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  1. I'm with you: after completing the PvE grinds, there is definitely not enough challenge to warrant going back to those things. The conclave is the best way for me to enjoy warframe.
  2. Right! I think you and I think alike 🙂 Can't wait to really sink my teeth into a mode like this
  3. This idea is awesome! A super fun way of introducing some challenging content that also puts a bit of PvP into the game, all while maintaining the overall team-based combat feel of Warframe. Definitely a big thumbs up from me! Great idea Sanghije 🙂
  4. PvP can absolutely be successful in warframe! The problem is lack of bug fixing. When they fix the conclave bugs or crazy overpowered stuff (Like the current instant kill on slide attack with all dual swords, to name one of several) there is a surge in conclave popularity. The problem is it usually takes ~1 year to fix any bug like this, which is long enough for the majority of players to give up on the game-mode entirely. If the bugs were fixed in <1 month, I'm sure that conclave would be far more popular than it is today. If we truly care about the long-term success of warframe, we should all want successful PvP. Even the people who never play PvP should want it to be successful, since it draws in a larger crowd which is a good thing. I've never understood the whole "It's primarily a PvE game so there shouldn't even be PvP" argument, since a successful game markets to many different types of players. The original warframe was also not intended to have pet breeding, mining, fishing, etc... But the same people who make that argument don't apply it to those things (for some unknown reason.) Personally, I'm not a fan of the pet breeding, mining, or fishing, but I understand that this brings in a different crowd. So I'm happy that warframe is seeing more success as a result of catering to more types of players. In every other online game I've played, the "endgame" is PvP, because that's where you can test your skills against others. That doesn't necessarily mean that there is progression tied to PvP, it's usually some kind of prestige / cosmetic rewards. The mentality being "I've finished building my character(s), now I'll test my skills against others." The progression related rewards no longer matter at that point, because the character(s) are already built, hence the prestige / cosmetic rewards. The great thing here is it prevents the complaints about "content drought" because it gives players things to work on once they've "finished" the PvE stuff. But, when someone finishes their PvE stuff and tries conclave just to spend the entire time ragdolled by telos boltace, one-shot by dual sword slides, killed by massive staticor AOE, etc... Then it's understandable why they might instead go back to PvE, refusing to ever play PvP again and instead complain about PvE content drought. (A complaint which I think causes DE to keep making insanely long grinds for things like intrinsics, and layers upon layers of RNG to artificially extend the duration of content.) I'm hoping the future of warframe PvP is brighter, I think it'll be better for a game as a whole - Leaving people to play PvE only if they want, but also drawing in a PvP crowd. That would be a good thing 🙂
  5. The number of players actually playing conclave is more than enough. The problem is that we aren't playing in public matches, because of all the bugs, one-shot slide weapons, boltace, staticor, etc... stuff. So, there are two possible solutions. 1) Fix the bugs and stupidly OP stuff! Or 2) Give conclave rewards to players who don't play conclave (the medallions). There has been a long tradition of players who don't want any PvP insisting that absolutely no progression be locked behind PvP stuff. So, when DE announces that the very limited number of PvP rewards is going to be obtainable in PvE, I think it's understandable that some players push back on that. I think a possible solution is to include the medallions, but also start adding new unique rewards like weapons and maybe even a future warframe to the conclave syndicate rewards. That way progression is allowed through both PvP and PvE and rewards are spread between them (Of course the spread should still lean heavily toward the PvE side since it is primarily a PvE game). That being said, several of us actually thought the medallions would be a good idea as originally announced, since it might bring more people into the conclave. You looked back in the forums and found the "They've finally given up" thread. Right around then I made a "They haven't given up!" thread (should be easy to find) explaining why I thought the medallions would actually be good for conclave. I don't have any hope of actually convincing you, since you've already called us a "garbage community" and other things worse than that - clearly showing that you're not here to actually facilitate discussion, but just because you like getting people riled up. I'll feed trolls to an extent in the hopes that they'll grow some maturity, but at this point I'm cutting you off. I won't respond to you again, and I hope others will do the same.
  6. Yeah conclave is in a bad state at the moment, most people are playing with friends in private matches instead of public because so many melee weapons are broken now. Every dual sword one-shots on slide attacks which is pretty silly, and public matches seem to frequently have several players using this tactic (not to mention other broken things, detailed in several posts here in the forums that sadly keep going ignored 😞.) I also want to point out that some people say that the conclave community is small and so there's no reason for the developers to spend resources on it. I think this is the wrong way of thinking, for the following reason. Conclave bugs tend to take ~ 1 year or longer to fix. During that wait for fixes, the conclave community shrinks dramatically, so that by the time the fixes arrive the community is very small. Then, with bugs fixed, the community grows again, until the next round of bugs, and the process repeats. So, I think it's clear that the conclave community is small because of the neglect by the developers, not because the warframe playerbase doesn't like PvP (Other games fix PvP bugs much faster, and so the playerbase remains; I'm sure that if other primarily PvE games with successful PvP took as long to fix bugs, then their PvP would also be largely ignored by the community). People often say things like "warframe is a PvE game, PvP shouldn't even be a thing," because they have fallen into this wrong way of thinking. I think warframe should try to attract as many different types of players as possible, which it's done well by including things like open worlds, fishing, mining, pet breeding, etc... To appeal to larger and more varied groups of players. I don't think that the group of people who like PvP are any different in this regard, and I think it's a huge missed opportunity that the developers continue to drive away PvP players, especially since conclave is the most unique PvP shooter I've ever tried.
  7. I'm also puzzled by the attitude of certain people. The game is big enough to have both PvE and PvP, but some people seem to have a mentality of "It's not enough that I should get what I want, I also insist that others are denied what they want!" Either that or they're forum trolls. In either case, I have a happier life just ignoring them. Misery loves company but they won't get me down!
  8. It's so sad to see warframe PvP at such a low point. Conclave is the most unique arena shooter I've ever played, and the conclave community is awesome. It's also the only mode with longevity, since every PvE mode becomes boring if you grind it enough. Conclave is the cure for "content drought" - it's the content that keeps contenting! The developers take years to fix the bugs, which makes people give up on the mode, so then the conclave community is small when the bugs are fixed. Then the community starts growing again, until the next round of bugs, which take another year to fix. Treating the lack of PvP popularity as a "interesting factoid about the warframe community" is incorrect. The conclave community is small precisely because of the neglect. There is an entire market of players who enjoy PvP that the game could cater to, and it would require very little resource investment in comparison to the PvE updates. Hoping for a better future for the conclave 🙂
  9. I like it a lot! In fact this has been suggested many times already. I think I've made a post at some point going even further, discussing PvP ranks based on performance, then having matchmaking putting players against others of similar rank. We can only hope that the devs will read these forums one day!
  10. Sevek7


    If you remove the platinum entirely from this idea, then it would be fun. But I suppose that would prevent the scam from working.
  11. Unfortunately, just as Stormdragon said, I also have no experience in recruit conditioning. I have often wondered what recruit conditioning is like, and have noticed people talking about the "toxic" conclave community. I always thought this was weird, since all the conclave experience I've had has been remarkably un-toxic (generally, the text chat includes things like "nice shot!" or "good one!" or "hmm that weapon looks fun to use!") It's possible that the toxic players choose to remain in recruit conditioning for the purposes of farming newer players - thus players who exhibit toxic behavior may be more prevalent in recruit conditioning. This might be the reason why new players think that the conclave community is toxic, because they have only observed the toxicity present in recruit conditioning. I hope that this is actually not the case, but I'm aware that some people do seem to extract enjoyment from being toxic, trolling, etc... So I wouldn't be very surprised if this was true. I would simply suggest trying to play with recruit conditioning turned off. You might encounter more skilled players, but they might be less toxic, offering helpful tips, welcoming, etc...
  12. Yeah, I've long considered the point you made here that new players have effectively no chance against a seasoned conclaver. In other games, lucky kills are a thing, and the deciding factor in most combat engagements is just who sees who first. I thought that maybe this low skill floor and high skill ceiling was the reason for conclave's unpopularity, but honestly I'm pretty convinced now that people don't play it because the developers don't work on it. PvE updates bleed over into conclave very often, causing huge imbalance, and it takes months (if not years) for things to get fixed or reverted. This timescale is long enough for the majority of players to either quit warframe altogether or to at least give up on the conclave. If the imbalance problems were ~ 1 week long and then got fixed, I'm sure that we wouldn't have the unpopularity situation we have now. Buffing ranged weapons to compete with melee is a possible solution. However, due to the blocking and high mobility of melee stances, we would probably need auto aim to make it as viable. I would rather not go there!
  13. You're probably right. And as you said, it does go against the ethos that we all like about conclave - that it's very skill-based (or was, before U26.) In any case, the point is moot because U26 has not increased the conclave population, so it appears that the method does not work for the purpose anyway.
  14. You bring up a good point, is it worth having some extremely overpowered weapons and tactics if it gains popularity for the game-mode as a whole? For me, the answer to that question is: maybe. Personally, I have observed (anecdotally, since I only play around a certain time of day) fewer people playing conclave since the update. So, the merits of the above statement appear to be null in the first place. If someone has statistics showing increased player engagement with conclave since the update, then... maybe.
  15. Let's get back to the topic at hand (no more troll-feeding!) Conclave is hurting bad right now because of the melee changes, even those of us who like to play regularly are playing less and less. DE please hear us! The evidence has been collected and displayed in this thread by dedicated Warframe players, the situation is not good.
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