn't like the 30 minute tours. Prepare for 150 pictures, lol
  6. no gift boxes tenno wreath 😞 in dojo
  7. so are they gonna keep rivens. i mean thats basically giving them free platnium if they keep 90 rivens.
  8. great looking at the new baro ui, another downgrade. lets keep destroying the ui in this game DE
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