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  1. Sad but true :( When I first saw a Warframe trailer back in... 2013? It looked so cool, dodging around, sliding from cover to cover, taking precision shots, slicing enemies with nimble yet deadly swords at juuuust the right moment. It looked like an absolute blast, and something that I could really sink my teeth into, learning skills for years - getting better and better every time. I'm not sure what happened to that vision. Nowadays it seems more like "Stack damage reduction, dodging wastes time and the grind is too long. Forget shooting or nimble slices, just hold W and mash E, a
  2. Mag is one of those frames that is really, really powerful. But, you won't see that power without a nice build with maxed mods. As @Hypnos mentioned, she is capable of great damage with her 2, some crowd control with 1,2, and 4, and with augment mod counter pulse on 3. She can survive in high level via shield tanking - by resetting shield gate from pressing 3 whenever shields are down. At lower levels, you can build up overshields with 4 to survive most things very effectively. So, she's a bit of a Jack-of-all-trades, but doesn't do any of them perfectly. If you want a frame for nuking,
  3. It would be a fantastic map for PvP! I really wish this map was used for conclave instead. All in all, yes, it's a very well designed room, clearly made with love and dedication. But it doesn't belong in a grind-game, because the only thing that matters here is "how quickly can I complete this task."
  4. When I subsume a frame, my arsenal defaults to Mag Prime. Not sure why, it's definitely not the oldest frame I have in my inventory.
  5. Wukong received a rework to his abilities (and passive) within the past 2 years. Any warframe that receives a rework is banned from conclave until they can balance the abilities. Ember and Vauban are banned too, even though they were available before their reworks - just like Wukong. We continue to hope that these frames will be balanced for conclave again one day soon.
  6. Yeah, a year and a half ago they actually did do just that! They introduced a new game-mode that was enjoyable for the mode itself, not for its rewards. I remember playing the disruption event so many times and having a blast, even though there was nothing to "grind." Of course, anything gets boring if you play it long enough, but disruption is still my favorite. I'm not sure why they reverted to grind after that. Perhaps their stats showed that disruption wasn't that popular with enough of the playerbase. In any case, they clearly felt that grind was better, and they've stuck with it si
  7. I took a long break from late 2014 until summer 2016. I missed a very large number of events. I then took another break and missed Ambulas Reborn. I wouldn't mind this so much, except DE decided they would have Story & Lore in these events. As it currently stands, I have engaged with everything available to me in Warframe, and I have to say that I don't understand Warframe's story. At all. I have no clue about 90% of the characters, who the Tenno are, sentients, etc... It's all just a jumble to me. It would be fantastic to have these events come back, so I could catch up and actually
  8. For anyone interested in what DE staff had to say, they replied to my support ticket (and in record time, too!): "While making alternate accounts to go through the new player experience is alright, unfortunately any accounts made to circumvent certain account restrictions is prohibited and is a bannable offense. Making completely independent accounts is acceptable." I understand this to mean "as long as you don't trade or gift anything between your two accounts, there's no problem." Which as others point out above, I understand to be a measure against "coupon farming." I cho
  9. Thanks, Spicy! You're right, having a statement from them in writing seems like the best way to go in case things go south. I've submitted a ticket, will see what they say. Miss you too, ever since Bramma came out I've played PvE 100% solo, and mostly playing with conclave friends these days anyway. I still lurk on the discord though :)
  10. Hi there! I've played Warframe for a long time, and I've heard a lot over the years about DE improving the "new player experience." I'm interested in experiencing this for myself, so I'm planning to make a second account. I know that there are some rules about having multiple accounts, things like you cannot trade between your own accounts, etc... So, just to be sure that I'm on the safe side, I will never trade anything with any players on my second account. Just to be sure. However, I may still want to buy plat from DE to use in the in-game market to buy forma / catalysts, etc...
  11. This. 100% this. I love fighting liches. They're so much fun to fight. If I could, I would fight them all day. I would make new and interesting lich varieties, experiment with their behaviors and weaknesses / strengths, vary my loadout to make really interesting and challenging fights, etc... But... If I want to fight a lich, first I have to slog through missions I can do in my sleep for 20 minutes. I can reduce this time by equipping Mesa and just blasting away with 4 in every mission. But then when the lich comes, I want to switch to an interesting frame. Unfortunately, I have no idea w
  12. I mean... The OP literally said prime frames only. You managed not only to list three frames all of which don't have primes. But you also listed a shield tanking frame for umbra mods, two of which boost health and armor. So I think it's quite understandable that people were confused by what you posted.
  13. It's a good question. Since the umbral mods boost ability strength, health, and armor, I definitely would not suggest any frame that uses shields to survive. i.e: definitely not Protea, Hildryn, Mag, etc... Sadly, Inaros is a great choice even though he's the most boring frame in the game (in my opinion). The boost to health and armor is great, and the ability strength can work well with a Helminth ability. For example, you can use Garuda's blood altar to turn him into an even better tank, or Banshee's silence to give him some crowd control in an area around him. There's plenty of good ch
  14. Hi, yes Ooltha can be good! The recent status rework was essentially a big nerf to status weapons, so I suggest building your zaw for crit stats. Zaw parts also have a small effect on base damage but a large effect on attack speed, so I recommend building the fastest zaw you can. With that in mind, what I suggest is: Strike: Ooltha Grip: Peye (for sword) or Seekalla (for staff). [However, this will also effect how the weapon looks, so if you like a certain look then you can switch to something less effective. For example, I really like the Kwath grip, I think it looks gre
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