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  1. Honestly, it's a difficult choice. Radial blind (and the exalted slide attack) use line-of-slight so they're quite limited in the typical horde setting. Other frames have better abilities that accomplish the same goal and more while also not requiring line-of-sight, and the game is balanced for those frames, not Excalibur! My best advice would be to use a different frame altogether that better handles the modern Warframe (total horde madness instead of tactical shooter). Exalibur is really good for missions with limited enemies all approaching from the same direction (Rescue, Exterminate, etc...) but honestly all those tactics end up failing when you have enemies approaching from all sides like in most endless missions. You can make it work by spamming radial blind and/or using some Helminth ability, but at high level there are about a dozen frames that can accomplish the same task while spamming E without even needing to look at the screen. Your choice to continue using an outdated frame for these tasks is admirable and I agree that in general the game itself should be balanced so that all frames are useful in endgame. But they're not. Excalibur in endgame basically means wiping trash mobs while other players using meta frames & weapons are both keeping you safe and clearing all the dangerous enemies. I wish it was better balanced, but it is not.
  2. Due to how enemy resistance scales, you don't really need to worry too much about shields or health. The primary focus should be armor (for high level play). Therefore, it's best in most cases to go with a corrosive & heat build on exalted blade. People tend to mod for corrosive on the weapon itself, with heat as the energy color damage type from Chromatic Blade augment. When it comes to survivability, Excalibur has a decent but finite amount of health and armor. Paired with adaptation this gives a good amount of survivability but drops off at a certain point. (Just like Inaros & Chroma & others also drop off...) If you really want to survive in high level play, you will need to avoid damage, not tank it. I would suggest increasing your range and using your radial blind ability a lot to keep your nearby enemies from attacking you in the first place. At high level any build that relies on tanking damage will always fail compared to a build that lets you avoid damage altogether.
  3. Oops, Sorry! Totally missed the fact that you're on console. I apologize for my mistake, and hope you forgive me. On Console, you have no access to the dedicated servers that we enjoy on PC. So a lot of the advice I gave simply does not apply to you. In your case, I would try to play at various times, and see if I can make some connection with the players who are around. The Conclave discord does have console players, but personally I tend to skip out on conversations that don't apply to me, so I don't know much about what goes on there! (That's not to say there isn't valuable information there, it's just to say that I'm not a good source of information for that!) The best suggestion I can give you is to find other PSN players who enjoy conclave (either through the discord or public matches) and play with them, make personal connections based on self improvement (i.e.: no exploits / standing farm via abuse etc...). My guess is they have their own discord / friend group that you can join! I hope you will accept my apology, I made a mistake!
  4. The best method is: First set your ping limit to maximum. Otherwise, you will get put in empty lobbies even though there are open ones. Ping is not a big problem in Conclave because hit detection is client-side (some of the best players in the North America servers are actually in Australia!). Next, join public matches around / a little after the daily reset. This is when activity is usually the highest. Even if you join a North American dedicated server and there is nobody else there, it typically only takes a couple of minutes for somebody else to join. [Note: this is not true if there has recently been a major PvE update, since Conclave players also enjoy PvE and want the new PvE stuff too! Usually the Conclave players come back around a week after big updates.] When playing, add everybody you meet to your friend list. Then, in the future you can see if Conclave matches are going by opening your communication window even before trying to join one. You'll also notice that DE has some weird systems that force people into empty servers even when there are open ones within the ping limit, so using public matchmaking can be problematic. After a while, you'll join Conclave matches pretty much through the friend list only, never by public matchmaking! You'll also make real friends by doing this, and can share strategies to improve. [The best way is to chat with people around your own skill level and play with them, improving together is a really fun and enjoyable experience! People better than you can give good advice, but typically you won't improve much by punishing yourself playing against them.] You know how successful PvP games have skill-based Matchmaking? DE's answer to this is called "Recruit Conditioning". This means that while you are rank 2 or below in the Teshin Conclave Syndicate you will not be placed in matches with any player who is at rank 3 or above. Of course, this is a terrible way to emulate the skill-based matchmaking of other games, and results in "smurfs" (i.e.: players who keep their rank low to farm new players and boast about their 7:1 k/d ratio). Since recruit conditioning further splits the available servers, you may want to experiment and try with it enabled and disabled to see if you can find a match. My personal experience when new to Conclave was that my difficulty was pretty even between the two, but that may have changed with time. Joining the Conclave discord is a good idea, they have special channels called something like "LFG_Newplayers" or something similar (I forget). It's also generally a good place to try to make friends around your skill level to play with. Again, I want to reiterate that Conclave is always the most fun when you play with others around your skill level. You don't improve when you farm somebody worse than you, and you also barely improve when getting stomped by somebody much better than you. EDIT: Once people get to know you, you'll probably also get invited to other discord servers that are far more selective than the standard Conclave discord. This is also great for making friends and finding matches with people you enjoy playing with. Note: if you abuse obvious exploits or act toxic, you probably won't make friends like this. There are also mods that you earn through Conclave matches and by purchasing from Teshin. These can be helpful for modifying your playstyle and improving outcomes in certain situations, but generally an unmodded player with higher skill will perform better than a modded player with lower skill. So, I wouldn't worry too much about the mods when you're just starting out! Above all, just have fun! If you're in a Conclave match and not enjoying yourself then it's not worth it. If you want the Celestia Syandana / Skins / Mods, then it may distract you from the enjoyment. I suggest playing for fun and earning these rewards passively instead.
  5. It's a real shame that so much of the story was tied up in old events. It means that new players have basically zero chance of understanding the story. (I'm sure the devs regret this decision.) There's no way they'll ever bring back old events, because it would probably take several months of work to make them even somewhat playable.
  6. Yeah! Who needs exclusive rewards for difficult game-modes? The Conclave loot should be rewarded in other game modes! Capture missions should reward Eidolon Shards & Arcanes! There's no reason those elitists who hunt Eidolons should hog all this Eidolon-specific loot.
  7. Plays Steel Path Kuva Survival for 1 hour with no resource booster and no Smeeta luck. "Best Haul" Uhhhh...
  8. This kind of thing has been suggested many, many times over the last year or so. Thankfully, DE listened and reduced the... murmur grind??? You know, the much shorter grind that didn't need reducing. Nobody knows why, but DE apparently really like having this front-loaded capture mission spam farm. Nothing like repeating the same exact activity a few dozen times in a row and making exactly zero progress toward your goal, right?
  9. Immediately after the Dev Workshop showcasing these new items was posted, many players left feedback foreseeing this exact problem. Nevertheless, the original version was kept. So it is fully intentional that Deadhead Arcanes and Galvanized Crosshairs / Galvanized Scope anti-synergize with DoT status effects.
  10. Tenet Diplos jamming if you accidentally aim at your enemies before shooting (because who does that?) is a really unique and interesting way to introduce some realism to the world of WarFrame. 👍
  11. Ultimately, it depends on several factors: What weapon are you using? What's its attack speed, and what's its base status chance? What's its base damage weighting? For example, Fragor prime has fantastic crit stats and 18% status chance (not bad), but it's slow and weighted heavily towards impact. So, despite its epic crit and decent status stats it ends up being kind of crap for most things due to the lack of slash damage. If it were at least a fast weapon then it could be useful for clearing trash mobs, but it's also damn slow. So, it's not enough to look at the base stats on their own. One needs to consider the weapon as a whole, including its base stats, damage weighting, and even the melee weapon type! For example, there are melee weapon types that have stances that force certain procs. Daggers stinging thorn stance has forced slash procs, and sovereign outcast for Tonfas also has forced slash procs. Due to this fact, Kronen Prime has been a meta melee weapon for a long time due to its high base slash and the forced slash procs on its combo. Single daggers, even with low slash damage (like the Balla Zaw), will still make big slash procs due to the stance alone. So in the end it's best to do your own testing with the weapon you're interested in. Swap out the stances, see what feels good, then test with various builds. If you're looking for a rule of thumb that works for everything, it's really hard to recommend. I suggest 60/60s will be best in most cases, including heavy attack builds (because slash proc damage scales off base damage only). Ultimately, it's best to first find a melee weapon you like, then find a stance for it that you enjoy, then play around with the mod build until you find something that works. There are simply too many variables to make a one-size-fits-all statement about what's best. Hope this helps!
  12. My understanding is that everything except Galvanized Aptitude and Galvanized Shot work properly. Those two mods do work on hitscan weapons but not on projectiles. You may also notice that Galvanized Scope and Galvanized Crosshairs and both Deadhead Arcanes aren't activating their buffs as much as you might expect. This is because "on headshot kill" effects don't trigger if the enemy dies to a status effect. Someone can correct me below if there are any other things that aren't currently working.
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