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  1. Yes, I've observed this acolyte as well. I forget exactly which one it is. Personally, I actually really like it! I like it because this acolyte punishes you for getting too close. So the answer is to keep your distance. They're quite easy to fight as long as you are familiar with Warframe's movement system (bullet jumps & rolls). When I try to no-brain unga bunga steel path by just spamming melee all day long, this acolyte reminds me that I can't quite complete the entire game while texting on my phone.
  2. Thanks DE, I posted a number of topics about this a while back. Glad to hear you listened and modified tap/hold so it applies to each Warframe individually! I'm now playing Ivara and Mag again, having a blast! This change is much appreciated.
  3. I agree with you, although I think there are other weapons that are far worse in terms of exploitability (Telos Boltace is a good example). Your best bet is to try to sneak this feedback into a different area of the forums, since DE have not replied to nor acted on any feedback in the conclave subsection in over 2 years.
  4. When Artemis Bow is used, you can use the secondary fire key to quickly shoot a Noise/Sleep/Cloak/Dashwire arrow. This still uses energy as usual for quiver, but doesn't replenish shields via Brief Respite.
  5. Ah yes you're right. I just checked the update notes for 29.6.2 (from earlier today). Apparently the issue I mentioned has been fixed. Probably that fix introduced some new problem that you have found. Sorry I can't be of more help!
  6. Make sure that the weapon equipped on your Necramech is not also equipped as your heavy weapon. For some reason, equipping it in both places confuses the game and makes it unable to gain levels.
  7. I tried imagining the usual Warframe chat. It was dead silent for 2 hours because the entire game is a win-simulator that requires no teamplay or coordination. I cri
  8. I like this suggestion. I think you're absolutely right about having damage reduction everywhere except certain weakpoints, and that this generally feels a lot better than invincibility with weakpoints. However, I would add a few things. Consistent weakpoints and randomly generated weakpoints are not the same thing! I think if we're going this route, each unit should have the same weakpoint [I think this contributes to the general enjoyment of fighting noxes and saxums.] It's not really fun aiming at a Grineer's legs or feet, I think it's more fun knowing that say, their head and back ar
  9. Yeah it's not a popular game-mode. Did you try using recruiting chat?
  10. Hah! Strong disagree on this. Shield gate is frustrating for sure, but 1-shot slide was infuriating.
  11. Yup I agree. I've made my peace with it :) Warframe is a brainless challenge-less game of button mashing. But I play 100% solo with no melee equipped, only use abilities when absolutely necessary, and enjoy the hell out of it :D
  12. Awesome visual! And certainly a true situation for much of the game content. Funny part is that Mag is much better than Mesa Prime at the highest level of play, but obviously requires some of the top mods & skill / gameplay style to do so :)
  13. Yup fair point. I was just pointing to the fundamental core of Warframe [Weapons & Modding] But you're absolutely right. Abilities and their scaling would also need to be balanced, same with the operator (at the moment this is an instant invulnerability with free revives, door hacks, heal warframe, etc...] The situation of course requires a lot more to balance, I was just observing the first very basic step :)
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