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  1. Why not? It's a high mobility third person action game. It should work. I would guess the reason it failed is due to some radical PvP ideas that DE had, like: Don't punish cheaters. Don't fix exploits. Matchmake new players (using the default empty loadout) with veterans. Oops! These are bad ideas. (Who would have guessed?) Yes, maybe they can start with fixing the three points above.
  2. I tried this a while back too, same birds & stones idea. As far as I can tell, after the first acolyte they just don't spawn properly in Disruption (same flashing lights but nobody shows up). Borked indeed.
  3. Yes, currently you have to slow down in non-endless missions or risk not getting any reward at all. If you finish an exterminate mission too fast, then you won't get an acolyte to spawn. This is kind of nice since it lets you bring totally non-meta stuff since the objective is to be as slow as possible. But it does have the downside that if you don't pay attention to the enemy counter you might still finish too fast and get nothing. It certainly would be nice if acolyte spawns were triggered by "objective completion," perhaps with extra anti-exploit measures like "objective completion &am
  4. Yes please! These kinds of PvP mini-events were super fun.
  5. Yes, (ignoring the obvious necro) Protea's 4 completely Anti-Synergizes with the game itself. It directly impedes your ability to move from point A to point B, and it doesn't really give you much to compensate for this. It lets you spam abilities? Okay, but we have efficiency mods, arcane energize, pizzas, and... I don't know... Protea's 3 which gives a tonne of energy??? It also lets you survive fatal damage, but protea's 1 already lets you do that with the extended shield gate, so what's the point? So all the niches Protea's 4 could possibly find are already found by her other abilitie
  6. EDIT: I made some mistake and now the quote seems to quote myself even though it's actually you. I cannot find a way to change it back. These forums are weird! Unfortunately, yes. Conclave would be great if melee had super mobile high-damage combos but with high-risk. Sadly, the recent (last two years?) melee update carried over to conclave [without a a conclave balance pass] and so you can basically spam melee combos while enjoying 100% melee block to be invincible and also doing huge damage to anybody you encounter. So yes you're correct but it's kind of silly, to the point where most vete
  7. This is the biggest problem I have with rolling guard. I play mostly Conclave, and spend my time using the mobility system to the absolute maximum. I'm rolling at every opportunity - forwards, sideways, or backwards all the time. Rolling guard is useless for me because my playstyle means it's basically always on cooldown whenever I actually need it. It's a really interesting mod, but sadly it disincentivizes actually using a high-mobility playstyle since you need to keep your roll cooldown available. When I play PvE, It basically rewards me for avoiding using the mobility system until a
  8. Basically this. Everything you might want is earned by grind. What you need is slots for the grinded items and catalysts to boost their mod capacity. Beyond that you need forma packs (3x forma for 35p or grinded via relics / other methods) to make your favorite items super powerful. Beyond that, rivens boost your weapons a bit higher, but realistically not by much. If you're okay with performing at 99% instead of 100% you don't need any rivens. Personally, I recommend trying out a bunch of weapons. Find out if there are a couple you really enjoy. Then a riven for those weapons might
  9. I'm a simple man. I come here for the fun Warframe facts.
  10. In Arbitration, the defense target follows a specific player. If this player is camping in a certain spot, then you'll find that the defense target remains in the same area, making it easy to defend with a frame like Khora. However, if the player is running around like there's no tomorrow, then the defense target will too. Source: (from the Wiki Arbitration page) "Defense (except Stöfler node on Lua): The defense objective is a Hexis Operative NPC armed with Telos Akbolto. Unlike Sortie Defense, the Operative follows a chosen player instead of roaming by themselves, and ca
  11. If you replace "PvP" here with "Challenging Team-Based PvE" do you not reach the exact same conclusion?
  12. I think it does work, but it ends up not really being that useful anyway: Remember that Adaptation grants damage resistance against the highest incoming damage type. So for a heavy gunner using a Gorgon, you get 90% impact damage resistance at full stacks. Combined with the 20% from shock absorbers, you then negate all incoming impact damage (according to the additive behavior suggested by the Wiki). But: The Gorgon also has some puncture and slash damage (although much less than impact). Your adaptation does nothing to prevent this damage, and so you'll only get the 20% from shock a
  13. Yes, but it's not really PvP itself that causes this. Any game with challenging gameplay leads to toxicity among immature gamers. This happens regardless of whether that challenge exists in a PvP or PvE form. Warframe's PvE is non-toxic, because it's braindead-level easy. There's never a need to coordinate with your teammates, and so players generally just ... don't communicate at all during missions. It's hard to have a toxic interaction when there's no interaction at all. [Side note: The few instances where coordination was necessary in Warframe's PvE (Eidolon hunts, early Rai
  14. Good luck! She's one of the more difficult frames to farm. (Personally I would farm other things to sell and then buy her with plat.)
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