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  1. All weapons that have Heat on them now have a bright glare that seems to track along with the weapon. It's very blinding and could cause people eye strain. Turning off weapons FX is the only current way to prevent it. You can replicate this by putting Heat on a melee weapon
  2. When getting three quick kills with Pyrana Prime, it spawns the second one, but when it disappears the original one stays in the right hand, thus the animation is bugged. You're firing the gun in your left hand, but the gun its self is actually in your right hand. You can easily recreated this by: Using the Pyrana Prime on a K-drive, and getting three quick kills. I hope this helps, please.
  3. So... it was the thing I was looking forward to the most. Even though it wasn't really advertised as much as everything else. Is this it? It's, the coolest looking weapon I've ever seen, and it does mostly status and only electric damage.................why It's built up like this high tech rail gun, and you're telling me it has Barely any Critical chance and can't surpass lvl50 enemies...... Is this weapon a joke weapon? Sorry if this is bad feedback :,( Edit: Impact was really being pushed for its changes, why not add impact since it's a status weapon?
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